Truth Bombs for Bernie Sanders, From the Man with The Flowers

rod webber bernie sanders
Dear Mr. Sanders,
I attended two of your campaign events yesterday, and I have to say that the behavior of the staff was shameful and childish. I hold no party affiliation, but I would like to think that as a peace activist that I share something in common with all of the candidates, and that is a shared desire for making the world a better place.
That said, during the second campaign event yesterday, (in Manchester, NH), your campaign manager continually conferred with a younger staffer about the placement of my cameras, and he was clearly directing the staffer, (who told me his name, but I will withhold), to block their view. This is a tactic of a handful of other campaigns, which will go unnamed– but suffice to say, I expect it.
It feels petty to even bring this up. I know it was simply two staffers getting in the way of the guy with the bouquet of flowers. So what? Well, someone on your staff made a judgment of me based upon my appearance. This is not the kind of judgment I would expect from the candidate who is allegedly the candidate for the outsider and the little guy. The actions of your staff made you come across as anything but.
Secondly, you speak of “truth bombs” which the American people need to hear. How can you be the candidate of “truth” if your staff is being instructed to get in the way of cameras which, (to the best of my knowledge), are the best way to illuminate the truth? Even if I were a right wing agitator, (I am not)– what would be the harm in said agitator filming your event? I truly have a difficult time reconciling the events, (as small as they were), that took place yesterday.
I would think long and hard about what you want your campaign to represent. Does this campaign, as it espouses, truly believe in the predicament of the “99%” or is this just another battle between the Coke and the Pepsi of politics and is “Mr. Sanders The Candidate” just another spokesperson for the oligarchy he professes to detest?
I have traveled the country advocating for a better world– some would say for a “progressive” ideology. Sadly, I have found the Clinton campaign in particular, and now the Sanders campaign not so progressive after all.
I am hoping that writing this letter will create a reversal on this behavior. I believe that one of the highest values of being a free person in a free society is the freedom to express yourself. If wearing a top-hat and flowers in your beard as matter of my self-expression calls for a security detail, then I have strong reservations about your true ideology, and therefore your ability to be president.
I want to thank you for accepting my flower in the name of peace. It was meant as a symbolic gesture that should you become president that there be peace during your time in office.
Rod Webber

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