Violent Rhetoric from Donald Trump supporters as a result of Rochester Rally

trump flowers rod webber

Trump supporters call for me to be “curb stomped,” “hog tied,” and to see me “bleeding on the ground.”

Regardless of whether you agree with my opinions, or how I handled myself at Donald Trump’s rally on Thursday, the facts are:

1. Donald asked for opposing view points.
2. He asked me to give him a Bible verse. The crowd booed it.
3. He asked a question about climate change. I responded with Revelation 11:18.
4. I was physically hit, bullied and threatened.
5. The threats and violent rhetoric have now moved to YouTube.

I can take care of myself. This is not meant to be a complaint. This is an observation of the fascist response to free speech at Trump’s event.

If you are considering voting for Donald Trump, consider that Donald needs to denounce violence as an acceptable response to free speech. If you believe in free speech, you should be calling on Mr. Trump to denounce this violent rhetoric.

His casual racism is abhorrent, but I believe that physical violence at his events is moving his campaign toward a kind of behavior that is totally unacceptable by any American standard.

I have compiled some of what’s going on, on the web.

The_Truth_Hurts “someone should have curb stomped you….you piece of shit”

Johny GarciA: “People like you are what is wrong with our Country.”

rod webber stephen miller

Cliff L “You needed to be hog tied and dragged out for putting the general pubic in harms way!”

c mz 17 “This sheltered little boy thinks getting bumped into while in line is violence. Get a fuckin life”

Adam Hitt “Violence did not erupt by the way, but it would have been hilarious if it had you scum.”

Joseph Angel “I wish it had… ]violence] would be nice to see this guy bleeding on the ground.

Brandon S “hipster yuppie. By the way to that dumb b** that asked the global warming question, why doesn’t she go and talk to China and other countries that are actually the ones who are creating most of the pollution now.”

Canudigit 533: “Liberalism is brain damage… The K species (conservative) was about to kick his “r” (liberal) ass.”

Global Sales: “What an obnoxious asshole. I would have pulled you out by that dumb fuckin beard”

Joe Johnson: “Stupid hippie! Trump 2016/2020.”

Purple Penquin: “You made] a jackass out of yourself and your still in one piece. If you would have done this shit at a black rally in the hood you would have been hospitalized and probably gotten killed.”