List of Assaults and Attacks at Donald Trump Events

This is a list of people who have been assaulted, attacked or ejected from Donald Trump rallies. Other than the two attacks on myself, I cannot speak to the details of any of these cases. This is merely meant to serve as a database. Trump Attacks Compilation


1. Sept 4th Efrain Galicia  (Punched by Trump staff) at Trump Tower while protesting. Daily Mail story 



2. Sept 17. Rod Webber Roughed up by Trump supporters in Rochester, NH for committing the sin of quoting from the Bible.   Video




3. Oct 12 Rod Webber  For asking why he was roughed up at previous rally, Webber was thrown over a table by Trump staff & police at in Manchester, NH. Webber was detained, then released by police, then when he asked to press charges was arrested.  Wash Post


4. Oct 14 Ronald Sanchez -Sanchez was spat on in Virginia

Biz Insider Story


Oct 25 Ariel Rojas dragged in Miami HuffPo


Nov 19 Worcester, MA Man Trump called Malt Schlitzmann “seriously overweight” — and the protester was ejected. (Who looked about Trump’s weight) News story

ABC News

His Twitter


Nov 21 – Mercutio Southall Jr.(Black Lives Matter protester)  beaten in Alabama. Washington Post


For those with new information, feel free to contact me: RodWebber AT  @RodWebber


Contact info for the various people in these videos would be a great piece of information.

The War on Peace Continues

bill gardner1

NH Sec of State reluctantly accepts a flower for peace.

Since I am now being routinely shut out by presidential candidates (aside from the ones I am already friendly with), I chose to file paperwork to appear on the ballot in NH yesterday– Not because I am under the impression that I can beat the Washington machine– but so that I could make a principled stand, and at the very least challenge those who reject my flowers for peace to debate.

Unfortunately, Secretary of State Bill Gardner chose not to allow me to even file, though I had the fee, and I am of valid age, and have resided in the US for well over 14 years– (all my life).

This, as I pointed out to Secretary Gardner is prejudicial and likely legally actionable.

More on this as details emerge.

bill gardner2

NH Sec of State illegally blocks filing for presidency.

Before the Paris attacks inspire a new war… Please consider…

The Paris attacks are horrifying– and my heart goes out to the victims, their families and the people at the scene. That said– don’t let your gut response help plunge us into another misguided war. Remember, Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11.

And if American are hell-bent on getting into another war– let’s start considering the use of non-lethal weaponry.

Please research “Active Denial System” and similar technologies!!