The War on Peace Continues

bill gardner1

NH Sec of State reluctantly accepts a flower for peace.

Since I am now being routinely shut out by presidential candidates (aside from the ones I am already friendly with), I chose to file paperwork to appear on the ballot in NH yesterday– Not because I am under the impression that I can beat the Washington machine– but so that I could make a principled stand, and at the very least challenge those who reject my flowers for peace to debate.

Unfortunately, Secretary of State Bill Gardner chose not to allow me to even file, though I had the fee, and I am of valid age, and have resided in the US for well over 14 years– (all my life).

This, as I pointed out to Secretary Gardner is prejudicial and likely legally actionable.

More on this as details emerge.

bill gardner2

NH Sec of State illegally blocks filing for presidency.

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