Press silent on case

Press conspicuously silent on First Amendment case where Trump goons beat filmmaker at non-Trump event.
Eddie Deck after throwing Rod Webber into table. Image by Kevin Bowe.

Semi-complete list of PDF’s in case.

This is a blog-post, not an article… So don’t expect this to be littered with your favorite fifty-cent words or asides about politicians being birthed of inter-dimensional space-maggots sent to destroy humanity. We all know they are, but I’ll tell you more about that in the book. For now, here’s the update on Webber v Trump, complete with links to PDFs of the hundreds of pages of legalese in the case:

Logline: Trump goons beat up documentarian at a non-Trump event to silence his first-amendment rights. On principle, knucklehead documentarian spends nearly four years fighting the system… if for no other reason, to prove that the system is hopelessly broken. The lawsuit chugs forward, but the press and alleged first amendment rights activists are conspicuously silent.

The backstory:

September 2015: Donald Trump asks me to quote scripture at a Trump rally. I quote a passage critical to a person such as himself. His fans rough me up after the show. (It should be noted that “liberal” CNN falsely reported that I interrupted. However, I was asked.)

October 2015: At a non-Trump, multi-candidate event, I ask Trump about the torts (assaults & battery) committed upon me. From that moment forward, a fraudulent effort is put into motion to remove me from this non-Trump event, at which they had no authority. After the Trump goons (including NH State Rep Fred Doucette) form a human wall, preventing me from going back to my seat, Trump goon, Edward Deck, (known for beating Mexican protesters at Trump Tower in September), gets in my face and makes a clear threat of violence. Mr. Deck comes back and makes good on that threat, as I am grabbed from behind by Officer Pittman and Mr. Deck (without warning), and thrown over a table. I am subsequently roughed up by Mr. Deck (not a cop), Officer Pittman, and other members of the Manchester Police, who are on Trump’s payroll, but also have been hired by the company holding the event, “No Labels.” (This is known as acting “under color of law.” I am briefly detained, then told I am free to go. Later, on a separate piece of property (in the park), I ask Sgt. Aldenberg if I can press charges. Manchester Police then perform a retaliatory arrest without any probably cause. Manchester Police Officer Pittman and Trump Goon Eddie Deck collaborate to grossly falsify the police report/ affidavit, which is easily proven to be false by viewing video footage of the incidents.

2015–2106: I spend months trying to prove my own innocence.

October 2018: After searching for three years to find a lawyer, I file a lawsuit without an attorney.


February to May is spent hiring process servers and private detectives to try to get the defendants to accept the summonses to allow the case to proceed. Trump has splintered his various companies into so many shells or “alter-egos” that it is nearly impossible to easily serve him, and I spend thousands of dollars doing so. Trump the man and Trump the Campaign get served — but his shell companies aren’t so easy, (Trump Organization, LLC and The Trump Organization, Inc., collectively referred to as “Trump Companies.”) Trump even has the mail re-routed from Trump Tower to another shell company called “Trump For America” in Washington DC. Even though he is the President (of the US), this is against federal law, especially since he has supposedly stepped down as CEO of the two Trump Companies. I have the tracking information to prove that this was done — which was likely done in order to avoid the lawsuit.

In May, enough time passes, that the court allows me to file a Default Judgment against Trump Organization, LLC and The Trump Organization, Inc.. The mainstream press always fails to make the distinction, as do the press and Whitehouse staff. I have to dig through thousands of pages of FOIA documents to further prove the re-routing of the mail to include as proof of service. Finally, as a result of my filing, the lawyers for the Trump Companies file an appearance. (Agree to show up.)

Additionally, the Manchester Police are named, as is the event, “No Labels,” and the Radisson Hotel. Trump’s security have their own shell companies, which are divided into two companies named “XMark, LLC.” There are dozens of motions and documents filed throughout the process, but I will spare you the details on that for the moment.

There are a few hundreds of pages of paperwork which have been generated in the past couple of months — but what’s most notable is that the lawyers publish around 50 pages of lies in response to every document I file in court. That’s how it works. Don’t be sorry for what happened to me — be sorry that this is the hopelessly broken system you keep voting for. If for some weird reason, I win the case, I will be proven wrong. I guess it is still unfolding.

Here’s the trailer for the documentary as additional backstory

Here are the major documents filed with the court thus far:

May 22: I file my “Second Amended Complaint” which is an updated version of “The Complaint,” which is the primary document explaining what happened.

June 3: Radisson Hotel (JPA II Management) files motion to dismiss case.

June 5: Trump Campaign files a motion to dismiss case.

June 5: Donald Trump files a motion to dismiss case.

June 5: XMark (A bundle of shell companies used to protect Trump Security from liability), file motion to dismiss.

June 12: No Labels files motion to dismiss case.

June 14: Manchester Police decline to file motion to dismiss, and instead, file an “answer.”

June 19: I file objection to JPA (late, because I misunderstood procedure)

June 21: Trump Organization, LLC and The Trump Organization, Inc. file a motion to dismiss case.

June 26: My objection to Campaign’s motion to dismiss case.

June 26: My objection to Trump’s motion to dismiss case.

June 26: My objection to XMark’s motion to dismiss

That’s it for now. Wear your maggot spray!

Twitter: Rod Webber

Eddie Deck (Trump security) manhandles Efrain Galicia

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