Miami Art Week: Dec 4-7


I am EpsteinDidntKillHimself 2020. I am the man who prays with politicians with flowers in his beard. I am the midget whisperer. I hauled Trump into federal court for the sake of the universe. I beat Straight Pride in the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts. I have dodged tear-gas canisters and saw protesters disfigured by a mercenary army at Standing Rock, where I was kidnapped by paid oil company thugs. I have been raided twice by the FBI. I have been beaten, bruised, and lied about by federal agents on TV and the internet. I have been banned from YouTube for exposing hate speech.

Now with no platform, I bring you my truth through stencils and wheatpastes. 

I represent Dave Tree, Vermin Supreme and myself.

Dec 4-7: our art will be on display at Fridge Art Fair/ Miami Art Week. Downtown Miami Southeast First Street at Eurostar Langford Hotel.



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