Press Statement re: Epstein Mansion


In the course of my documentary filmmaking during the past couple of years, I have been arrested more than half a dozen times and I’ve been raided twice by the FBI. 

The first in the series of incidents was for an arrest at a non-Trump rally. I asked, “did you know I was roughed up at your previous rally?” Trump responded, “you look healthy to me,” and then his goons proceeded to throw me over a table and rough me up with the police. Remember— it wasn’t even his rally. Later, I asked to press charges, and the Manchester police performed a retaliatory arrest. I now have a federal lawsuit against Trump, the police and all the others involved. Dozens of mainstream journalists filmed the incident, but barely anyone reported. 

For passing out flowers at the RNC, I was falsely accused by the FBI of throwing urine at “the Alex Jones riot.” They showed up with twenty agents carrying AR-15s. All for being a documentarian.

At the inauguration, I was falsely accused of having a bomb. More nonsense for being a documentarian.

In August, I was falsely arrested while filming the protest to the Straight Pride rally in Boston. Two days later, Youtube permanently deleted my account for exposing the group who put on the parade. I was then arrested in the court for asserting my first amendment right to a religious covering. The case went up to the supreme judicial court and I won. Now, the judge from the lower court is being investigated. 

I was kidnapped by mercenaries at Standing Rock. That was a case of a corporation taking over a small police army. Barely any reporting by the corporate news about that either. I won that too. 

Nearly every incident in this time frame, has been caught on video, and each and every time, we can see that I am arrested for doing the job which is supposed to belong to you, and those who call themselves journalists. However— as Noam Chomsky would point out, “there is an acceptable spectrum of discussion which is allowed, and no more.” 

When someone like myself asks tough questions, I am forcibly silenced. Even through the reporting on the Art Basel story, we can see that dozens of news outlets simply parroted the “official” narrative put out by the police. If this is what passes for journalism, then we have entered a dark age of disinformation.

I don’t know for certain what happened with Jeffrey Epstein, but the meme is a symbol. The government has proven over and over again that it cannot be trusted. So, why should we believe the “official “narrative put out by the government? Shouldn’t it be the job of journalists to keep this story hot? Shouldn’t it be the job of any citizen of earth to be asking these questions for the sake of fellow humans?

My arrests have been for no more than speaking truth to power. But, since the corporate news refuses to do their job, it is now necessary for acts of civil disobedience, to keep these stories alive.

The police have not contacted me.


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