Epstein‘s estate files affidavit against artist


I wasn’t going to do a  gofundme — but alas, Perrotin Gallery has confiscated my art, and refuses to return it. Furthermore, if Epstein’s Estate can go after me, why can’t Epstein’s victims go after Epstein’s Estate?  Here is the link, if you would like to help out.

Basel “Vandal”

The backstory: On December 8th, I used lipstick to create a new work of art at the Perrotin Gallery at Art Basel in Miami featuring the words, “EPSTIEN DIDNT KILL HIMSELF.”  The day before, (Dec. 7), David Datuna created a new piece of art by eating a piece of art at Perrotin called “Comedian,” valued at $120,000. Perrotin did not press charges. This set precedent. Anyone who wanted to create a work of art could do so, even if it damaged a piece of art in the process. I was subsequently arrested by Miami PD, and charged with “criminal mischief between $200-$1000.” I spent the night in jail, and paid $615 to a bail bondsman, ($500 plus his $115 fee).

I live-streamed the entire process, and created a video which includes my attempt to get on the ballot in New Hampshire as EPSTEINDIDNTKILLHIMSELF WEBBER, and my interview with Joe Biden in which I ask him if he plans to open up an investigation into the murder of Jeffrey Epstein.


On December 10th, I wrote the words, “EPSTAIN DIDNT KILL HIMSELF” on the gates of Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion. https://vimeo.com/378688908

This afternoon, an “officer” named Burgoon from the Palm Beach Police called me to say that Epstein’s estate had sent them an affidavit, and would be pressing charges for the same thing, “criminal mischief between $200-$1000.”

Ironically, Epstein’s Estate (brother) hired a pathologist to say Epstein didn’t kill himself.

My arraignment for the Dec 8 piece of art is January 2nd, 2020.

My only option for video on this site is YouTube. Unfortunately, my YouTube account has been permanently suspended for “hate speech,” despite the video in question being critical of offensive speech.

Potential fines for these “art crimes” are up to $1000 each, and the travel alone could easily be up to $1000, making the total cost $3000, (even while representing myself pro se).

Any funds over this amount will go toward my continuing artistic endeavors.
Additional art for sale at Instagram.com/RodWebber

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