The Alleged Epstein Affidavit


If you have followed along with the case, you are already aware that I was arrested for writing “Epstien didn’t kill himself “in red lipstick at the Perotten Gallery at Art Basel on December 8, 2019.

On December 10, 2019 I went to the mansion of  the late Jeffrey Epstein (a convicted pedophile, with connections to Donald Trump and other rich and powerful men involved in US and global politics),  and wrote, “Epstain didn’t kill himself,”  using harmless hairspray, which would’ve washed off in the rain.

A few days later, I received a phone call from Detective Ryan Burgoon at the Palm Beach, FL police department  claiming I had damaged the  property of the Jeffrey Epstein estate.  He also informed me that it was necessary that I cooperate with him when I head back to Florida, or face a potential warrant for my arrest.  Here is my most recent email to him, written about 10 minutes ago.

Hi Ryan Burgoon—

I’ve received paperwork stating that I need to be in Miami on Jan 2nd at 9:45 am for my arraignment. This is regarding my totally unnecessary December 8th arrest for writing “Epstien didn’t kill Himself” on Perottin Gallery’s banana wall at Art Basel. 

I’m happy to cooperate with you in any way you like. However, as I stated in our telephone conversation, (a week or so ago), regarding the affidavit which you claim was filed by the estate of Jeffrey Epstein alleging I did damage to the property of the late Mr. Epstein, the Epstein Estate is simply mistaken. To the contrary, the spray used in the video you referenced, (alledgedly prompting Epstein’s affidavit), is harmless hairspray available at Party City, or any other outlet of mirth and merriment. The hair spray should’ve come off with a single rinse. 

You also claim that the estate hired someone to paint the Epstein guard-fence. Not only was this unnecessary, if this happened, it destroyed evidence, and I am sure you will be charging the Epstein Estate with destruction of evidence in an ongoing investigation.

Lastly, you claim that I am not entitled to see the affidavit by the Epstein Estate, since this is an ongoing investigation, (in your words). For the record, I am requesting a copy to be emailed to me as soon as possible, since this will likely factor into my January 2nd arraignment.

Please make future contact by email. I want all of this in writing.


Rod Webber

*How many will catch this fun misspelling? 😉

It should be noted, under Florida law, vandalism is known as “criminal mischief.” It is defined as “the willful and malicious destruction of property belonging to another person.” This definition includes graffiti or any other type of vandalism. The level of charge and the penalties associated with this crime will depend on the amount of damage caused. Since nothing was willfully destroyed, it is neither vandalism, nor criminal mischief.

I should’ve written, “I’m happy to cooperate with you in any way I am required to by law,” but I can update him in our next communication.

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