Palm Beach PD Gang release Epstein Affidavit



I’ve been doing a little bit of back and forth with Ryan Burgoon from the Palm Beach PD gang. They’ve titled him “detective”– a title which I understand you receive after a long hazing practice, and the promise of stolen money which they call a pension. It looks like they’ve sent him something for me from a fellow gang-member called an affidavit. At any rate, this is what Ryan sent to me today.

Good afternoon Mr. Webber,

I received this email today from my Records Department in regards to your request.  I also spoke with the State Attorneys office today and they are requesting that I file the criminal mischief charges with them in the form of a warrant.  With this being said you do not need to come to Palm Beach PD to sign any paperwork when you are down here handling the Miami case. If the State Attorney’s office decides to follow through with the charges you will be contacted and instructed on what to do.
Email me if you have any questions.
Detective Ryan Burgoon
———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Ashlee Justice <>
Date: Dec 30, 2019 1:39 PM
Subject: 19-1629 – Open Investigation
To: Ryan Burgoon <>

Attached is the face sheet for case #19-1629. At this time, the only thing available for Records on the case you’ve referred to is the face sheet. 19-1629 is still an open investigation and an arrest has not been made. In cases where an agency has made an arrest are still considered “under investigation” by the SAO. All documents and evidence submitted to the SAO during filing are part of the “discovery” process. Therefore, per FSS 119.071(2)(C)1, the only item that is a public record regarding the case where an arrest is made is the probable cause affidavit. Requests for ANY Evidence or Reports should be directed to the SAO. At the moment, a probable cause affidavit cannot be provided due to an arrest not being made at this time, which means just the face sheet is available for release.

Ashlee Justice

Records Specialist

345 S. County Road

Palm Beach, Fl. 33480

P: 561-227-6465


My response:

So, the State Attorney’s Office is requesting that you file a warrant, but you also have to wait to see if their office will follow through. Does this mean that you plan to file a warrant, which undergoes some approval process, or is it simply a question of them deciding whether the case is worth pursuing?
Also, since the Epstein Estate House Manager, (Carluz Toylo), is claiming $500 in damage, I must reiterate that hairspray would’ve come off in a minute with a garden hose. So, unless Carluz is getting paid $500 per minute, his claims are totally out of whack. Feel free to pass that along to the State Attorney’s Office.
palmbeach affidavit

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