Flowers For War

flowers for war

Let’s face it. Peace hasn’t worked out. Instead of passing out “flowers for peace,” it’s time to start passing out “flowers for war.”

Since New Hampshire law permits unlicensed security personnel as part of Presidential entourages to use lethal force, I am actively seeking individuals who would be interested in joining my campaign as security, so that we can start eliminating the competition. Don’t worry— it is 100% legal, and I believe that this is really the only way going forward.

No pay, but I guarantee it will look good on your resume. DM for info. Serious inquiries only.

Here are the laws: RSA 106-F:4, XIII allows unlicensed yahoos from out of state, traveling with national candidates to legally be called “security.” Coupled with RSA 627:5, III, such a person can use “Deadly force when he reasonably believes such to be necessary.”


Flowers For Peace (Trailer) from Rod “BannedFromYouTube” Webber on Vimeo.

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