Corporate media is not your friend


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I hear/ see a lot of things “the media” should be doing. Corporate media should be explaining to the public that they are largely paid to manufacture the consent of the people for whichever candidate or candidates are most in line with their financial interests. However, doing so would be an admission that they are paid propagandists. Admitting such a thing would obviously be contrary to their mission.

This unfortunate reality, in combination with a public awareness that the truth is being manipulated has caused the public, (on the whole), hesitation to speak to independent media. Unfortunately, as independent media is the only hope to convey the truth to the people, this has caused corporate media to grow even more powerful. They’ve created a Chinese finger-trap. The harder we struggle to escape. The tighter their grip becomes.

The opinions of those who make it into corporate TV, are the opinions of those with a desire to be on TV. As such, they are either the real opinions of useful idiots with thoughts in line with the corporate agenda, or they are people who are savvy enough to parrot what needs to be parroted to get on TV, in order to further their own interests.

In the words of Noam Chomsky, “The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum.”

We are given the illusion of a free and democratic society, but as is easily illustrated by simply showing up to political events to challenge politicians, those with dissenting opinion are watched like hawks by public police officers imbued with the power of the state, but hired by the politicians to do their bidding. Quite frequently, those who dare to speak the truth are lead out in handcuffs. And in order to get any justice, must spend thousands of dollars and hours pursuing a civil suit. By the time truth gets out, it is long past the point of being able to inform the public which will allow them to make the decisions which are best for them in choosing a “leader.” Besides that, the corporate media rarely publishes what they have to say— and if they do, they portray them as crazy people who are trying to damage your way of life.

Politicians are not leaders, nor are they representatives of the people. They are puppets paid to enrich their masters.

The sooner the public starts paying attention to the public, instead of corporate media, the sooner they will be free.

Good luck, Super Tuesday.


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