Warrant regarding Jeffrey Epstein Estate addressed by Palm Beach PD


On March 5th, Ryan Burgoon of Palm Beach Police sent me an email reading,

“I checked with the State Attorney’s office and they did grant a warrant for your arrest with a the charge of Criminal Mischief (Less Than $200) F.S.S 806.13 1A B1.  This warrant is for Palm Beach County pick-up only and you can turn yourself in at Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, located at 3228 Gun Club Rd, West Palm Beach FL, 33406.  You can also contact PBSO warrants division at 561-688-3930 to obtain additional information. Email me if you have any questions.”

Finally, after a month, and a number of inquiries, I received a phone call from Mr. Burgoon. However, as I have told him before, we need to communicate by email so our correspondence is recorded.

This is my reply:

Hi Ryan–
I saw that you called today. But, as I have said in the past, I am innocent of the accusations the Epstein Estate has made, and we need to communicate by writing so that there is a record of these correspondences for any legal actions going forward. The Epstein Estate can make all the accusations they like, but that doesn’t make them true. As you have said, someone at the Epstein Estate, (likely Calruz Toylo) has destroyed evidence, which makes whoever painted the gate guilty of tampering with a “crime-scene.” It is clear to me that Miami Beach Police were simply flexing their muscle to intimidate me, but those accusations were without merit, and the charges were dropped. Now it appears that the Epstein Estate and Palm Beach Police are also using their power and influence to push Florida Law Enforcement to take action against me.
So, if you could relieve my concerns, I would be grateful if you could obtain a copy of the warrant which has been filed against me.
I would also like you to open an investigation into Calruz Toylo and the destroyed evidence at the Epstein property located at 358 El Brillo Way.
If you could respond to me via email rather than by phone, I would be appreciative.
That’s all for now.


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