The look in Bernie’s eye told me he didn’t have it in him.

a bernNow that Bernie has endorsed Biden— here’s that thing I had to wait to say…

I know many of you were behind the ideas and policies of Bernie Sanders. But there is one conversation I had with Bernie, and a subsequent interaction I had with him in 2015 that informed me that he’d never be president.

It was a couple of days after Trump staffers went WWE on my ass, throwing me over a table at a non-Trump event. Their justification was that I had raised my hand at a Q&A and asked a question to Trump about being assaulted at a previous event the week before. Remember that Trump was no more than a game-show host at the time, yet Trump had the power and influence to get these assholes to work under “color of law,” collaborating with uniformed law-enforcement to violate my civil rights. This is the incident at the center of the lawsuit I am currently fighting, and which the Judge has granted a total of 15 counts to proceed, (mostly against the shell company which acts as a buffer between the Campaign and his thugs). Those counts include assault, battery, false imprisonment and several civil rights violations.

When I saw Bernie soon after, I told him about it. This was when the rallies were small enough that such a conversation was not uncommon. Bernie said he’d watch the video and look into my claim. At the time, I lacked my current cynicism, and thought there was a sliver of a chance that he’d do what was right and say something about it.

Days passed without Bernie saying or doing anything publicly regarding this matter. After about a week, I had a chance to speak to him again. I asked him if he had watched the video. Bernie froze. In his eyes, I saw recognition. He knew who I was, and that look told me he had watched my video. But, instead of engaging me, Bernie literally said nothing, then turned around and walked away.

It’s easy now to say that Bernie had a huge campaign to run, and was busy with other things. But in 2015, his campaign was not what it became by 2016 or 2020. It was small enough that he had the time to talk to me, and I appreciate that he did.

Bernie legitimately fought in the Civil Rights movement, and stood up for LGBTQ rights long before the Democratic establishment came around. He was the guy promoting himself as the one willing to fight for the little guy. Logically, he would be concerned with the escalation of violence at Trump events. Trumpers attacking people was not a regular occurrence. Had he spoken up at that early stage, maybe it would’ve made a difference.

But, Bernie was no longer Civil Rights movement Bernie, even in 2015. Whatever, his reasoning, he didn’t have the courage to stand up against what was so obviously wrong. I can’t even see how it would’ve been a detriment to his campaign.

Certainly, I could get into all the political hurdles Bernie would’ve had to traverse, such as a corrupt DNC, and a system that was rigged against him. This is true. I’ve told this story many times to my Bernie-supporting friends. They have always rejected it saying maybe he had other things going on, or it was this– or it was that– and not everything is about you. This is all true. I can’t even prove he saw the video, but in a moment of crisis, the look in Bernie’s eye told me he didn’t have it in him.

**PS… Just for a laugh, watch me sing at Joe Biden, “Joe Biden wrote the Patriot Act.”


I ask Bernie about peace.

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