The Libertarian Party Helps Raise Money for Garbage Humans, “The System Is Down”

Trolling can be a sticky game– and sometimes it’s unclear as to who’s trolling who. How deep does “the work” go? Is this a person or a character? Is this a person playing a character who has broken character to play a new character which appears to be real?

Well, because of my association with a certain political troll, I have come across “The System Is Down.” They play themselves off as stoners looking for a laugh, but even a quick glance at their YouTube channel reveals them to be obsessed with blackface– as well as being anti-trans, anti-Native, and just all-around shitty people. Oh, and they’re obsessed with rape jokes… And they’re trying to raise money for their podcast on Patron, where they promise, “you will also get extended interviews with certain guests, meaningless gameshows, alcohol inspired ramblings, and much much more. ”

Ah yes– The Q-Anon chronicles.

And while the hosts are not doing literal blackface…They have… an unhealthy obsession with it— covering the topic in multiple episodes. In one such episode, the host Dan Smoldt (AKA Dan Smotz) ponders if writing “black” on his face is crossing the line– then paints himself up to see if he’s crossed it. In another episode, Craig, (the other guy), dresses as Colin Kaepernick to determine if that crosses the line. Multiple episodes are also dedicated to “SJWs raping comedy.”

Why should anyone care about these douches? Well, they hosted the Libertarian Party’s presidential debate on April 27, 2020, which featured 12 of the major libertarian candidates. (Watch video). Logically, this means that the Libertarian Party are driving viewers to the TSID channel, where they are raising money. I will grant that they are doing a very shitty job of raising money– but that’s what they are doing.

Not all libertarians are bad people. I would never join their forsaken cult, but there are a number of lefties, (and conservatives), who have made the mistake of joining, thinking the LP is fighting the government. They are not. They are part of the problem– and I’ve written about that at length. The short version is they want to minimize government. Their solution is to worship property and “the free market.” The problem is that there is no more free market– and mega-corporations run the government through bribes. In doing so, they create privatized tyranny. So, the Libertarian Party who loves “liberty” is actually working for tyranny– and is ultimately working to push the Republicans more to the right.

The problem with Lefty Libertarians, is that they have collectively become Tim Pool– laundering the garbage of Libertarians like “The System Is Down.” It gives these douches the ability to claim, “we’re not terrible, we have lefties in our party.” It gives the LP cover to be awful.

“The System Is Down” first came to my attention in February when they wrote to me to ask me to be on their podcast. They wanted me to talk about writing “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself” on the Banana Duct Tape exhibit, as part of the festivities at Art Basel.

On Feb 8, 2020, Dan Smoldt wrote: "Hi Rod,My name is Dan. I am the host of the podcast The System is Down, where we civilly talk about all the topics that many find uncomfortable, like culture, politics, conspiracies, and religion. I’ve recently had the pleasure of interviewing many amazing guests like Juanita Broaddrick (alleged Bill Clinton rape victim), Kelly Jones (Alex Jones’ ex-wife), David Thibbodeau (Waco survivor), Tom MacDonald (Famously Controversial Rapper), Del Bigtree (Controversial director of The Doctors & Vaxxed), Greg Carlwood (The Higherside Chats), Vermin Supreme, John McAfee, Wolfgang Halbig, and many many more."

I took a look at their channel, and saw even at a quick glance, it was questionable at best. So, I didn’t get back to them– but I did warn my lefty libertarian friends that they were garbage– and yet another reason it was a bad idea for them to not be a part of this cult.

But then TSID hosted and moderated the Libertarian Debate featuring John McAfee, Arvin Vohra and Adam Kokesh. TSID even start producing commercials for libertarians they liked.

To give you an idea of who these Libertarian people are… McAfee openly professes his love of sex with teenage girls, and refuses to pay a $25 million judgment in a wrongful death case brought forward by the estate of a Belizean man who was allegedly murdered at the behest of McAfee. McAfee campaigns from outside of the US via twitter and Zoom.

Kokesh considers holocaust denier Augustus Invictus “a good friend,” and doesn’t mind his “ethnostate ideals. (Jump to 50:28). He was also one of the featured speakers at the Straight Pride Parade in Boston last August.

Meanwhile, Vohra says that “violent, entirely non-consensual rape with someone screaming no is *less bad* than something that has the appearance of voluntaryism.” (Go to the 46 minute mark.)

When I discovered TSID was hosting the debates, I did I deeper dive, and things only got worse. I wrote about it on Facebook a number of times, and tried to again warn the lefty libertarians I was friends with.

Wrote about it on Facebook May 14, 2020.

Wrote about it on Facebook, May 19, 2020.

Since I am being asked about this a little more regularly, this is why I am writing this blog-post. So, here is a quick look at what I found. There’s certainly more– but this will get you started.

0:00 Admittedly Racist impression Of Native American Elder/ Standing Rock participant Nathan Philips
12:20 I wish we could be racist

More offensive impressions of Nathan Phillips

An entire episode dedicated to “gender identity a fraud “

Blackface/ kkk episode
42:00 joking about lynching
47:50 cringey blackface discussion
1:08:20 being a klansman is not necessarily racist
1:09:30 the only reason they report racism is to perpetuate racism

Continuing their obsession with black face

Another blackface video

The “house negro” episode:
Continuing obsession with skin and race
Dan in Orange-trump face, while Craig has an Afrowig, powdered white, making fun of kaepernick
“The Rock isn’t black enough to be black.”

“Let’s talk about the joos”

42:40 putting women in their place
50:20 chick fil a/ lgbtq/ the left is evil… their Freddy Mercury argument is truly enlightening…
1:00:00 “ Whoopie Goldberg, beautiful black woman brave Ha ha ha”
1:01:30 compares lefties to the holocaust
“It’s happening again because they don’t know history.”

Triggering transgenderism

Rape jokes episode 1

Rape jokes episode 2

Rape jokes episode 3

White wives matter episode

Pizza gate episode

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