Would You Stand Up to an Oppressive Regime?

I recently read an article which posed the question, would you stand up to an oppressive regime?

The article itself is irrelevant. Like others I’ve seen, it brought up the Handmaid’s Tale and compared pop-culture to current events. But what so many of these allegories regarding our predicament omit is that the oppressive regime in question is invisible, and yet, right in our faces. The regime is Corporate Capitalism. It knows no borders, and sees no color. It exists only to make its stockholders wealthier, and will exploit borders, colors and anything else which gets in its way.

Corporate Capitalism is not the same thing as simple Capitalism. Simple Capitalism consists of an exchange of goods and services. You might grow some food, and I might pay for it with currency, which serves as a promise of my own labor.

Corporate Capitalism is the creation of a worldwide system which requires your fealty and servitude for your very existence. Corporate Capitalism uses slave labor in the third world, to provide those in the first world with things for cheap, using the profits to control… everything. And just like a drug-dealer, they’ve been giving us the goods for years— and now we’re hooked. The CEO’s of these mega-corporations pay off politicians for tax breaks, subsidies and generally to do their bidding. It gives the appearance of politicians running the show— when in reality, it is Jeff Bezos, Walmart, and all the other big businesses who somehow got to stay open during Covid 19. Worse still, former Goldman Sachs reps line the cabinets of every administration in modern history— Whether it’s Trump, Obama, Bush or Clinton.

Corporate Capitalism is a regime which can cancel small businesses through a real tragedy such as a pandemic, all the while creating millions of unemployed, and transferring billions to the already wealthiest Americans. The worst part is, Corporate Capitalism will keep you coming back for more, again and again— because you have no choice. You need to eat. You need shelter. Unfortunately, the only way for many to eat is to buy food cheap directly from the hands of their corporate overlords, thus increasing their stranglehold with every bite you take.

From Minneapolis to DC, I have seen graffiti saying things along the lines of “smash Capitalism.” For the most part, they are referring to Corporate Capitalism. Some have responded to my videos insisting that those doing the damage are mindless thugs, and do not understand the nuance. While I will concede that there there has been property damage done in anger, what I witnessed was conscientious property damage, which targeted Corporate Capitalism. Doubtlessly, there were bad actors, mistakes made and agent provocateurs. Community centers burned. Small businesses were looted.

Sadly, I have heard protesters call to “vote Trump out,” as the solution. Trump is not the problem— he is a symptom of the problem. If ever there was a time to demand better than Biden as an alternative, this would be it. And still, the title of President is largely symbolic. Corporate Capitalism relies on the belief that you can cut off the head of the snake when you vote out a president. But defeating Corporate Capitalism will require becoming not reliant on it.

When another unarmed black man is murdered at the hands of police, are you prepared for another city to burn? Is leadership in any of the nation’s cities ready to de-fund the police? Are any of the major political parties putting forward candidates of color?

There are solutions— but how many are really willing to do what it takes?

A short list of *some* of my videos from MN:

National guard wrestle black man to ground 

Cops pull gun on kneeling protesters

Cops do drive by shooting

Protester shot in back with rubber bullet

MN man says, “go after the police” not the neighborhood.

Malcolm McMorris speaks his mind 

Gun shots fired as truck speeds by. At the time, it seemed like the truck owner fired, but others claimed someone was firing the gun at the truck.

Medic attends to protesters

Furniture store collapses

May 29 initial dispersal

Shooter looter

Full Livestream may 29

Full livestream may 28

Mutual aid 1

Mutual aid 2

Mutual aid 3

Mutual aid 4

Cop takes a knee

Tired of people dying by police

Native woman devastated 

Kim Handy Jones

More Kim Handy Jones

Protester drives through target

Auto zone burns

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