Proudboys infiltrate CHAZ, beating a man and pulling a gun.

Proudboys at CHAZ/ beat up a newbie protester/ pull a gun

Around 11 AM, King of the Phony Jesus Zombies, Joey Gibson of Proudboys/ Patriot Prayer arrived.

Gregg Housh of Occupy/ Anonymous was nearby, so I called him over for backup. Gregg and I question Patriot Jesus to see where his head is at. Of course, it is the same as always. Joey was casing out the CHAZ/ CHOP and planning for violence. 

At 1:09 PM, Tiny Toese, 6 foot five “brawler” for the Proudboys arrived with the five foot tall Zac Staggs who looks like Gimli from Lord of the Rings in a Hawaiian boogaloo shirt. Cole Scott and Katie Daviscourt were also a part of the entourage.

At that time, there were not many people around in the Zone, whether anti-fascist or otherwise. I calmly walked up to Tiny, and again try to get an idea of where his head is at. Since Gregg and I, and a handful of others are the only people who seem to have any idea of who these people are, I tried to inform what little crowd there was that they were Proudboys, and were known to march with people with Nazi tattoos and white nationalist beliefs, and that Tiny Toese had instigated a multitude of street fights, even starting riots, which I had  witnessed in person, with videos all over the Internet.

Around 6:30, maybe 7PM, I noticed a small parade of American flags marching up Pine Street. The now larger Proudboys group of about ten entered around 10th and Pine, from what I could see.

I called to Gregg again for back-up and started live streaming. At 11th and Pine, which is at the center of the Zone, the contingent of misguided miscreants paused to create a scene. Their claim was that someone had stolen their flag on a previous occasion and wanted it back.

They brought a handful of black street preachers with them, who evidently didn’t know who the Proudboys were. I verified this through speaking to one of them directly. She was preaching “the word of Jesus,” but wasn’t bothered that they marched with self-identifying now-Nazis and white nationalists. Shocking, I tell you. (Not.) When I pushed further as to her motivation, she said the Proudboys offered to protect her in order to get the message of Jesus out.

The crowd made its way up to 12th St., at which point the group took a right on 12th, to the barricades at the end of that block.

Toese announced that they were crossing over to the other side of the street (outside of the Zone), to give speeches. At that stage I walked away, because I didn’t want to give them a platform, and most of the anti-fascists stayed in the zone. However, because the Trump guy was making a commotion on the edge of the zone, the speeches didn’t last for more than 30 seconds and another big pushing match started… But without any significant violence.

The Proudboys took a right on Pike Street headed down the hill until they found a parking lot where they posed for a photo as a group. I ridiculed them with wheels on the bus.

We went as far as tenth or Maybe broadway, where I sang “The dicks on the bus go limp limp limp.”

Gregg and I departed.

We didn’t know Bob (not real name), was following them. Shortly after, the PBs attacked Bob, and it looked like Cole pulled his gun.

Shortly after that, Bob found Gregg and I, at which point we interviewed him on camera. Bob was not experienced, and didn’t know what he was getting into.

Joey arrives to case the CHOP

Full video

Tiny Toese arrives to case CHOP with Zac Staggs, Cole Scott and gf Katie

Full video

Tiny/ PBs march through CHOP

Video of PB’s attacking kid (who doesn’t want to be named)

Interview with the guy who got attacked by Proudboys

Photos of cuts and bruises


License plates of #Proudboys from incident yesterday.

Timecode 1:07:10, grey car. Plates difficult to view from my phone. 

At timecode 1:10:30. Proudboys get into white SUV with Washington state plate B35398Y. I verbally call out.

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