Revolution or Bullshit?

There will be no revolution. 
Kiss your optimism goodbye. 
For all the resistance in the streets it’s still a house of cards for those with no rent and nothing to eat. 

And yet, for those who do, revolution has not entered their minds. 
Revolution you say? 
No… everything’s fine.

We have two choices, revolution or bullshit. 
You’re choosing bullshit. 
I’m choosing bullshit.
We are all choosing bullshit.
Because we have no choice but bullshit.

The game is rigged, and if you are incapable of seeing that, then you’re simply another cacaphrenic and dunderLumpkin playing pawn to the hoodpicks, killcows and tenterbellies calling the shots from their mansions tucked away in far-off enclaves guarded by grotesque owl/pig hybrids in West Palm Beach.

And as things get worse, whether from pandemic or unpaid rent, the people continue to stare blindly into the sun as it hurdles towards the earth, dumbstruck like a deer in the headlights.

Those fires in Minneapolis were the wake up call. Wake up to the pestilence— to the injustice— to the largest transfer of wealth in human history— dumptrucks full of money simply being handed over to the super rich. Ten billion dollars handed over to the airline industry alone. As my friend Noam told me, why not make those the people’s airlines? How do we not have shares in that investment? 

George Floyd’s death was a tragedy— and I’m surprised more cities weren’t burned before and since. But if you can’t see that these protests are about more than George Floyd— then you need to put a bullet in your TV— because you don’t have your ear to the streets. 

The courts in the United States are filled to the brim with right wing douchewizards. The corporate news is bought and sold by molerat propagandists. Citizen’s United has decided that money is the same as free speech. Were there drunks raging in those fires in Minneapolis— yes— but spraypainted among the fire and rubble were countless slogans calling for the end of capitalism. You could hear it cried in the streets, “don’t burn the houses— don’t burn local businesses.” Spraypainted on many walls were phrases like “black owned business” or “minority owned business” and for the most part, these buildings were saved. Fires jumping from one building to the next was an unfortunate side effect— But, believe it or not— there was an ethos to many of these arsons, as strange and contrary to common sense as that sounds. 

What we’re experiencing is our little democratic experiment flying too close to the sun. And like Icarus, our wings will soon melt. Our brains will run, and our collective nervous system will tie itself into knots, as it struggles desperately to break free from itself. And with every breath choked from democracy, the demon semen grows stronger— as Trump’s health specialist would say.

The things which we found to be our bedrocks of stability, will soon crumble, as the 24-7 surveillance state rises, and Walmarts become the dominant face of fascism across the land. Trump’s brown shirts surely need to be stood up to but it seems to be Amazon and Target which are the sweet Jesus juice that we just can’t live without. 

And no amount of marching nor chanting nor protesting in the streets will bring back those who needlessly died, whether through virus or Bombshells, through tear gas canister to the head shot by federal agents on American citizens, or just plain lack of basic healthcare— this democratic experiment has always been willing to sacrifice the masses including those you love in the name of the almighty dollar.

Sadly, we are the threat. We are who we should fear. We are the ones giving strength to the power structure. Our tax dollars give America it’s military might. No waving of flags, no slogans for the oppressed, no lip service paid to those who are suffering can break the American love-affair with comfort, flat screen television sets, and brutal corporate capitalism – the mother of privatized tyranny. 

Am I guilty too? Sure. To a degree. I don’t put too much worry into my bed frame. I get my computers and phones second hand— but I do have a car, and I use technology. Everyone is a slave to the system in a system where we have to pay fealty to our corporate overlords to survive, It would be naïve to think otherwise.

But are you telling me the revolution will come about through playing video games on a livestream while chatting about Karl Marx or The Boogaloo-depending on which side of the philosophical spectrum you’re on? This is all bullshit. And anyone who supports this is bullshit. Your revolution is bullshit. Not because I don’t believe in the idea or the ideals behind the revolution… to believe otherwise is to wish an eternity of tyranny upon our children and our children’s children. So, on the rationales behind revolution, I am all in. What I am trying to say, is you’re fucking it up— and you’re fucking it up bad.

When the protests in Minneapolis happened, where were you? In the comfort of your home molting like a pachyderm, watching it as presented by the corporate mole rats on your fancy pants entertainment system? Most likely. The fires and the looting which took place in Minneapolis in the wake of George Floyd‘s death were but the tip of the iceberg. And if you weren’t there, you didn’t see what I saw. Goddamn cannibalistic winged platypuses. Misers and skinflints attempting to fuse alien DNA in the back of a burning Target store. National guardsmen— four on one, reenacting Floyd’s death by wrestling an unarmed black man to the ground after ripping him from his car. But unlike the Floyd situation, these guardsmen let him up and jumped in their Humvee to make their escape. He wasn’t having any of it and climbed on the back of that Humvee and just road off down the street like a fucking gladiator in a chariot race. This is the stuff of legend— But did they show that on Tucker Carlson’s jolly green jingo show? Did Anderson Cooper fight off the dispossessed zombie horde as they emerged from manhole covers, or get sprayed in the face with capsasin? 

cockalorum. Crapulous, craptastic tomfoolery. And you should all be ashamed of yourselves for continuing to support these corporate chuds. CNN, Fox News— They are merely the mind control division of our worldwide privatized tyranny.

Concentrate hard, and see if you can access your third eye. Tap into the universe and try to see the earth from afar. It’s a little speck of dust in the dark— and we are but cells in the blood stream of a a mold spore called humanity living on the planet’s crust.

So, why is it important to get your news from the source? Because you just tried to tap into the Akashic record, and you didn’t see shit. Even if you watched every second of my live-streams, there is so much that goes on in the periphery of my eye. There are winks and nods, and conversations had off camera. To take it back to the old days, I had that conversation with inter dimensional space goblin, Jeb Bush. I will be your useful fool if you’ll be my useful fool— Just don’t make me look too foolish. That story is also a book.

But when things got their craziest, there were really only three of us trying to seriously film. Crews came and went— but the hard-core live streamers who stayed until the break of dawn were me, Rich, and Niko from Unicorn Riot. What a perfectly wasted opportunity for a man with a name like Wolf Blitzer.

And don’t be fooled by Wolf. Donald Trump and his gangbanger family are having a field day with coronavirus. His space mantis buddies with the protruding lower mandibles are like: Check this shit out. There’s a pandemic? Super. Let’s use it to dump billions of dollars into the pockets of our nightcrawler friends. Alright— now go have a copsucker rally. Babble incoherently about law and order. Your cronies will love it.  Lock up the protesters and shoot em in the face with lizard giz. Now let Roger Stone and all your other criminal buddies go free. Fill the courts with right wing maggots. Mitch McConnell and his white collar cronies will totally suck your dick!

With the half trillion dollars that America’s billionaires have just acquired, they could literally pay someone to suck their dicks all day and all night every day and every night. They could probably buy themselves 100 Lolita expresses with 1000 Epstein islands and even purchase a time machine so that they could grab up 12-year-old Ivanka to bring her into the present so she can get it on with daddy Trump. 

$1200 in coronavirus relief ain’t gonna do shit. And how is this thing going to work with half of America potentially becoming homeless in the weeks to come? Do you think those George Floyd protests were out-of-control? More cities are about to burn if they don’t figure this shit out quick. And maybe they should burn. But Sadly, those in charge have no incentive to get their acts together. And while burning down cities seems to have achieved more than decades of peaceful protest, this is a big ass country— and unless you can mobilize all the white folks in the suburbs to do the same, I still don’t see how this can work.

The rent is due, but in some kind of state of denial, everyone is using their downtime to get on Tinder. I can’t blame ‘em. There’s no jobs— even if they wanted jobs.  If they were smart, they’d be using that shit to recruit foot soldiers on the street. Instead— from what I’ve heard anecdotally— it’s just another way to measure the size of your bank account. No one wants to hook up with a “revolutionary” living under a highway overpass or an anarchist squat— even if it is a fucking mansion. They want fine sparkling wine and steak tips. Who cares if it’s a candlelit dinner with alt-right waterboy Tim Pool? He’s paying— no strings attached. You chewed his beef, but you didn’t have to fuck.

Meanwhile, all the best and the brightest are actually homeless— because they are living what they espouse— rather than to espouse working for the good of the community while searching for new sugar daddies on Tinder.
If I accepted all the offers made to me by corporate media for my videos, I’d probably have pretty tidy stock portfolio. But I don’t. You can’t be a smelly communist while banging a capitalist pig. 

I’m making reference to a friend. But the point stands— insert communism, anarcho-syndicalism or goat-herderism— whichever ideology serves your needs today. To be for revolution means to be for the people— and you are either for the people or you are against. The problem is that Karl Marx never anticipated the Internet, global capitalism or dating apps. And this is why there will be no revolution. You motherfuckers are too comfortable.

Look— You can be born into privilege and be for the people. You can attempt to use that privilege for the greater good. But we are part of a web of interconnections— and while that’s certainly done much good— for enabling people to see the injustices around the world via social media and video-phones— it also means that we live in a world of global traders, trading stocks via algorithms which can predict fluctuations in the market within a millisecond. And ye who is the master of the algorithm is the master of money, and therefore one of the masters of the world.

Wait. I know. We’ll make T-shirts with the latest and greatest catchy slogans, and have them print up the shirts with slave labor in the Philippines or China. As long as we can look past the moral implications, and not fall down the slippery slope, it could work. Amirite?

While I believe that a great service would be done for the world by bringing an end to the American Empire’s global reign of terror, think about its size, and its scope and sheer military might. We live in a world governed by corporations— like Ned Beatty giving a speech in a film called “network” in which he reminds the audience there are no more countries nor borders, only corporations. This is what your revolution is up against. And while I am all for it, you’re fucking it up. You’re not doing enough. Sadly, it’s not going to be the marches. It’s going to be the fires and corporate property destruction. 

Never mind what the idiot-box is screaming. The choice is between revolution and bullshit. Why do you keep choosing bullshit?

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