Dating for Accelerationists

So— Lauren says I’ve become nihilistic. Or, my talk the other night was nihilistic. The word she was looking for was Anaxiphilia or Anaxiphilic. Maybe someone will look it up.

Without a doubt, she was an inspiration for some of the things I said— and she certainly has changed my thinking about a wide variety of things— thus prompting my chat by the lava lamp.

But I’m not a nihilist. If I was a nihilist, I’d say and do nothing at all— or shoot heroine and get on Tinder.
You wanna talk about nihilistic? How fucking dead inside do you have to be, that you get on an app in order to find intimacy with another human being? People are so disengaged with others right next to them, that you gotta fill out a questionnaire and send photos to determine who’s going to throw a dick in you.

That’s fucked up.

No wonder the world is devolving. if your ability to spend time at the gym determines who gets to reproduce— what’s the point in fighting for the future of humanity? We’ll be a planet of two kinds of people: TRAILER TRASH— and super-fit super-models who spend their days and nights sashaying down the runway and finger banging each other for sport.

That’s what you want? A planet of trailer parks and Zoolanders? Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for people getting their freak on (in a sexual sense)— people used to wave their freak flags— in the sense that they did shit with their lives that was interesting. As they say– I don’t wanna revolution if I can’t dance– but if you ain’t partying with a purpose, there will be no revolution!

Now, people perform for their friends on social media. Look— I’m doing it right now— but at least I’m here to talk about shit that I have done in real life.

But, I also guess it all depends on how you define “interesting.” At one time, if you wanted to meet other accelerationists, you had to go on a date with Tim Pool, or get your ass down to the local klan meeting. Now accelerationism is for both the right and the left— and you can find each other on Tinder—

So, I’ve gotta ask myself, what are the check boxes like that help you to determine a potential mate?

Let’s see.

Here I am on Tinder.
I’m a man. Age 500— because I’m a mutant. About me: I made some movies with fancy-pants Hollywood people— but now I make political documentaries in which I go undercover to troll powerful political figures such as Jeb Bush, Joe Biden and Donald Trump. I am interested in someone interested in similar activities— Maybe someone who enjoys heckling bootlickers at Blue Lives Matter rallies.

Type, type, type. And send.

Golly. I am sure people will be sending me photos of their panties in no time!

But until those panties start rolling in— let’s look at some other profiles.

Woman. Age 32. Seeking man.

Hey! I’m a man!

Ooh— she’s got that meme where it says: Me at the beginning of 2020: She’s wearing a Bernie shirt. Part two is “Me at the end of 2020.” She’s got a big rifle and an anarchist t-shirt. And of course it’s one of those undercut things so you can see the bottom of her breasts.

Let’s see her description:
Former occupier. Once went on a date with Tim Pool. Was all in for Bernie Sanders, but Joe Biden wrote the Patriot Act and will doom us to an eternity of hellfire. Time to burn this shit down. Fuck 12. Fuck Blue Lives Matter. Viva La Revolucion.

Wow. This woman sounds perfect. Maybe I was wrong— and Tinder really is the answer.

Oh wait— there’s one last asterisk at the bottom of the page: She writes— You must have a bed with a bed frame. No Anarchists doing anarchist shit. I need my comfort— and when the revolution is over, I’m going to need a nice place to come home to. Please have a 401k, stock options and a two-car garage.

What a let down…

Mainly because I’ve secretly got all of those things— but her desire to have these comforts as opposed to the values she espouses is such a turn off.

Oh well.

Did any of you ever see the Trump Billboard banner drop I did in 2017?
Or maybe you saw the time I wrote Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself on the wall at Art Basel…
Or when I wrote EpSTAIN didn’t Kill Himself on Epstein’s West Palm Beach mansion.
There’s still an arrest warrant out for that.

Anyhow— the 2017 Trump banner drop was back when Donnie had forbidden the CDC to utter 7 words— not to be confused with George Carlin’s 7 banned words— shit piss fuck cunt cocksucker motherfucker tits…

But the CDC words were: “science-based,” “evidence-based,” “transgender”, “diversity”, “vulnerable”, “entitlement” and “fetus.” Time Magazine got out some statistics. and as far as I can tell—President Cheeto’s ban was just some weird anti-science/ pro-jesus-juice virtue-signaling to Trump’s evangelicals. The fact that the CDC has played such a role in what’s going on with Covid, makes it even more fun.

But— the reason I bring it up is that it is no small feat that I make bad decisions on the level that I do. This is not just a strategy for driving away potential romantic partners— this is methodic bad-decision making, for the beautiful story of it all. And one day, the true mutants of the world will see what I’m doing and say, I wanna be a part of this!

The secret is simple. You schedule the stunt, you gather your materials. You get to the location. Take some drinks and pop some pills— and you are well on your way to carrying through with those bad decisions. Because how else are you going to climb up the scaffold to hang that Trump as Medusa banner?

I want to be clear— it’s not enough to be incompetent— You need to have a mind for bad decisions… Sobriety is not an option.

And your dick needs to be swinging so hard that when the Officer Dibble shows up, you’re like I’M FUCKING INVINCIBLE!!!

If Johnny Law tries to put a rusty nail through your dick, you just have to grin and take it.

And if you wanna call this NIHILISM— then so be it— but at least it’s NIHILISM WITH A PURPOSE.

And of course, there’s a whole lot of privilege going on in this scenario….
I AM USING MY PRIVILEGE TO STICK IT TO THE MAN as he sticks a nail in my dick

Meanwhile, the worms in their cubicles died a thousand little deaths as they waste their days pushing paper in the name of bullshit.

But today I went out and lived!!!!

I conquered Donald Trump and that motherfucking billboard— like I conquered Art Basel, and Epstein’s mansion— and I conquered Pete Buttigieg, and Joe Biden, and John Kasich and Jeb Bush and Lindsey Graham. What the fuck have you done?
You turned beer into piss.
To be fair— I’ve done that too— but— what else??!!

If we’re all going to die, I want to die saying I stood up to the ravenous badgers with burning claws trying to scratch holes in my skull!!

Who wants to get out of there and live?!!!!

Don’t give me that probation shit.

I know— everyone’s on probation.

We’ve all had our wings clipped.

Now that I got that out of the way— I wanna just remind you:  The United States can no longer be described as a representative democracy. The US government is a riot in progress straight-up looting the American people for all they’re worth.

Evictions are looming— and roughly 28 million people and families are soon to be fucked. It’s like we can see a human meat grinder in the distance and Uncle Sam is just tossing person after person headfirst into the shredder. They are screaming and crying, and there’s blood squirting everywhere. Dexter is measuring the length of the blood splatter. It’s a regular human slaughterhouse with eyeballs popping out and severed dicks flying in your face. And we can see all this looming in the distance, but people are carrying on like business as usual. Like this isn’t three times worse than the 2008 economic crisis with 10 million people losing their homes and having their balls removed via guillotine.

Which brings me to my next point. I was reading the comments section from my little fireside chat from Thursday— and YouTube never seems to disappoint in regard to its ability to fill my comments with right wing space Maggot bullshit.

This is an entry by zezt zezter:
It has never ceased to amaze me, cause i did art school, and love psychedelics, YET I have found that those types in my experience online are totally played by what is going on! Let me try summarize: they don’t seem to get what is going on, which is? THAT eg the BLM protests are PLANNED BY the elite, the Cabal. The Cabal are the elite nto the occult, the Kabballah, and this is why you see the occult isgnatures all over their evil shit including their numbers.

For example this ‘pandemic’ is a fukin PLANNED SCAM demic, and is riddled , worldwide, with the number 33. They use that number all the fukin time (will give example below). WHY? Because they love to think they are gods and know secret shit the vast majority don’t so they will use it a) as a communication for those in the cluuuurb, that we are not in and b) as both a mindcontrol , like their usual propaganda, and also as a form of magicK (WITH A K) which they believe in Now see the so-called BLM protests are funded by the likes of billionire Soros, and HE is in their club, and they are working in tandam WITH the scam demic to bring about what they have previously planned in their 2010 ‘LOCKSTEP’ and 2019 ‘EVENT201” and is towards their Agenda 21/30 which is all about herding people into mega cities, and it becoming like China on fkin steroids! these sick fuks want more and more control over all all of us, REALLY, and nature. Viruses love the number 33 Rosa Koire. UN Agenda 2030 exposed 

That is some crazy shit— which maybe I’ll take some time to address in another one of my little chats by the lava lamp…But— I bring this up because if you look past this guy’s nutty reasoning, his overall premise is correct that this is a massive scam.

I don’t mean that I believe that centipedes are going to start crawling out of your ears whispering secrets from the Book of the Dead or some Freemason crap. But, our government is using the pandemic to make us all go broke, while enriching themselves. If that isn’t a scam of the highest proportions— then I don’t know what it. It’s the Biggest transfer of wealth in the history of the known world… Barring some kind of giant hollowed out ball of chocolate that you enter through the gates in Antarctica.
Let’s remember, the 1531 orontus phenius map shows Antarctica without ice and includes rivers and mountain ranges.

All that aside—

The US government are rioters looters and thieves. Rioters looters and thieves. Get that through your head. 

The US government are rioters looters and thieves— and they are burning down your house, your home, your family, and your community. 

How the fuck are you going to take your Rona money and and just stick it up your ass— excited to burn it up at the Applebees, now that they are open—

It’s as if you believe those checks will never end.
The streets are paved with milk and honey— and everything’s fine.

Well, take a look at someone like myself as a vision of the future.

Because I am a freelancer, I haven’t received a penny— not a single fucking penny from the stimulus package. And isn’t it just dandy to see some of you motherfuckers out there pontificating about getting hammered tonight.

Maybe this has added to my frustration.
The majority of the freelance employment which actually pays the bills comes through film and audio-visual gigs.

When covid hit— my PAYING GIGS went to ZERO. There are no jobs.

The closest thing I can call a job is live-streaming— and that’s because people have reached out to me to ask me to go out in the danger zones. And gladly, I did—
I was in the fires in Minneapolis, and at CHOP, and the protests in DC and New York. I have literally gone as far as I could go with whatever donations people have reached out to give me…

The point is— If Uncle Sam isn’t going to pony up some kind of universal basic income (TO ALL OF US) —requiring people not to work, then we should be getting back to work, pandemic or not. I mean— The US government CAN and SHOULD do UBI…

But they sold you out— and 1200 dollars won’t feed your family. The Democrats and Republicans have exploited this crisis making their friends billions, but leaving you with bills to pay.
The US jails journalists while dropping bombs on civilians. Armed militias take over our capitals, while black men are hunted like dogs in the street. Federal Agents shoot protesters in the face with tear gas canisters over nothing at all.

There is only one thing the elites care about any longer— feeding the monster. 

With a system so bloated, and overweight, you had better have a scrappy son of a bitch— Someone like Tiger King, with nothing to lose at the slop tray. The beneficiaries of the foul product regurgitated by the monster don’t want our best and brightest at the helm— the objective is to have someone willing to collect expired meat from Walmart to feed to the tigers to make more cubs, which draw the tourists which make the money which feeds the staff so they can help to bury the adult tigers in the back of the zoo when they have outlived their usefulness. 

Covid-19 has revealed America’s failed leadership to be a Ponzi scheme. They are determined to ruin us, and somehow we accept this is the only way.
The solution is simple: Demand UBI. Medicare for all. Bring home the troops and Hold police, politicians and bankers responsible for their crimes. 

Power gives nothing without a demand. So demand they do what’s right. don’t expect change by simply casting a vote.

Seriously— What are you going to do when the stimulus money runs out?



I should point out that I didn’t wanna do this.

I didn’t wanna be on WFNX when Swasey talked me into it back in the day— and I wasn’t so sure about Lauren encouraging me to come down to New Alliance— but she did. And what happened, happened.

I’m not a journalist. I’m not a DJ or a podcaster. I’m barely a musician or a filmmaker— at least by the standards of people that expect that I’ve gotta be raking in piles of money. I’m an artist. I went to art schools— RISD and the Museum School. My lawsuit against the Trump Campaign is like a performance art piece more than anything else. I thought it would be funny to learn to be a lawyer— I did. But there’s been nothing funny about it. Just endless headaches.

That said— I have battled a couple dozen lawyers for 177 motions in federal court— and the judge has allowed me to proceed against the Trump Campaign and a number of his associates on assault, battery false imprisonment fraud— and about a dozen civil rights violations. If the universe was just— someone from Trump’s law-firm has even been hired to watch through all of these videos to find shit like this to use against me. Fucking DARPA neuro-cortex communicator tin foil hat shit— but we’ll get to that in a minute.

Jackie Gleason’s wife claimed that Nixon took Gleason to see the alien bodies. It’s just a claim. It means nothing.

I’m just a guy who found himself in a strange place in a strange time, surrounded by space centipedes. Constantine’s vision before the Milvean bridge is one of the many historical events theorized to be an ET interaction. Again— meaningless. You can’t prove it. But, I have been told I have mutant powers of my own. It’s a rare thing what I do— and maybe there are others with radioactive octopus DNA surging through their blood. The problem is, there is no secret handshake— at least not that anyone has told me.

For a minute, I thought that Lauren was with us in the fight against the Spacemen.

but the fact that the US govt supposedly “lost” the tapes to the moon landing (the greatest achievement of mankind to that date), is highly suspicious. The funnest thing of all is that knowing that the US govt is prone to lying, it is not a credible scientific reporter. Even Noam concedes that MIT (his employer) is funded by the military industrial complex, and likely colors their findings. 

The thing is— as you may learn— there are some dangerous people out there with fucking strange plans for humanity— or so they’d like us to believe that.

I have put myself out there as someone willing to be a useful fool, as a means to convey some crazy stories. People want to tell me things.

And that’s what I was getting at on Thursday when I was talking about what goes on in the periphery.

There are things I can show you on a livestream— and then there’s what you see out of the corner of your eyes. Then there’s the things that people share with you when the cameras are off. And talking about some of it makes you come off sounding like a crazed conspiracy nut. So— I’m going to preface this once again by saying: Any of this DARPA targeted neuro-transmissions shit is just information I am being fed.

If you’re up for it— maybe later we’ll get into something called “the brain initiative.”

The fuck if I know.

But— I guess this is what the people want… so I’ll give it to them.
I don’t even think any of the stuff I said on the the little lava-lamp chat was particularly controversial. But I know some weird motherfuckers. I don’t know if they are government spooks, or just MK Ultra 2.0— but I’ve been keeping my mouth shut about a lot.

Basically because it’s goddamn unverifiable. This shit may as well be alien technology dropped in our laps by the space maggots.


This dude—

This dude who I’m going to tell you about has dropped me mountains upon mountains of DARPA leaks and manuals and shit I’m not sure if people are supposed to see. I still don’t truly understand all of it— but I thought maybe I’d just let you get a glimpse of the crazy, and we’ll learn about it together. Maybe he’ll even chime in on the livestream and explain some of this himself.

I’m going to call this guy MR TIM… for reasons which may make sense later.

DARPA is the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency— a division of the DoD, otherwise known as the Department of Defense. Depending on whether or not you believe the various leaks floating around out there, there was a document from the DoD calling for the creation of Space Force in 2014— and I remember seeing it before Trump announced it.

It’s probably a bunch of LSD or whatever.

So, he’s given me a massive data dump which has probably put all kinds of spy software on my computer— and he wants me to check out something called the PAGE SIX Preface folder.
It’s about Auditory and visual cortex two-way communication. And it is driven on people and population running narratives. According to MR TIM— Agents are AI or IA

So— MR TIM says:
DARPA makes technology and then shelves it. Then they hire a private contractor to test it. It’s plausible deniability. The government can research to a degree— scrap it— let a private agency pick up their work, and then there is no oversight.

RW: And this is what I keep going on about with privatized tyranny. It is the problem with Republicans as well as the Libertarian party’s obsession with de-regulations.
The State is a menace— but precisely because the state is a menace is the reason that there must be regulations so that there is oversight. It is utterly paradoxical— but if shit is made by a private company— it’s private, and we’re done. We’re dirt. Eat a dick and goodnight.

MR TIM continues
At no point should you accuse DARPA of violating FAR human testing

Ok. Fair enough. But you see— he wants me to talk about this.

He continues:
I have tracked down the Private Contractors and started questioning them as well.
William Casebeer and Justin Sanchez, project leads have been moved since my talks with R&D Eddie Offermann of Facebook.
That was heading building 8 with Regina Dugan from DARPA.
She has ethics violations, and never should have been trusted on any neural security oversight.

Casebeer leaked attendance records of the first two years of meetings
and Individual testing is over – many people including myself (MR TIM) were part of that
The US Population is next— As the DSO file indicates.

So— what MR TIM is talking about is targeted neuro-transmissions. MR TIM, as well as a handful of other people I have met at protests have shared with me similar information— which of course is something I came across as far back as Texas in 2013. Supposedly, It’s like radio or microwaves they are able to fire into the neural cortex of your brain and make you hear voices, and do their bidding— the stuff of sci-fi novels and films.

I then tell MR TIM: I’m glad you’ve chosen me as the one to leak this Funtime information!

MR TIM SAYS: I chose a lot of people.

They connected combative and helpful agents into auditory cortex neural networks to see which people could reach symbiosis quicker with the agents (ai: is)— But it’s crazy talk – unless you experienced it.
Like showing iPhone 10 to someone in 1970
The Tragic thing is::: people who are targeted that don’t understand the tech.
They need to know – don’t listen to the voices.
So – having control over auditory and visual cortex gives control over the limbic system as well
Especially since no hardware is needed on the target or populations side.

MR TIM CONTINUES: A Paradigm shift is coming
So you can talk to your friend in your head – or order toilet paper on Amazon
Not so nefarious except in its early testing there are side effects like the bicameral mind.
What this means is early neural network connectivity to humans caused the left and right brain to think Independently.
The problem is that the long term effects are still not known

After Casebeer was moved off the project He started testing his own stuff in San Fransico/
Basically, you lose all critical thinking – because you are kinda stuck listening to what’s like a bad radio, as an AI pretends to be 2 to 3 people running 1 of 96 narratives.

He moved to Lockheed shortly after I started looking at all his family members, And they started redacting him

This is the way of the future
Sarah Connor is not coming to save us from judgment day
But really it’s going to be a useful tech
We need it to keep up with the agents of the future
But it’s origin Has been nefarious— and lack of oversight has caused the torture, death and institutionalization of thousands of Americans and foreigners.

Any CAGE or DUNNS registered contractor can submit a bid for testing tech
they have no business using without oversight

John Rendon’s employees appear often
His comapny wags the dog in global media

ACORDING TO MR TIM: The last rendon employee he talked to was CJ “Heater”

He says: People were killed – burned alive— and he tossed in his cell for 4 years

He says he reached out to a lot of the Hacker community – and mailservers from SA inc. is the smoking gun…

The other things are too scary to repeat, but he gets into
testing on humans without their consent.
and makes note of the witness relocation clause in the DSO file- as well as the torturing of Marines

He concludes by saying: I ended my prodding after hitting intelligence agency contractors
I had trouble making them assets after 2 years
Nobody wants to lose their retirement money
My last brush with the rendon group ended badly for me and others people’s lives
I’ve done all I can with no funding –
Judgment day for many
I expected to be dead years ago
Don’t really care either way anymore. Acceptance over fear
You don’t get to burning spooks covers and questioning them And live long.

At this point in the discussion, I want to remind you that According to classified documents released by the Ministry of Defence in 2010, Winston Churchill may have ordered a UFO sighting to be kept secret.

You just can’t verify any of it.

So— back to my original point

I’ve been accused of being nihilistic. I get it. In my becoming a lawyer phase I drank red bulls all day to get through the reading, and drank to get to sleep for four hours— putting on weight just like a real law student. It was horrible on my body— and I probably shouted incoherently into the cosmos.
Is it possible that shouting at the cosmos only appears to be nihilism when the thing that one is shouting out about is incomprehensible to the average person?— Not because they’re too stupid— but just because who would want to waste their live with this incoherent gibberish.

Again— If I was a nihilist, I’d shoot meth and get on Tinder.

Instead, I’m trying to give you a glimpse into my wacky world— as fuzzy as that may seem.

Now we have to ask ourselves:




Former U.S. Congress and Pentagon consultant, Frank Skinner said “In 1954, President Eisenhower had three encounters, set up meetings with aliens, which took place at certain Air Force bases including Holloman Air Force base in New Mexico.’

Again— totally unverifiable.

What can we be sure of?

Bernie Sanders, AOC— Mitch McConnell— Nancy Pelosi— every last one of them signed off on the stimulus package. They fucked you. They fucked you. They fucked you. All of them. Bernie Sanders played lip service by pretending to yell about it— but he still signed off your death warrant.

From the formation of the Bank of England in 1694 to Senator Robert Morris 1782 Bank of North America loan of 1.2 million to congress— to the formation of the Federal reserve itself— they have been shifting around money to fuck the people for hundreds of years. They are feeding expired meat to tigers, who will grow up and eat their young.

The worst part is that the Republicans are going to play it off like we’re all lazy. And yet— some of the hardest working people are poor as fuck. Now they call them “essential workers”— and they’re still fucked.

How hard does Congress work? They don’t. How hard to Billionaire CEOs work? They don’t Fuck em. All they do is fuck. The system is hopelessly broken— and change is not going to come about by continuing to put on our Sunday dresses to vote.

That shit is done.

Fuck them all.

You want change— start to get real.

Don’t pay your rent. And don’t forget the Chicago Eviction Riots of 1931— nor the Rent Strike War of 1932. And if you don’t know— then read up.

A pox on both their houses.

It’s not nihilism. It’s realism.

Venmo: RodWebber


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