Fuck Fox News: Why Democracy has failed and cash is government.

Why Democracy has failed… Cash is government… A FOX NEWS transparency statement.Having learned to become a pro-se lawyer, and having spent the past two years fighting the Trump Campaign, (and associates), in court, to the extent that my case is moving into discovery, I know how to write a legal memo. So, when I found out Fox News fraudulently doctored one of my videos, I wrote them a stern legal memo.

If you are unfamiliar with the controversy in question, during a live-stream of the Portland protests, there were a group of kids, (accompanied by adults), carrying signs that read, “Fuck The Police,” (and similar slogans). Soon after, it came to my attention that right-wing lie peddler Andy Ngo had appeared to have ripped the video, taking off my watermark, posting it to his sock account “Brittany31,” and piggy-backing off of that. Andy’s doctored version of my video was retweeted by Senators, Governors and the dimwit President’s son. Dozens of articles were written, all with their re-purposed pro-cop, bootlicking agenda.

Shortly after that, Fox News reached out to me for permission to use the clip on Ingraham Angle. I responded, “Fuck Fox News,” which was a clear denial to use said clip. Their request was a clear acknowledgment that they knew the video belonged to me— (which is not surprising, since they have a lovely relationship with Andy). Even still— they went ahead and used the clip— and took the extra step of watermarking a credit to “Brittany31” over my video. This is where it is no longer a question of fair use— and a clear act of fraud.

Well, within an hour of sending the brief to Fox’s legal team, they were on the phone.

The problem is that when crimes like this are committed, the cops aren’t going to show up at Fox News and arrest Laura Ingraham. You have to sue— and many legal scholars describe this process as coming to an agreement as to the monetary value for committing a crime. There is no justice— only payoffs. Cash is government. And under global capitalism, companies like Fox News have more money than God and can do what they want. They will run down your bank account with legal fees and hold you up in court— which is exactly what Trump has done to me.

When I have had private discussions about these things with friends, (who aren’t in the legal profession), they shout, “fuck ‘em in the ass,” and “burn those fuckers down!” Nothing would make me more pleased. But as previously noted, I have been in court for a solid two years on an assault and battery case from FIVE YEARS ago. That’s already cost me thousands of dollars— and every waking hour of 2019— which was terrible for my health— and I could still end up losing because of a bullshit judgement— which happens all the time. This is all to say, I know all too well what the negotiation process is like— and I also know that I don’t have the time to be a pro-se lawyer on more than one case at a time.

So, I decided to listen to what Fox News had to say when they got on the phone. They offered me $5,000.00.

That’s basically the equivalent of an attorney retainer fee— and they know it.

With a legal team behind me, maybe I could pull $100k out of them. Who knows? But it was never about money— and this is the slippery slope. There’s no justice— just compensation. The video audio/visual industry has been destroyed because of Covid— so I have no source of income. I have received ZERO Covid bucks.

I’ve done everything in my power to fight the power… The best I could do was draft this letter, which I sent to Fox to make it clear that what the settlement would mean, if I take it:

“Fox News/ Ingraham Angle agrees to pay Roderick Webber $5,000.00 for the airing of Webber’s “Fuck the Police” video which Webber created on July 22nd, 2020 and which Webber denied permission to Ingraham Angle/ Fox News for use, and which Ingraham Angle nonetheless used shortly thereafter in a fraudulent manner.

This compensatory payment is for the single use of the video which Ingraham Angle made for that one episode of the show. Webber is not authorizing future use of the work, nor is he giving up his copyright claim to his own work.

As noted previously, Ingraham Angle/ Fox News clearly used the clip against Webber’s wishes, fraudulently giving credit to a person or entity, (Brittany31, likely a sock account of Andy Ngo), who had no part in the production of the video— a fact which Ingraham Angle was aware of before broadcasting.

The $5,000.00 compensation is an acknowledgement of wrong-doing, and should not be viewed as authorization for Ingraham Angle or Fox News to use the clip in future productions of any Ingraham Angle episodes or other Fox News programs.”

I don’t like this at all. It’s a goddam ugly slippery slope. If there are any lawyers who want to help fight, or financiers who would like to purchase the clip and take on the fight yourself— I am open to suggestions. But, barring that— this is sadly how our system works. Money has become speech… And as a result, I don’t see how I can continue to do my work with the economy as it is. Shit is going down folks. If you have the means to support, I set up a Patreon- something I said I’d never do.


Depending on the response to this transparency notice we’ll see how I respond to Fox.See you in the apocalypse!



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