Lies, lies and lawyer lies

Wow. Just got out of a court hearing with lawyers from the Trump Campaign and the Manchester New Hampshire Police. My god— is our justice system completely and totally hopelessly corrupt? 

I think you may see where I’m going with this… 

Yes. Yes it is. Fuck these pigs. fuck this system. fuck these low energy, low intelligence high book learning, paper pushing, policy wonk, bootlicking motherfuckers.

That’s what the court is. Paper pushing policy wonk motherfuckers— Who have woven an elaborate web of lies, deceit and human excrement, with the turds threaded like popcorn through garlands hanging from a Christmas tree— and if that entire Christmas tree covered in lies deceit and human excrement was jammed up your fucking ass.

These yes-man motherfuckers are hired for the sole purpose of miscarrying justice, and to suck you dry like a fucking tick. We all know why they do it, but let me tell you HOW they do it. 

You see, when a crime is committed by a cop or former FBI agent/ Trump staffer as was committed on me—
Assault and battery in my case—
, they arrest you, fuck with you, and treat you as if you are the criminal… At which point you’ve gotta hire yourself a lawyer to prove your innocence— or hold your hand to the gallows, whichever is more financially feasible.

Once that is done— 
At least in my case—
I filed a civil lawsuit in federal court, at which point I became what is called a pro se plaintiff— 

and, believe it or not, they will let you prosecute the police, and Trump— and all those assholes. That’s exactly what I did.

I’ve litigated as an attorney through 177 filings. And that’s all just fine and dandy. 
I’ve learned so much about the federal rules of civil procedure. I’ve learned about the minutia of respondeat superior and alter ego doctrine. I’ve learned that Donald Trump has two companies called the Trump organization that both have nearly identical names… One has a THE at the begging, and the other has an inc at the end. 
Legal loopholes. Worm shit. The stuff of Tony Soprana and wannabe gangsters.


But we all knew this

If you’re not getting the picture here— It is done to shield King Mango from lawsuits.
potential filers put in all the paperwork… Only to have the court respond:
fuck you, you served the wrong asshole.

Get this— in my case, Donald Trump use the US parcel service to re-route mail from Trump Tower to a shell company called Trump for America, to some goddamn warehouse in Washington DC, claiming that he never received the paperwork. That’s what is known as obstruction of process, which is obstruction of justice, and tampering with the US Postal Service is a federal crime.

Luckily, the USPS tracked the delivery. Additionally I was able to obtain a 4000 page FOIA request which showed internal White House emails instructing employees at Trump Tower to commit the crime. I filed the paperwork with the court, and Trump was not able to wriggle out of that particular situation. Of course, I was like Paul Revere Screaming from the rooftops— but no one cared.

Oh. Trump is tampering with the USPS to rig the election you say? too bad you didn’t listen to me in 2019, fuckwad.

I won’t bore you with the gory details of the lawsuit— You wanted to know HOW they do it…

they do it by lying!

Lawyers are encouraged to lie. They are incentivized to lie. So they lie and they lie and they lie—- they base their lies on the lies the cops lied. The cops lie on the street, they lie in the arrest and they lie in a court.

and with these lies— the lawyers accumulate Big dump trucks of money, in order to hire more lawyers to tell more lies, so they can justify their existence and pay off cronies, who in turn, use their influence to increase the budget of the police department, so they can arrest more people based on lies, to raise more money to tell more lies.

and when you think that there’s nothing more to lie about, they hire a court stenographer to record other people lying. They create affidavit upon affidavit to make a written record of their lies. Then, they write lies based on this new set of lies, and throw in a pinch of old caselaw to make it seem like they’re not just lying.

Hey, if it was in the Magna Carta, it must mean justice! Am I right?

This, elaborate system of lies is of course based upon the infrastructure of deceit and human excrement which they use to decorate fucking Christmas tree— or at least for the sake of this metaphor. 

To review… We’re all fucked.

New here? And don’t know what I’m about?
Fuck 12, fuck the police, fuck the courts.

I’ve been arrested 8 times since Trump started running. I’ve been raided by the FBI, ICE and Homeland Security. I was kidnapped by black-bag style mercenaries at Standing Rock. Each and every single incident has been caught on video. Each time, it is clear that they are lying pieces of shit, not concerned with the rule of law, but doing the bidding of their overlords, and to intimidate the press. 

I’ve seen cops perform needless arrests so many times I’ve lost count. I’ve seen them launch tear-gas canisters at unarmed civilians, point a loaded AR-15 at a crowd with their hands up. I’ve seen them rip a man out of his car, and pull him to the ground so they could steal the car. 

I’ve seen cops in unmarked vans do a drive-by, throwing open the sliding door to fire munitions at us. I have choked down so much teargas, I’m fucking immune. I sprinkle the cyanide residue on my Wheaties in the morning.

Just to make a point, when there is an incident, I file a police report. I do it all the time. ONCE, (that I can think of), have they ever actually carried out an investigation.

If you think I’m going hard on Biden or Harris– think again– I get to see firsthand these kind of cop/ politician assholes tell lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie– to the court, mind you.

So… you have a friend who is a cop– and he’s a nice guy? I guarantee it’s because you are not in conflict with him. But if one of his co-workers puts his neck on the next George Floyd? That thin-blue line means that your buddy will very, very likely have the back of his murdering colleague. 

Cops are a gang. Don’t forget it. 

I deal with these assholes day in and day out.

Kamala Harris bragged that she was “the top cop.”

Biden is completely out of touch with what’s going on in the activist world. I am not alone in this thinking. His out-of-touch Kamala pick has ensured a Trump win.

Wanna make the lesser of two evils argument, wherein you choose evil?

there are roughly 1100 people running for President— and Nothing substantive will change, until people realize the CIA and the military industrial complex, in tandem with the mega corporations that funds things are the ones who are really in charge. They are lies so shady you didn’t know there was any lying going on. You actually got out and waved the flag or put on the “I voted” pin.

Wake up.

It’s all a fucking pack of lies.

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