Do you have fallopian tubes? A uterus?
Do you have lady bits, girly parts, mammaries or other feminine proclivities— a vagina?
If so, the DNC wants to let you know that you can go fuck yourself.
Are you part of a union, an HVAC golf league, a pipe-fitters bridge club? Are workers’ rights something which interest you, or play a part in your life? Are you of the belief that the workplace should not be a dystopian hell scape filled with falling rafters, angry boulders and killer murder hornets living in the water cooler?

If so, the DNC wants you to know that you can go fuck yourself.
Do you enjoy pollution free air, clean drinking water and a world without toxic nuclear sludge oozing through the cracks in your children’s walls? Do you believe that is important to keep our environment clean, not just for ourselves, but our children and their children and generations to come? Do you think that maybe it’s not a bad idea to get off of fossil fuel and install solar panels— if you can afford them? Or even if you can’t… Well, if these are things of importance to you, well then the DNC wants you to know you can go fuck yourself.

What I am referring to of course, is the DNC have been having their little convention via zoom or Skype, for which they invited John Kasich, who they pre-recorded a bit with him standing at a crossroads. They even let this asshole use his screen-time to tell the audience the tired trope that the Republicans were the party of Lincoln. And then he lays on this shit about Joe Biden representing the hopes and dreams of the common man and the common woman.

This is John Kasich— rat scum Union busting anti-women’s rights— anti-solar panels anti-rationality candidate from 2016. He presents like a moderate, but wants to cut social security and passed one of the craziest anti-abortion laws in the history of the country— forcing women to become unwilling concubines to carry to term human/ pig chimeras which Kasich himself has sired. That last part may not be true— but it feels true— There was a story in The Journal Cell about how human stem cells were injected into early-stage pig embryos. What happened? More than 2,000 hybrids were plonked over to surrogate sows. More than 150 of the so-called embryos grew into chimeras that were mainly pig, but with a little itty bitty specks of human— at around one in 10,000 cells.
The human-pig embryos were allowed to develop for 28 days which is the first trimester of a pig pregnancy. Look it up.
I’m not giving Dr. Frankenstein a pass.

I know what some of you are thinking— I thought John Kasich is Rod’s buddy. Look— It’s true, that during my trolling activities in 2016, I sang David Bowie‘s Space Oddity with John on a number of occasions. I even got branded as John’s “troubadour” by the Wall Street Journal. But, I stand by my pledge to kick John in the dick whenever I can. And so, let me explain.

For the uninitiated, I spent much of the 2016 election cycle getting in the good graces of Jeb Bush to afford myself the opportunity for public shenanigans on stage with the younger brother of one of the most powerful despots in recent history. Jeb is of course the brother of George W. Bush— son of George HW Bush, heir to the legacy of Prescott Bush of Brown Brothers Harriman and Union Banking Corporation— war profiteers who made money off of the nazis, and who had their assets seized under the Trading with the Enemy act. They even dug up documents from the [National] Archives showing that the Bushes and Harrimans transported valuable U.S. assets, including  coal, steel, gold, Treasury bonds and war bonds, to their foreign buddies in Europe as Hitler was getting ready for his 1939 invasion of Poland. Good times. Am I right?

When I discovered how easy that was to get in the good graces of the Bushes, I started showing up at Kasich’s rallies and doing the same. I realized that as long as you play to their sensibilities, these guys are just looking to make headlines— anything to put their face in the spotlight, so they can be talked about for a few more news cycles. I was straight up showing up to these things with a ZZ top beard full of flowers. Weird looking dude— give him a microphone. Let’s see what happens.

After a couple Bowie sing-alongs with Kasich, he invited me to sing the Beatles, “Here Comes The Sun,” at one of his events. Naturally, I took the opportunity to reword the lyrics into a song about global warming. Knowing that part of his schtick was to talk trash about solar panels, I waited for that moment. He repeated the line I had heard so many times before—, “you know — the idea of solar panels is great, the problem is when the sun goes down you ain’t got no power.” Ha ha ha.
So… That’s John‘s position on clean energy… And this is who they’re giving stage time at the DNC. I know solar has got plenty of its own problems— but that’s not what this is about.

I’m just saying: knowing the Democrats are merely Republican light, we really shouldn’t be surprised. Joe Biden selected Kamala Harris— full-on bacon mafia— in the age of ACAB and Fuck 12. Why not get Steven Seagal in your cabinet— you can turn your campaign into a reality show about Kamala and Steve breaking into houses and killing innocent black folks while pretending to be the Sherriff of Nottingham, all dressed up in their Back the Blue clown outfits. Maybe even Steven Seagal could do jujitsu on the parents of the truant children that Kamala locked up. Biden’s choice of Kamala was clearly to send a FUCK YOU to anyone who supported Sanders— who by the way, also sold everyone out by approving of the stimulus bailout.

While we’re on the topic of arresting people— I should note that when Kasich decided I was no longer of any use as his useful fool— he started to just walk by and ignore me. Eventually, he had his Dirty Harry Doughnut Brigade detain me and threaten to arrest me. So that was the end of that puppet show. Fuck John Kasich. Anti-solar— anti-women’s rights, union busting dick cheese.

For all you full-blooded anarchists out there who want to complain that I too am a bootlicker because I give a fuck about environmental regulations— suggesting the State should do something about it— I would suggest you read Herbert Read’s 1941 essay, “The Paradox of Anarchism.” One can be opposed to the concept of the State— however, as a tactic, use the State to work toward the greater good.

Even Murray Rothbard, the Great Grand-Daddy of modern right-libertarianism opined in “For a New Liberty,”

“The vital fact about air pollution is that the polluter sends unwanted and unbidden pollutants—from smoke to nuclear fallout to sulfur oxides—through the air and into the lungs of innocent victims, as well as onto their material property. All such emanations which injure person or property constitute aggression against the private property of the victims. Air pollution, after all, is just as much aggression as committing arson against another’s property or injuring him physically. Air pollution that injures others is aggression pure and simple.”

That’s the king of the right-wing Libertarians telling you that John Kasich is a piece of shit for being anti-environment. And what this should tell you is that the DNC is actually to the right of Murray fucking Rothbard.

What I find to be most amusing about this ridiculous situation is that even progressives are bitching and moaning that they invited John Kasich to the DNC, and then Kasich— proceeded to badmouth AOC. Of course he did. But that’s not the funny part. The funny part is that AOC is just as complicit as everyone else in these hallowed halls of government in signing off on this ridiculous stimulus pandemic package. THE CARES ACT!! Because we care!!

Do you think they’re going to have a discussion at the DNC about the looming evictions on the horizon, or what we’re going to do about it? Of course not— because they signed off on this plan. Kill everyone’s jobs— then give some of the people— not people like me— but give some of them 1200 bucks and claim everything’s fine. Then give the billionaires a trillion bucks. They’re not gonna talk about that. And if you’re one of those people who is no longer allowed to work but gets no stimulus money at all— that must really suck. Oh yeah— I’m one of those people. They ain’t talking about that.

So fuck AOC… and fuck John Kasich— And of course donate to my patreon, or send me dump trucks full of cash. 

Let corruption rule the day. — Let’s see what crimes they can get away. 
Let’s all gouge out of all our eyes — until our brain cells fry — I am a shill until I die. Fuck all of these assholes. Fuck them all day and night, every day and every night.

AOC isn’t a progressive. She isn’t for the people. She may have fooled herself into believing that she is, because when she did her freshman tour around Washington, Nancy Pelosi showed her the ropes and said, “listen little girl— this is how shit gets done. Do what I say and you will keep your seat. Keep your seat and you may be able to affect change. If you wanna effect change, you are sucking my dick all day and all night every day and every night.”

But Kamala Harris is Queen of the Blueberry Muffin Bluebloods— And—So what— Cops are a gang— and so are the house and the senate.

The problem is, with that kind of mentality you’re not gonna affect any change. The house and the Senate are a Rocky Mountain Wood Tick, sucking the blood of the American people through your little pincers. They are looters in a riot— A riot they started!

The proverbial dick the Democrats are sucking on— a.k.a. Nancy Pelosi’s dick— is beholden to Wall Street, and corporate money which runs the whole damn thing— and each time you backpeddle on doing the work of the people, you are letting the corporate agenda do it’s thing… and like boiling frogs, our blood slowly fills with air and bubbles our faces melt off and our dicks fall into the pit of eternal sadness…
Corrupt me to my bone. Corrupt me to my bone 

And we’ll all swarm around a big stack of cash 
Push our lies until the system crash 
until then it’s a birthday bash
And we’ll all have big stacks of cash

Wanna know something else that they’re not going to talk about at the DNC?
Whether America deserves to be taken over by jihadists… That’s a question on all young Republican minds. That and how deep they can get Donald Trump’s boot to stick down the back of their throat. 

But, let’s be real,… We need the military industrial complex. If these neo-liberal hacks hadn’t partnered with the Bushes and we weren’t destabilizing brown-skinned nations all across the world in order to facilitate regime change how could the mega corporations in bed with our politicians set up little puppet governments to enrich their own wallets? … which of course, trickles down to us here in America in the form of duel level microwave ovens, cheap pornography, and a prison population unchallenged in size by any nation in the world. The United States has 5% of the world’s population, and 25% of the world’s prisoners. 

While we’re on it— Mass surveillance—That’s a plus too. Now that we know each other’s thoughts, we know that you all are a bunch of boring-ass motherfuckers— with your six minute abs and sitting at home in chat rooms while jerking off and playing Grand Theft Auto or some other fake ass video game version of reality to pass some time before your loveless marriage with shitty children and a grave which will be bulldozed to make way for the virtual reality holodecks.

Fuck your six minute abs and your lifeless life of saccharine and artifice— we were given the chance to live. Instead of the six minute abs— Let’s pick up a six pack of wild turkey and infiltrate a confederate flag rally. Dose those motherfuckers with acid till they go on an inner journey so dark and twisted that they see the error of their ways, and their Confederate Gramm-pappies haunt them in their dreams for being such pieces of shit. That’s what they need to be talking about at this DNC.

If you’re sick of staying at home and phone banking for candidates you don’t give a fuck about you, then don’t give them your time— and don’t give them you vote. Fuck em. 

If you don’t know what to do with your life and you’re sick of cleaning the counter and packaging garbage into reynolds wrap which you then pack into Ziploc storage bags to get your anal retentive tendencies out— then get out of the fucking house and do something spontaneous. Get down on one of these back the blue rallies and give them a piece of your mind… Defund the police. ACAB. If that is too extreme for your thinking— push the delivery of your rhetoric toward demanding reform of US police departments, and ending qualified immunity.

If you aren’t with the blind mole rats reporting this as gospel, then you ain’t shit.

But listen, they are showing us who they are. It’s a big club, and aside from the social issues which they usually campaign on, the two parties are united in this endeavor of global domination. John Kasich loves Joe Biden— who is a neo-liberal turd— author of the patriot act. Architect of the Crime Bill. A monster, working hand in glove with the republican party.

Even John Bolton, the Kentucky Fried Grim reaper loves Joe Biden. You know, John Bolton… Dude with the big white mustache… Like Wilford Brimley if he was a serial killer. You don’t get much more Republican than that dude… But somehow he is ridin’ with Biden. He hasn’t given his official endorsement… But it’s coming. You’ll see.

Also— Bill Clinton— much like Donald Trump rode on Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Pedophile express. Clinton de-regualted the banks, ended welfare as we know it, presided over war-crimes in Bosnia Herzegovina— and who was photographed getting massaged by one of Epstein’s victims. They invited this guy too.

In general, uniting is a good thing. I just don’t know about uniting behind death and destruction. And that’s what this is looking like to me.


That was the mega-cut of the “Back the Blue and Trump Too” rally in Wilmington, MA this passed Sunday.
I showed up with a giant dick that said “Trump” on it– and it seems quite appropriate to me.
“Blue lives” aren’t a thing– and these MAGA chuds were shown to be the hypocrites they truly are. They say they are for law and order. The reality is, there were constant threats of violence– especially how they would beat me if there weren’t police around. Let that sink in. Assholes at a “back the blue” rally, (who claim to be all about law and order), wanted to let me know how they’d kill me if there were no police. So, basically they’re licking those cops boots so they get extra-special powers of lawlessness. That’s what it’s about.

So, for carrying around a Trump dick, I got assaulted, battered, pushed in the bushes, jumped on, had a phone swatted out of my hand, had a phone stolen, and had my property destroyed– all within clear sight of the Wilmington, MA police. The phone was worth about a thousand dollars– and if Covid wasn’t going on, that wouldn’t be a big deal. However, the video industry has gone down to about zero, and I don’t get any Stimulus bucks.

One of my friends opined, “What was the point of doing this? I’m guessing- to prove what assholes Trump supporters can be when someone walks in to their little soirée carrying a big cock with Trump’s name on it. Or how yelling ‘fuck you’ at the cops will probably get you arrested. Just curious. Because it looks to me like you instigated all of it.”

Well, my response to that is: Trump and his supporters claim to be for law and order. They claim to be for free speech. They claim to be for freedom and Liberty. They claim to be for the little guy. We all know they are not. But when there are four rallies per day going on in Massachusetts, someone needs to say, “this is bullshit.”

A number of friends asked why I didn’t fight back.

My response to that is FIRST: I was outnumbered 300 to one. But unlike the movie or the story of the Battle of Thermopylae, I didn’t have a crew or a wingman or anyone to help me corner them so by buddies could clobber them over the head with a spear. So that wasn’t an option. Furthermore, Total non-violence shows them for who they really are. If I were to fight back (even though legally and morally it would be my right), it might create a gray area, in which they could argue that somehow I was the aggressor. By using only words, and expressing my first amendment rights, it shows that these people do not care about the rule of law, nor the constitution, and that they only care about themselves, and whatever preferential treatment they might get for putting a blue lives matter sticker on the back of their car.

Trump and his supporters claim to love the law. They claim to be for free speech. They claim to be for freedom and the little guy. We all know they are not. But when there are four sweet and sour pork rallies per day going on in Massachusetts, someone needs to say, “this is bullshit.” The first amendment demands that even the shittiest, lewdest, most awful speech must be permitted— especially the kind that is critical of those in power. If the Larry Flint case didn’t hammer that point home— then what are we doing here? Has no one learned anything?

Facebook didn’t just take down a bunch of Q-Anon bullshit yesterday— they Deleted a bunch of lefty pages like Its Going Down News Crimethinc, Tacticool Girlfriend, Seattle Solidarity and Direct Action, Northern Michigan Mutual Aid and hundreds more.

If we lose the right to protest— no matter the message— we’re in big big trouble. None of what I said to any of the cops would’ve needed to be said if they just did their job. They don’t care about doing their jobs. In light of all that is going on in the world, don’t you think it is more important than ever to challenge these lawless Blue Lives Gangsters for being gangsters and not community servants?

I regularly see known fashes from Resist Marxism/ Super Happy Fun America at these Back the Blue rallies… and the fact that we have to repeat those names adds to the surreality of it all. The local antifash groups don’t feel these BLUE LIVES rallies “qualify” as fascist— so they don’t come out. And honestly— if DSA doesn’t post something about it, who cares? Right. Look the other way!! Run away!!

As I’ve argued many times before— Walmart and Amazon are more Fascist than any Proudboy— The DNC is a thousand times more Fascist than Joey Gibson’s Patriot Prayer circle jerks. Yet— you still all buy into it.

Further, I would say when the two men in the “lead” for president, (Biden and Trump), both have credible allegations of rape against them, it seems to me that this is the perfect visual to convey Trump’s infidelity through the use of Giant dicks that say Trump on them.
As George Bernard Shaw or Oscar Wilde said, “If you’re going to tell the truth, make ’em laugh or they’ll kill you.”

Venmo, CashApp: RodWebber

Here is the phone thief. DM me on twitter if you have any info. @RodWebber

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