Rayla Cambell is a lot of things– but a politician, she is not. That came through crystal clear as she rallied for Donald Trump and Smurf Lives on a little patch of land down the middle of Morrisey Blvd in Dorchester, MA yesterday. And it’s not because she isn’t willing to sell out. She loves selling herself to Super Happy Fun America, and all the other local Blue Lives fashy-ionistas. She was selling out in Wilmington this Sunday and stood by as her Trump friends attacked me and tore my iPhone from my hands– in plain sight of the police. Rayla will just never be a politician because just doesn’t have the inner-calm.

A smattering of her followers came out holding “Blue Lives Matter” signs, as she waved her Trump flag. Some of these chuds even chanted, “Rayla, Rayla.”

Of course, I showed up with a giant “Trump Dick” promoting “Dicks For Trump.” And before long, Rayla walked up to me, and I asked, “are you Rayla Campbell– can I get an interview.” She then proceeded to get in my face screaming at me while screaming for me to get out of her face.

When I inquired to one of her fans why she supports Rayla, the fan responded, “We like the values she stands for.”

I followed up, “what does she stand for?”

“Anti-democratic exploitation and lies.”

I asked what that meant, and she replied, “It means not exploiting black people into thinking they’re oppressed. And they start trouble and put the world in disarray.”

Ernst Jean-Jacques Jr., who was there counter-protesting chimed in, “we don’t think we’re oppressed, we know we’re oppressed. Rayla Campbell does not like black people, y’all.” (Both Ernst and Rayla are black.)

More of the usual bullshit happened. A Karen complains. Cops predictably don’t care about the rule of law… Trump supporters pull up in their car and tell Ernst, “go burn your neighborhood down.”

Of course, Ernst followed up to invite people to a community clean-up for Saturday, going counter to the Trumper’s “blacks burn their neighborhoods” narrative.

This is their bullshit. Have yourself a laugh!

Venmo: RodWebber

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