So, President Mango had another ridiculous victory rally in Londonderry New Hampshire. With Lauren Pespisa, Embry Galen and Anthony Petrovich, we headed to the shitshow with a giant dick (carried by Embry) and signs saying “Trump Flew Lolita Express” and “Trump is a Pedo” and things of that nature. Lauren and I wore our “Epstien Didn’t Kill Himself” t-shirts, and we let nature take it’s course.

As usual, it proved that Trumpers don’t care about law and order, or the first amendment, or anyone who has a thought not in line with what Fox News has told them to think.

So, as King Cheeto gave his speech about Protesters eating ass, his supporters punched me and choked Lauren for holding signs.

Law & Order? Nah.

Free Speech? Nah.

Most of the video was shot by Anthony– so a big shout out to him!!!

Thx Lauren & Embry & Anthony!


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