AUG 30 2020


So— this has been fun. Right?
A 17 year old Kid with a machine gun gets driven to a riot by his mom.
The kid kills two people, and blows off another guy’s arm.
And…?? people’s opinions are divided on this?
If it looks like murder, and smells like murder— well it must be murder— right?
Well— no. Not here in the American legal system.

But before we get to that— Let’s just start with everything so lethally wrong about this situation— like the fact that Kyle Rittenhouse had been attending the baby cop-sucking academy, training to become a blue life. Of course, there aren’t blue lives at all— except for the Smurfs, and the blue blooded Fugates from Appalachia.

But this little prick is simply not the saint the right is painting him out to be. Conservatives have found photos of him cleaning graffiti— just like there is a photo of John Wayne Gacy playing with kids before his mass-murders, and Ted Bundy doing the dishes before chopping up his victims— and Charlie Manson wrote songs for the Beach Boys before Helter Skelter—

So— if you wanna go down that road— Remember, prior to the killings , this pre-pubescent incel Kyle Rittenhouse was caught on camera beating the crap out of a young woman— FROM BEHIND. But— that’s okay. Conservatives love violence toward women— and also murder.

On top of this, there was Kenosha cop Paul Swick AKA Lieutenant Lickspigot writing to Kyle’s Three Percenters’ Group to encourage their reckless trigger-happy behavior. This cops’s page was full of posts about Q-anon, Civil war, and “rubber bullets turning into real bullets.” But, rather than tell this incompetent child to get the fuck home, the cops offered him a bottle of water and said how much they appreciated Kyle being there with his AR-15.
He’s five-foot tall and clearly can’t grow a beard. But not one cop even tried to ask how old he was.

So— Negligent mom. Negligent cops. Same Gangbangin cops that crippled Jacob Blake in the first place. Conservatives have gone from saying, “good guys with a gun stop active shooters,” to “active shooters deserve to the self-defense defense.”

All I can really picture is Kyle sitting at home in his room thinking about the bacon factory and protests while fetishizing John Wayne riding into town and perpetuating the myth of American Exceptionalism. I’ve got a big dick, and a pretty wife, and we’re going to steal this here land in the name of Western Civilization. And we’re going to murder your family too you MONGRELS. And if you don’t like it— once I steal your shit and skull-fuck your wife, I will remind you of the “non-aggression” principle— our favorite Libertarian concept to absolve oneself of wrongdoing and shift the blame to those dirty heathen victims you have just butchered. This aint my goblin agenda, kid!

Does a 17-year-old have autonomy? Sometimes. Not enough to have an AR-15 in a riot. Enough that they should try him as an adult— or at least surgically attach dildos to all of his fingers.

I’m not going to get bent out of shape over the crossing of state lines—
Maps are imaginary.
Government is not real.
And we should all be able to roam free without Uncle Sam telling us what to do.
But until people learn to take care of each other, and their environment—
And until we are to live up to the ideal of living in peaceful coexistence without the intrusion of government— we have to deal with the surreality of the government butting it’s head into our business. That’s one of the paradoxes of striving toward an Anarchistic society.

but Rittenhouse’s Mom’s actions are so negligent that they should honestly charge this copsucking incubator for little killers with murder too. I mean, if I were to travel back in time and break Genghis Khan out of space-jail and drop him off in Kenosha, it would be reasonable to assume that people were going to get killed. Like mass-murdered, Daddio! If you pick up Hitler and drop him off at your nephew’s barmitzvah, shit is going to pop! You don’t bring Hitler to a bris, a bar mitzvah or a Jewish wedding. And you sure as shit don’t bring Kyle Rittenhouse to the protests in Kenosha. You had to have seen that coming.


But— In the American legal system, there’s always a prosecution and a defense…. Like chocolate and peanut butter— or pussies and dicks, or dicks and butts, or pussies on pussies— or strap-ons and butts— or just pussies running from Donald Trump’s grabby little hands— and his mushroom-shaped dick banging up against you like an oversized clitoris. I understand that Ben Shapiro likes his sex dry. So, I’m not sure how he works into this metaphor about the American legal system…

But, apparently this whole Prosecution VS Defense kind of thinking goes for the court of public opinion as well.

When Lefties see the videos: they see a 17-year old cosplay cop/wannabe space maggots who showed up at a BLM protest— and after some guy threw a plastic bag with some trash in it….
Said wannabe cop went batshit crazy…. and then he murdered and maimed a bunch of protesters in cold blood. He is either a full-on psycho, or a mindless dog, incapable of understanding the moral implications of what had just transpired. a Fopdoodle.

When Righties see the videos, they see a hero who acted in self-defense against the throwing of a vicious, godless plastic bag, hell-bent on destroying our American values, our families, and all that we hold sacred. It was an affront on Western Civilization, and Donald Trump, and Tiger King— and all of reality Television, because conservatives believe that protecting property is the greatest sacrifice a man can make in this life.

These are the people who say, “all lives matter.” Right? Don’t Squiddle my time with idle talk.

They’re probably the same people that heard that Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald and thought case closed.
Or, the kind of people who claim to be for law and order, but don’t care there was no trial for 911… the greatest crime on American soil in modern history…… but only if we are to forget about the stimulus package.

But, I digress.

Conservatives think it’s wrong for lefties to destroy property to try to stop cops from killing more people. But somehow conservatives also believe that its okay for righties to KILL people to stop them from destroying property…
And these are the people that call themselves pro-life?

You ever fantasize about holding a gun in a cop-suckers mouth while demanding they pull their head out of their ass and just be logical?
No? Well of course not— it’s the conservatives sticking guns in people’s faces and blowing their heads off.

It’s not the guns that do the killing. The left has John brown gun club… But I don’t see them killing anyone. Except maybe that guy from Patriot Prayer. And that’s not good either. But look at the score card.

Dylan Roof
Robert Louis Dear
Wade Michael Page
James Alex Fields
Jeremy Christian
fucking Octopus dogs

On and on. I get it. I’ve been to the drive through window at McDonalds. You’re a vergetarian— and for some reason the salad is five bucks— and a burger is a dollar. How is that fair? It isn’t. That shit could turn you into a violent Antifa any day.

But it doesn’t. They say Antifa is dangerous. But I just don’t see it. I think they may just be vegetarians. Or they want to lead a healthy lifestyle. More so than you angry Grackles.

Donald Trump labeled them a terrorist organization. But, if the Trump presidency has taught us anything, it’s that conservatives are violent. Conservatives are dangerous. James Alex Fields drove his car into the crowd killing heather heyer.  Jeremy Christian attended a Proud Boy rally then stabbed three people on a train for being muslim. Tiny Toese started a riot in Providence in 2018, and countless other street fights throughout his affiliation with the Proudboys.

When Tiny and his friends showed up in Portland last week, his buddy Cole Scott was allowed to just pop off his gun into the air.
fellow proudboy Alan Swinney pulled a gun on the crowd— and soon as the Proudboys were done, the cops started tear-gassing the lefties. 

Oh— then Kyle Rittenhouse murdered 2 people in Kenosha, after cops fired 7 rounds into the back of Jacob Blake. Soooo… the cops work with the violent right-wingers, and encourage them— and after they kill people buy them hamburgers, like the did with Dylan Roof. I think the connection is clear. Guns don’t kill people. McDonalds kills people.

But let’s get back to the law.

It’s devolved into mindless worship of authority. Within the conservative field of thought— “Kyle’s one of us. He deserved to get away with it— good or bad— right or wrong. It doesn’t matter.” Blue Lives is an extension of the police. It’s all one big gang, and as long as Kyle’s attorneys make an argument in favor of self-defense, there is plenty of jurisprudence and caselaw to come down on either side of the argument. Ultimately, it will be up to a jury. 

But That’s not justice, that is rule by gang affiliation. And which ever gang has the most members on the jury will prevail. Honestly, this dude could’ve emptied every round in his gun and killed every single person in the crowd. It’s still just comes down to gang affiliation as far as that jury is concerned.

The defense will say there were other folks firing guns. True. But Kyle shot Joseph Rosenbaum for throwing a plastic bag— not a molotov cocktail. He shot him over a plastic bag— not the other guns going off. He didn’t shoot him for having sex with a 17 year old. That shit’s a red herring. He killed someone.

By conservative logic, does this mean if we go to Burger King, and I overthrow my bag at the trashcan, you can shoot me dead? I sure hope not.

I wasn’t there— so maybe something will change— but Prosecutors say Rosenbaum was shot in the dick, the back, left hand, the left thigh and the right side of his forehead.

Online, the conservatives have started spreading the memes with slogans like “play stupid games, win stupid prizes.” Conservatives come to the conclusion that blowing this guy’s arms to bits was righteous because he must’ve been a dirty communist. Think about that. People have so lost their humanity, that rather than feel compassion for a man who just lost the use of his arm, these assholes have decided that he deserved it, because he attended a protest. 

So it doesn’t matter if you’re there as a medic or a photographer or whatever. There is no legitimate reason to be at protests in their mind— except to kill commies— which they believe was Rittenhouse’s purpose. They’re probably not wrong about his twisted intentions— but that shit was supposed to have died in the fifties.

Unfortunately it’s live and well. All I hear about at these rallies now is socialism and Marxism.
But All that the Lefties wanted was for Bernie Sanders to give them health-care, not for Stalin to murder your family or turn your husband gay. And if there was an extremely small minority who did want to turn your husband gay— get over it. Now his outfits won’t look like an American bison fucked an American flag.
Which brings me to my next point. Lauren and Embry and I went to a Trump rally on Friday… Predictably, they screamed at us that we were socialists and all in for Biden— which doesn’t even make sense— since Biden is not a socialist as far as I can tell—and we kept telling them we hate Biden. We got zucked again— so some of the video is pretty low quality— and so I’m just going to show you five minutes— but you’ll get the idea.


So— there you have it—
This is years of American exceptionalism propaganda run amuck— on both sides. We live in a corporate oligarchy, and the job of a successful politician on this day and age need to put on a fucking clown show. 

Trump came along with his jugglers and clowns to put on a show and make America great again. PT Barnum couldn’t have done it better himself.
And so What period of greatness are we going back to? The 1950s.
Through the 80s 90s and 2000s there were at least a half dozen ideas that conservatives were allowed to have.
America is great. Red meat is delicious, Hippies are dirty. 
The moon landing was staged. 9-11 was an inside job. And the Earth is flat.
Now, it’s simply been condensed to all lefties are communists and killing a commie aint murder— it’s heroic.

So in their minds, Bernie Sanders and his healthcare are the dirty communist hoard trying to murder your dick—
AND it justifies random 17 year olds just shooting people in the street. 
Because someone had to have the balls. Someone had to have the patriotism. 
Someone had to be the embodiment of Ted Nugent when Ted Nugent couldn’t be there— Am I rite?

But here’s the problem— the 1956 Republican party platform was
protect social security
strengthen labor laws so you can join a union
provide asylum for refugesss
extend minim wage
improve unemployment
provide federal assistance for low income communities
assure equal pay for work regardless of gender

You see— it’s all a fantasy. Like my daddy was the strongest man on earth… and my mother was the most beautiful… and Jesus is white and has magic powers. And this country wasn’t built on slaves… and this iPhone didn’t come from a sweatshop in the Philippines…. and I have a perfect body, and a perfect mind… and redmeat is American, and not all filled with maggots. … and fossil fuel will last forever and eventually be used as a dietary supplement for maintaining erections and all-around virility for both women and men. And it is safe to build a nuclear power plant in your backyard, because there are never tsunamis or earthquakes— and that glowing green ooze gives me mutant powers. .. and we will live forever in a land full of milk and honey with the streets paved in gold coins with Donald Trump‘s face on them…


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