Samson Racioppi fails to state tenable legal theory at his pro-Rittenhouse rally. Now he wants a boxing match.

You can’t make this shit up.

Yesterday, legal student Samson Racioppi held a “Free Kyle Rittenhouse” rally sponsored by American Guard. American Guard was founded by neo-nazi Brien James, and Samson himself was an organizer for Straight Pride in Boston. After an hour of discussion with Lauren Pespisa, (at his own rally), Samson failed to make a rational argument in favor of his position— so he challenged me to a boxing match, for the second time in about a year.

I initially declined, because violence proves nothing. But since Lauren volunteered me somehow, I’ve agreed contingent on Samson raising $10k for the victims of Rittenhouse. And I will have my hands tied behind my back. Lauren will announce/ officiate. If you are unfamiliar with my documentary “The Oppressed Majority,” about Samson and his group Resist Marxism, it is now back on YouTube after it got my channel deleted for five months because of all of the violence and homophobia by Samson’s group. (Link to documentary.)

This is the tweet which Samson replies to in which he makes his offer:

“Open offer Rod: boxing match complete with gloves in a ring. Sponsors–and the money all goes to local non profits. Where’s all the footage of Lauren and I talking? Doesn’t fit your agenda I guess. How dare we talk peacefully? You’re a coward but we all knew that”

Samson responded to my counter-offer by saying:

“Nah. Advertise on Lauren’s show and raise a bunch of money for the cannabis community. Donate it all to MassCANN or something. I’m not raising the money personally–it’s called a fundraiser. I didn’t untag myself. You are a coward and a liar. BTW — where is all the footage from yesterday Rod?”

I replied: “

Samson Racioppi— For someone who claims to hate socialism, you sound awfully entitled to this video/ fruits of my labor. That said, I’ve posted the link twice now on your tweets, and the link is even a part of this post. You’re going to need more attention to detail if you wanna get through law-school. Regarding Lauren‘s show– that’s up to her and Evan. The only coward here is the guy unwilling to make a stand– you. Do you believe in the law or don’t you? You held a rally to support a mass shooter and didn’t even bother to read up on Wisconsin state law. You offered to box. I counter-offered to play along so long as you did something for the victims of Kyle Rittenhouse. As far as I know, MassCann had absolutely ZERO to do with your rally yesterday. Maybe Mike Crawford would know. However, your rally was sponsored by American Guard, founded by a neo-nazi, so if you and the donors you attract would be willing to raise $10k for victims of neo-nazis and other right-wing extremists, I would accept that offer as well.”

There were also plenty of responses such as:

“I will fight this guy for free, beating the shit out of Nazis is a hobby of mine.”

Here’s the full video of the rally on Facebook.

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