Take a stimulus check? You are part of the problem.

Beer and skittles they’d say.
Greatest transfer of wealth in human history
Demonic gene-splicing wizards dammit.

And in that spirit, I am determined to ruin our friendship. Not because I don’t value the time we have together, but because you have invoked the middle school incantation of the meangirl, “friend zone for life.” That’s right. Not a single one of you are ready to fuck. You say you want a revolution— well, is there going to be the revolution, or isn’t there? Are we going to go out for dinner and wine, and get it done, or aren’t we? Of course not. But I am no Harvey Weinstein… Shit — I’m not even Louis CK. 
I’m just a guy who’s been around— and I’m just trying to make sense of all this shit burning holes in my retinas. And Louis isn’t even going to jerk off in front of the waiter. Some revolution this is.

As always— the reason your alleged coup is never going to happen, is comfortability. 
You just can’t help but keep going back to your corporate sugar daddy— the United States of Walmart. Barack O’Wallstreet. Trumppy Arabia. 
And I am talking to you whether you consider yourself a socialist, a DSA Bernie bro, a marxist, a Biden Democrat, a trump Republican, or full-on neo-Nazi. The whole spectrum of you. Pay your taxes? You are funding the United States empire, and its corporate war machine whose sole reason for existing is to chop up the world into little pieces, cut down every forest, strip mine every mountain, murder every person, until nothing is left.

So, to stay on topic— I wanted to declare before too much time had passed that I am determined to ruin our friendship. — Like a gentleman. 

I don’t care how much you like me as a friend. It’s over. No more friend zone. I am bringing you flowers until you tell me to get the fuck out, or we fuck.

Take a stimulus check, and you don’t redistribute part of that to conscientious tax objectors? You are part of the problem. If you haven’t paid your taxes, and United States government has denied you the ability to work, you don’t get shit. No Covid cash for you.

A sweet little reminder from Uncle Sam  that if you don’t play the game, then fuck you. Fuck you all day and all night. Fuck your children and everyone you’ve ever loved. Uncle Sam is going to burn down your house, shoot your dog, rip off you and your wife’s heads, then skull fuck her while your decapitated eyes watch— and the life slowly drains out of you.

Don’t get me wrong.
Everyone is going hungry.
Everyone is hurting.
Everyone is fucked.

But, if you got fired because of Covid and Uncle Sam is paying you three times what your job used to pay you for doing nothing, you might want to think about why you are so lucky. The answer is, if you don’t play the game, you know you will go hungry. They know you and your children will lose their health benefits. You are a boiling frog. Speaking of which—at least Alex Jones has got Batrachophobia.

But, I have been all around the country and I don’t think there is a single town that I have come to without graveyard which is full of American flags and thoughtless jingos screaming about patriotism. If you’re so fucking patriotic, why aren’t you standing up to this bullshit?
Aside from the fact that the United States was founded on slavery and genocide— When did this go from a nation of freedom fighters to a nation of bootlickers and couch potatoes? 

You are all hypocrites and liars.

There will be no Revolution because you are incapable of seeing your revolution is cursed. 
I see the looks on your betwattled faces.

Your revolution will not come through protest, nor looting, nor riots, nor voting. No— your revolution will not come at all. The inhabitants of this land are too shallow and comfortable and they care not that this state of being has been facilitated by an ecosystem of demagogues and slave-masters lording over armies of miserable Slave Christmas elves throughout the world economy.  

Remember, Obama promised clean-coal too.
And your outdated belief that blackberries cause flatulence is besides the point.

Obama dropped more bombs than his predecessor George W. Bush, and only slightly less than his successor, President Donald J. Mango. And not because Obummer didn’t want to drop as many or more than Trump, but as a general rule, each President in the chain drops more bombs than the last. Each president is more corrupt than the last. Each president screws the American people and the world more than the last.

Naturally, this is because Presidents are merely figureheads as anyone with half a high school education should know. 

The people in power are gangbangers, plain and simple. They have looted more from the American public than anyone in the riots in Minneapolis or Kenosha has. They’ve been doing it since Robert Morris. Before, even. That’s right, Officer Ratscum— Imagine millionaires and billionaires roaming the streets smashing your windows and stealing your sons’ and daughters’ piggy banks. That’s what Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi are effectively doing with the CARES act and every other variant of the stimulus bill. Fucking bacon factory.

President Douche-Wizard no more cares for his supporters who wave his flags in the street than Joe Biden cares about his brain dead zombified followers, obsessed with one thing and one thing only, to get Donald Dipshit out of office. This being the case, Biden’s supporters might as well have propped up a cadaver. They would literally take anyone. The irony is that just about anyone not in government— anyone who does not wish to have power would have been a better choice for a potential president than anyone in power.

Sadly, those who are in power don’t care. Because they win either way.

Would Joe Biden be less of a barbarian than President Squirrel Wig?
Donald Trump is a walking, talking piece of shit, and he has ignited the flames of bigotry and racism, leading to civil unrest and violence in the streets.

Looting and rioting has the appearance of unseemliness— and this racial tension has long been bubbling beneath the surface for years— Biden himself campaigned with KKK Exalted cyclops Robert Byrd.

Of course, an Exalted Cyclops presides over the Council of the Centaurs and writes up the quarterly reports to the Grand Giant. In the Kkk hierarchy, each local chapter, or Klavern, is run by an Exalted Cyclops. He gets to appoint Councils of Centaurs—or in the Klan, what’s known as a jury—to punish wayward Ghouls. This is of course Biden’s campaign friend we’re talking about.

But as everyone knows, Trump’s very first campaign speech set the dumpster on fire. 

If we turn back the clocks just a couple years— Ferguson and Standing Rock were beta-tests for the coming police state which has been rolling itself out around the country. But the property damage and looting which they purport to quell are minuscule in contrast to the lives taken by trigger-happy cops emptying their guns into the backs of black men and women during traffic stops. 

And it’s not just black men and women. In 2016, the FBI had hired a publicist to portray protesters as terrorists. Along with homeland security and ICE, the FBI raided numerous homes in an attempt to intimidate protesters. I should know. I was one of them. But I escaped with my life. After all, I am melanin-challenged.

Now, in Portland, Federal agents in unmarked cars snatch up people on the streets. After the death of patriot prayer member Jay Bishop, the feds simply assassinated Michael Forest Reinoehl. Naturally, Trump has applauded this as “law and order.” These fuckwads wouldn’t know law and order if it hit them in the face. These assholes with the “Blue Lives” surf flags spend the entirety of their rallies going after people like me. Biden says he will crack down on protesters. Just like his predessor, Obama.

Meanwhile, the Proudboys and right wing militias escalate violence by beating random people, and pulling out guns. And shooting off those guns while the police look the other way. In the wake of the Kyle Rittenhouse murders, Sheriff David Clarke has started advising militia members to simply kill lefties, by having a plausible story for the cops. “Justice” (to their way of thinking), will work itself out.

Of course, he and Sheriff Joe Arpaio and their ilk are the same kind that helped to bring a culture of forced hysterectomies to the people being held in American concentration camps.

There is a meme of showing the “love camp” outweighing the “hate camp”— and people with cameras in front of the haters. But It’s not a matter of love or hate. It’s a matter of comfort v fighting. The comfort camp would take up 99.9% of this image— But those who choose comfort ultimately approve of the hate by default. 

It is noble to seek that ray of hope. Those in the love-camp are the fighters. All that will turn the tide is a great awakening. But I’ve been out there in the thick of it, sometimes getting tear-gassed night after night. And the tide is not turning. People are out in the street in much greater numbers— but it’s still just a pebble in the ocean. Remember that I’m one of those guys with the cameras— and I always make sure to film the love and the mutual aid too. But the couch potatoes aren’t interested— And that’s why the metaphor in this image is so skewed. If the camera were to pull back, it would reveal a teeny tiny dot of fighters in the corner, and the rest would be couch potatoes— taking their stimulus checks, seemingly unaware that to do so is to help fund all the illegal wars and transfer money upward and to be complicit in this deception.

Having your heart is in the right place is a start— but an awakening first requires acknowledging the truth. The truth is that people are going to cling more to comfort for fear that they will become one of the have-nots. 

The people in government have shifted the balance so that your very well-being requires paying fealty to a system which by its very nature creates more and more have-nots at the bottom. 

That being the case— now ask yourself:

In a world of suffering, what makes life worth living? Art, (or the arts).

Logic is against the way of one’s truth. Not the truth, like 2+2=4… but your personal truth— that which gives your life meaning.
The key to life is to live dangerously. We must step into their traps when we know it’s a trap. We must stand against the chuds when we know they will attack. We must make the “bad” decision. We affirm life’s existence in spite of its pain.

You’ve stopped asking “what do you want to do with your life,” because to utter the response is to acknowledge the meaninglessness of existence. And yet, if you embrace this truth, and seek ways to continue living dangerously, you will likely be happier, and find a life more fulfilled.

We are the heroes and heroines of our own stories. 

Some of us will choose comfort— some will choose to fight. Remember that in the new paradigm, choosing comfort, by default is choosing the side of the oppressor.

So, as yourself: If you knew that when you die, you would be reborn and re-live every moment of your life again from start to finish, would you do it the same?

Are you going to be a part of the problem, or are you going to be a part of the solution?

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