Ritual Sacrifice/ Effigy Burning Today

The Sacred Church of Antifa Soros Chaos Magick hereby decrees that Super Happy Fun America is a blight on the community, and the world.

Accordingly, our Church leaders, comprised of Lauren Pespisa, Embry Galen and myself will today perform a ritual sacrifice in Copley Square.

SHFA is full of members who are openly anti-gay, anti-trans and worse. Members of NSC-131 (Neo-nazis) are regularly in attendance, and SHFA’s Samson Racioppi has openly held rallies to distribute instructions for making pipe-bombs and other improvised explosives.

Embry Galen and myself were falsely arrested at the Boston Police Riot at Straight Pride, and Embry was jailed opposed to their gender. I was arrested a second time in court, which sent my case up to the SJC, resulting in an investigation into the corrupt Judge Sinnott. Of course these investigations have lead nowhere, and justice has in no way been served.

When the ceremony is completed, an effigy of your corrupt orange leader will be burned to the ground. Long live E. Jean Carroll and the other victims of President Rape-face and friends.

Documentation of SHFA’s disturbing past can be seen in exhausting detail in my film, “The Oppressed Majority” which resulted in the deletion of my YouTube channel for 5 months, the algorithm found it so offensive.

Racioppi openly takes responsibility for distributing improvised explosives.

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