I sued an FBI agent. The FBI has been harassing my wife and I ever since.

Rod Webber is confronted by Agent Eddie Jon Deck Jr.

Pro-Trump FBI?

Since I’ve gone public with the trying ordeal which my wife (Lauren Pespisa) and I have been subjected to by the FBI, there are naturally those who have questions. Good. I welcome these questions— because I’ve got receipts.

Today’s question: Is there really a “pro-Trump FBI”?

Of course there is such a thing as “pro-Trump” FBI. 

I sued a pro-Trump FBI agent named Edward Jon Deck Jr. and beat his ass in court right along with Donald Trump. The name the court gave to my lawsuit against Trump, and the other Trumpkins was “Webber v Deck.” They named it this because Deck was first listed on my complaint. I probably would’ve put Trump first had I known— but what can I say— I was young and naive. “Webber v Deck” might as well say “Webber v FBI.” 

Trump paid this piece of shit FBI agent– Agent Eddie Jon to be his top enforcer. He made hundreds of thousands of dollars doing it. And much like our current persecutor, Agent Creed who has made it his specialty to harass lefties, Agent Eddie Jon made it his specialty to brutalize protesters at Trump rallies based on race, ethnicity and lefty-ideology. The internet is full of videos of Eddie Jon going straight-up Mick Foley on anyone he deemed not allegiant to the Church of Trump. 

Agent Eddie Jon, This FBI-agent turned wrestling superstar first made headlines when he started punching the Mexican protesters dressed as KKK (to say Trump was a Klansmen) in 2015. Eddie Jon was accompanied by fellow Trump goon, Keith Schiller. (Schiller literally wrestled with Trump as part of a WWE skit— and it is clear where he got his “wrestling” moves. Between the two, they did quite a job ripping up those mean, mean protest signs and just started punching protesters. Because, fuck it— when you were actually in the WWE, this is what you do. The only reason they didn’t hit anyone in the head with a metal chair was because there wasn’t one available. Of course, this is the incident that lead to the Galicia v Trump lawsuit. By the looks of it, they may even drag Trump into a deposition. Meanwhile, half of the country thought Trump would do a good job running the country.

Agent Eddie Jon once again made headlines when he lost his temper in Asheville, North Carolina, going pyscho on a man who didn’t even seem to be a protester. Eddie Jon ranted and raved doing his best Randy Macho Man Savage impression— much as Agent Eddie Jon did with me.

In August of 2016, Agent Eddie Jon went psycho on Jake Anantha—  a pro-Trump Muslim teenager. The kid went on TV to say that he had come to his senses and no longer supported Trump. At the same rally, they kicked out Rose Hamid, another Muslim protester— obviously based on her ethnicity.

And yes— Eddie Jon assaulted and battered me in New Hampshire. The way these dirt-bags avoid liability is sneaky. Trump had hired Eddie Jon through Eddie Jon’s shell company, XMark. That way, if someone tried to sue Trump, they’d serve the wrong company. But, they got greedy, and Trump accidentally made direct payments to Eddie Jon. And when Eddie Jon collaborated with uniformed off-duty police while beating me, he got caught thinking he was still being shield by his shell company, and his FBI superpowers. 

That was a no-no. So Trump had to write me a check.

The lesson here— if there is one— is that there are DEFINITELY pro-Trump FBI agents. You can sue them and make them write you a check— but then all of their friends like Agents Creed and Kimball will try to fuck you in the proverbial shower. 

Anyone with a brain should be outraged.

Agent Andy Creed (hand raised) in November 2021



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