New Hampshire AG Files Fake Complaint Against NSC-131

We live in a clown world made of clown people. It is not the first, nor it is the last time that I will point this out. 

But, this latest press release by New Hampshire Attorney General Johnny Formella has got to take the cake. Formella dropped his complaint on wax “against” the Neo-Nazis NSC-131 and their leaders Chris Hood and Leo Cullinan on January 17th. I am making sarcasm quotation marks, because Formella is a conservative who seems to have constructed the legal complaint in a such a way so that it would have no teeth, serving only to publicize the efforts of the neo-Nazis and allow them to fundraise based on the persecution which they can ow ascribe to the conservative AG.

If this clown Johnny Formella had half a brain, there’s plenty of actual New Hampshire crimes NSC have committed which he could actually charge them with. Not for nothing, but Cullinan is a convicted felon who did seven years in jail for stealing a gun which was used to do a murder.

How can this clown AG be “fighting” white supremacists if he is unwilling to follow up on their easily provable crimes?

In this video, observe NSC-131’s Leo Cullinan running around with his buddy Chris Hood attacking people and smashing their cars in broad daylight.

It’s not hard Johnny.

Just fucking try.

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