Starring Joseph James Bellamy & Rod Webber

            “Daring!” The Washington Times

            “Chilling!”- Time Out Boston

            “Radical” – Capitol Bop

            “Come scared, leave angry.” – Washington City Paper

            “A shocking drama on the subject of Racism.” The Boston Globe

“Chilling” -Time Out Boston

           Detroit Free Press



Starring Rod Webber and Greta Gerwig

In this existentialist character-study, Webber and Gerwig encounter a slice of snowy, northern Americana as they walk, talk, and drive their way to Canada for employment and free health-care, respectively.

            “Queen Greta Gerwig!” – Washington City Paper

            Northern Comfort casts a genuine spell… ” -The Boston Globe

Bold new cinema” – The Washington Times

            “[Northern  Comfort] shines!” – The Providence Journal

            “A puckish road movie on human connection” –

            “A lot of fun!” – The Weekly Dig

            “Webber and Gerwig create ornery sparks!” -Ty’s Movie Picks



Starring: Tiny The Terrible and Rod Webber. Appearances by: Dennis Kucinich.

A second feature length documentary about Doug ‘Tiny The Terrible’ Tunstall. This time, his committal to a Rhode Island Prison Mental Hospital in the aftermath of Tunstall’s dramatic campaign for Mayor in 2006.

            “Tiny Tunstall is a raw character, a troubled unit.” – The Boston Globe

            “The film which exposed the R.I. correctional system & got Tunstall released from prison” -Reel Zine

            “Tiny The Terrible had a point to make.” – The New York Times

A must-see.” – Modern Cinema Magazine

            “Tiny dreams big!” – The Boston Herald.

            “Tiny dreams big!” -Tenley Woodman, The Boston Herald.



Starring: Tiny The Terrible. Appearances by Danny Aiello, Mike Dukakis, and many more.

A feature-length doc about self-described ‘Ghetto Republican’  / former midget wrestler Doug ‘Tiny The Terrible’ Tunstall and his bid for Mayor of Pawtucket Rhode Island.

An entertaining documentary… Bizarrely endearing!”  – The Boston Globe

An inspirational documentary!”  – The Providence Journal

Strangely fascinating!”  –

            “Capture the dwarf demographic on election day!”  – The New York Times

Quixotic” Time Out Boston

Tiny’s a real-life Borat!” – Ty’s Weekend Movie Picks


DIVERSION (2008) (Also known as I Thought You Finally Completely Lost It)

Starring: Rod Webber, Irina Peligrad and Greta Gerwig

Diversion follows the weekend excursion of two exes who explore the possibility of getting back together.

            “A Timely movie for the reality TV age,” – The Mike Messier Show

            “A truly heartfelt drama”  – Modern Cinema Magazine

Sentimental to a fault” -Reel Zine



Starring: Rod Webber, Lloyd Kaufman, Tiny The Terrible

A surrealist twist on the caper film, complete with half-witted heroes and a gun-wielding maniac played by former midget wrestler Tiny The Terrible as the archenemy.

Surreal!” -Will Kilburn, The Boston Globe.

           “Salvador Dali meets slapstick”  – Modern Cinema Magazine

A gut-busting rollercoaster ride of left-turns and WTFs!” -Reel Zine


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