Rod Webber calls out the dickheads who call themselves Patriot Front


It’s been a weird one. This whole goddam week Lauren Pespisa and I have been up to our neck in Neo-Nazis, Badge-wearing cannibals and the bootlicking shit-libs in the Corporate Media. For those wondering how the country has managed to firmly bite into this ghastly Neo-nazi sandwich, we must unfortunately spend a minute trying to understand what’s making this ticking time-bomb tick.

Patriot Front— (as many have pointed out), are the new Klan… but dressed in khakis. 

The thing is— listening to Patriot Front’s Tommy Rousseau on The People’s Square podcast, he sounds less like David Duke and more like a self-help guru reaching out to overweight boys trying to get laid. To be sure, he wants white folks to position themselves to “reclaim” America” as you see all over their t-shirts. Yet,  hearing Tommy speak to his actual pre-pubescent followers, he’s pretty much just promising incels that Good Ol’ Tommy will find you a lady-friend… if you join up with his horrible racist incel fraternity.

In short, he’s a dickhead.

Somewhere around an hour and a half into the unbearable podcast, Rousseau says, “I certainly think that when you look at history there are moments of severe change, right. Where things come to a certain crescendo— and depending on where you are, that is either emergency or opportunity— depending on exactly what it is. And we need to make sure that we are in a position as organizers— as people exulting an ideal— [the dickhead ideal] that should some great moment of change arrive, whether that is economic collapse or that is something good, we are in a position to make that an opportunity to help. When the state becomes absent in the lives of our people, because they no longer have money to feed their armies of petty tyrants, then there is an opportunity for us to rush into that fold and reassert a semblance of peace and prosperity in the lives of those people they have left behind.”

Ooh!! What a fun way to get yourself on a federal watchlist, and ensure that you are absolutely unemployable for the remainder of your days.

Terrorist Tom continues, “As this government— (specifically the police) gives more and more money, and more and more interest to these petty political back-and-forths, what they’re leaving behind is the actual civic structure which is now ripe for re-conquest. It is open for the taking, and all we have to do is create revolutionary spaces that can be poised to leap further and further up the ladder of legitimacy until it is us who are exercising more legitimacy than the state itself.”


Lauren Pespisa measures Neo-nazi dicks

After an hour and a half of pointless neo-Nazi rambling, the show’s host, (Borzoi) starts running out of things to say, so proceeds to taking questions from the audience. A viewer asks, “Just wondering what are some of the fitness requirements to join Patriot Front?”

Tommy replies, “To join, the fitness requirement is that you are willing and able to improve and to be open to training regularly. You do not have to be a certain weight…” Yadda yadda… “We only ask that you’re open to improvement.” 

He blathers about sit-ups and crunches but ultimately asks the viewers to join in his, “lifestyle of fitness and progression.” 

Well, whoopty do! I’ll have a plate full of remedial incel-cakes for an appetizer… and I’ll the CUCKGASM for the main course, Garçon!

Borzoi chimes in to add to the self-help talk. “This actually will improve your life. If you’re a guy in your twenties in America, more times than not, you’re gonna be sort of depressed and frankly hard up for women in some cases. The incel thing is a huge problem. And there are some characters out there who try to— we all know they are— that actually try to keep their members as incels because they’re easier to manipulate.” 

Because of course, manipulation— They’re saying it to their followers faces.

Borzoi continues, “But if you join Patriot Front and get on their exercise regiment, and you get fit— 1: You’re gonna have more confidence in yourself as a man in your physical strength, and whether you can win a fight, protect your families— things like that. And 2: You’re gonna feel better when you lose weight and get fit. You’re going to get more attention from women and girls— I mean it’s sad if you wanna say it sad— they’re just going to respect you more in your day-to-day life.”

So, this seems to be the onboarding process in a nutshell.


Let me wash out my eyes and ears with bleach.

This brings us to the Fourth of July weekend in Boston, Massachusetts. For those looking to celebrate the colonization of the United States, Boston has always been the obvious choice if you want to jizz hard on a jingoistic monument to a Founding Father. 

Having learned from the Idaho arrests, the incels rode the train into the City, then had someone drop off their toy shields with the U-Haul. They marched from Haymarket, to Copley Plaza, to Back Bay Station. Somewhere around Copley Square, they got into the scrum with Charles Murrell III. (That aspect has been told many times already in the press.)

Charles Murrell III fends off Patriot Front

When Patriot Front got to Back Bay, they went to drop off their bullshit in the U-Haul, where they were photographed with Special Agent Steve Kimball of the FBI who decided to inspect their super-soakers and other LARPing supplies. I immediately recognized Kimball, and reported it on Twitter. 

FBI Special Agent Steve Kimball Inspects Patriot Front’s UHaul at Tasty Burger

Lauren and I made it to Back Bay moments after they had gotten on the train to Oak Grove Station in Malden. A conductor alerted us of the massive police presence and said “the Nazis headed out to Oak Grove.” So, we hopped in our car and went to Oak Grove.

When we arrived at the station, there was again a massive contingent of the Donut Lords in Blue— with both marked and unmarked cars, which we filmed and posted to Twitter. A transit cop at one point put down her pastry to ask what we were doing. This made sense, since we were carrying a sign that said, “FCK NZIS.” She then explained to us that the CHUD train had been delayed at the Community College stop. A Statie approached us and told us the same. It was clear that this was Patriot Front’s stop and their cars were nearby. So, I went out to the parking lot and the street and documented all of the license plates. The whole sordid operation had law enforcement all over it.

Patriot Front came out the doors around forty minutes later— and they wasted no time assaulting me as they tried to push by. Rather than take the shitlords into custody, the Police gave them an escort.

What choice did we have but to heckle them good?

One of my favorites was sung to the tune of Black Sabbath’s Iron Man. “I am Iron cuck. Nanananana, we’ll never f*ck. Can you ever get laid, no no no, unless you paid.” I was then approached by an unmasked Patriot Front member who we later discover to be Paul Gancarz. He introduced himself as “Butt-for” Continuing along with his juvenile sensibilities I used Beavis voice and said, “Hey Butthead, your drummer really sucked today Butthead.”  He replied, “well you know drummers. Can you do complex meters in an odd time?” 

At this moment the entire Patriot Front mutt pack burst into a full-on sprint trying to make it to their cars to cover up their license plates. I gave chase on foot mocking them, “RUN AWAY COWARDS!! RUN AWAY!!” 

When they got to their cars, they sheepishly covered the plates, but I taunted them once again telling them I’d recorded the plates before they got there, later proving that several of them had driven from out of state in their cars, many of which have now been IDed.

Webber calls out Officer Dick Long and City Officials who lied about FBI agents filmed with Patriot Front

Three days later at the July 5th press conference, Superintendent-in-Chief Dick Long  blatantly lied to the public claiming there was no advance knowledge of Patriot Front’s activities. When a reporter questioned him about the assaults, Long claimed that no police had witnessed them. Having been assaulted myself, I vociferously lodged my complaint. Massachusetts US Attorney Rachael Rollins then butted in saying that they couldn’t do anything to investigate Patriot Front in my case because they didn’t have jurisdiction over Malden, (where my assault occurred). Rollins repeatedly invoked the phrase, “this is Boston.” It was a phrase which rang hollow since Mayor Wu had given an eloquent speech saying that, “Boston must be the leading light.”

Indeed, not only had the Mayor spoken empty platitudes, but The FBI/ JTTF and other officials claimed how they had worked to coordinate on a federal, state and local level. Federal officials have jurisdiction everywhere. Malden is not the Sovereign Kingdom of Narnia. And this made it all the more appropriate that I made it known that Boston Police were lying when they said they didn’t witness the assaults. 

As the festivities were winding down, I even went so far as to remind FBI Special Agent Joseph Bonavolonta (with the JTTF) that he was full of sh*t. I wasn’t wrong.

The video shows that this was a press conference full of propagandists. As predicted, uniformed Boston cops were on scene and clearly witnessed the interaction with Murrell. Agents known for long harassing leftie activists were seen galavanting with Patriot Front. Those agents are Agent Steve Kimble of the FBI and Agent Andy Creed of the JTTF. In leaked documents, Creed was found to be collaborating with Northeast White Pride in 2011— so, no surprise. To be clear, I don’t subscribe to the idea that the FBI created Patriot Front— just that they sympathize. 

Also— that they lied.

Corporate media took the bait and sold that story hook line and sinker, while treating me as a pariah.

The cover-up is always worse than the crime.


Suicide by Mass Shooting, and The Uneasy Solution

Suicide by mass shooting is a symptom of an ailing society, and until society as a whole revolts against the economic framework which is driving sick and miserable individuals to such acts of desperation, the Democrats saying to “ban guns” won’t help, and the Republicans screaming to “arm teachers” won’t do a thing. Those pointing to mental health are closer to identifying the problem. Doubtlessly, anyone determined to commit suicide, by definition is mentally ill. 

And while I concede that stricter background checks may prevent some of these tragedies…  To attempt to resolve a mental health crisis by involving our corrupt and lawless government is the definition of total insanity. Involving police— especially for the black community or lefty activists can result in prisons or morgues. 

I can’t speak for the black community— but I am an activist— and in that capacity— without a lawyer, I sued so-called President Trump (and his FBI minions) and won. In a civil case, that just means that Trump and his FBI minions paid me for the crimes they had done. 

The sad thing is, the slope only gets more slippery from there, as my wife and became subject to an unrelenting investigation by the FBI. Within this draconian and Kafkaesque nightmare, police and federal agents erroneously were able to use the kind of gun laws Democrats advocate to falsely accuse my wife and I of a plot to assassinate Donald Trump. The FBI and Joint Terrorism Task Force delivered bogus subpoenas for five grand juries in two states to falsely bring charges against us— just to make sure we wouldn’t be able to be able to release our film about the 2020 election and subsequent George Floyd protests. These “stricter” laws for which the Democrats advocate, absent a moral compass, and complete overhaul of how policing is done in the US, is absolute madness. 


Cops are almost universally conservative. So, putting all the guns in their hands is a recipe for right-wing authoritarianism at the state level, and on the street level, neo-Nazis committing lynchings without consequence. This is by and large because so-called law-enforcement are sympathetic to the right-wing nuts who support them, but neither seem to understand they are both doing the bidding of politicians who are doing the bidding of the economic forces which prop up the system which makes someone want to do suicide by mass shooting in the first place.

On the flip-side, the Republicans’ solution is more guns— arm everyone. This, for obvious reasons is also madness. More guns as a solution for  Suicide by Mass Shooting is akin to advocating smoking cigarettes to cure cancer. 

So, here it is in a nut-shell: 

The United States of America is an Empire— At the heart of every empire is an engine of suffering, tasked with the objective of acquisition of resources— land, lumber, food, fuel and the rest. The fairytale version they teach you as a child is that the so-called founding fathers lead a righteous revolt against the British Empire to bring the world truth, justice and the American way. 

While the United States may have separated physically from the United Kingdom, the governments of the US and England have never been more buddy-buddy. Meanwhile, the economic system which binds them, (and all the countries of the world together) has never caused more human suffering— An inconvenient reality which has made it impossible for the citizens to revolt. 

Worse still, this system has expanded on the Roman Empire’s notion of the coliseum— piped to you in real time through TV and the internet. And while these modern conveniences have enriched the lives of many (in oh so many ways), this system has blinded nearly all of its citizens to the fact that we’re boiling frogs. 

Each year, inflation increases. No longer is a single income enough for a single family home, much less a cardboard box on the street. President Barack Obama, upon getting into office lamented to Greek Finance minister Yanis Varoufakis that the 2008 financial collapse was beyond his power, and he had to bail out the banks. To no-one’s surprise— the bankers weren’t punished, the people were. 

Similarly, Joe Biden created the largest upward transfer of wealth in human history with his pandemic response. He gave the so-called bailout money to billionaires, while once again letting the people suffer. 

Donald Trump has acted as if he is the antidote to this pain and suffering, and reduction of life and living conditions. But he sowed discord from day one, mandating a Muslim ban, selling ten billion in arms to the Saudis, and continuing in the murderous acquisition of wealth and resources as set forth by the financiers who all have their hands firmly jammed up the asses of these politicians. 

There may be short-term solutions through government, but make no mistake, the government is beholden to the financial structure which is the source of the suffering. 

There are no simple solutions. The only way to stop the loss of more human life is putting an end to this system. The real question is, how far are you willing to put an end to the killing of more children?



Do you have fallopian tubes? A uterus?
Do you have lady bits, girly parts, mammaries or other feminine proclivities— a vagina?
If so, the DNC wants to let you know that you can go fuck yourself.
Are you part of a union, an HVAC golf league, a pipe-fitters bridge club? Are workers’ rights something which interest you, or play a part in your life? Are you of the belief that the workplace should not be a dystopian hell scape filled with falling rafters, angry boulders and killer murder hornets living in the water cooler?

If so, the DNC wants you to know that you can go fuck yourself.
Do you enjoy pollution free air, clean drinking water and a world without toxic nuclear sludge oozing through the cracks in your children’s walls? Do you believe that is important to keep our environment clean, not just for ourselves, but our children and their children and generations to come? Do you think that maybe it’s not a bad idea to get off of fossil fuel and install solar panels— if you can afford them? Or even if you can’t… Well, if these are things of importance to you, well then the DNC wants you to know you can go fuck yourself.

What I am referring to of course, is the DNC have been having their little convention via zoom or Skype, for which they invited John Kasich, who they pre-recorded a bit with him standing at a crossroads. They even let this asshole use his screen-time to tell the audience the tired trope that the Republicans were the party of Lincoln. And then he lays on this shit about Joe Biden representing the hopes and dreams of the common man and the common woman.

This is John Kasich— rat scum Union busting anti-women’s rights— anti-solar panels anti-rationality candidate from 2016. He presents like a moderate, but wants to cut social security and passed one of the craziest anti-abortion laws in the history of the country— forcing women to become unwilling concubines to carry to term human/ pig chimeras which Kasich himself has sired. That last part may not be true— but it feels true— There was a story in The Journal Cell about how human stem cells were injected into early-stage pig embryos. What happened? More than 2,000 hybrids were plonked over to surrogate sows. More than 150 of the so-called embryos grew into chimeras that were mainly pig, but with a little itty bitty specks of human— at around one in 10,000 cells.
The human-pig embryos were allowed to develop for 28 days which is the first trimester of a pig pregnancy. Look it up.
I’m not giving Dr. Frankenstein a pass.

I know what some of you are thinking— I thought John Kasich is Rod’s buddy. Look— It’s true, that during my trolling activities in 2016, I sang David Bowie‘s Space Oddity with John on a number of occasions. I even got branded as John’s “troubadour” by the Wall Street Journal. But, I stand by my pledge to kick John in the dick whenever I can. And so, let me explain.

For the uninitiated, I spent much of the 2016 election cycle getting in the good graces of Jeb Bush to afford myself the opportunity for public shenanigans on stage with the younger brother of one of the most powerful despots in recent history. Jeb is of course the brother of George W. Bush— son of George HW Bush, heir to the legacy of Prescott Bush of Brown Brothers Harriman and Union Banking Corporation— war profiteers who made money off of the nazis, and who had their assets seized under the Trading with the Enemy act. They even dug up documents from the [National] Archives showing that the Bushes and Harrimans transported valuable U.S. assets, including  coal, steel, gold, Treasury bonds and war bonds, to their foreign buddies in Europe as Hitler was getting ready for his 1939 invasion of Poland. Good times. Am I right?

When I discovered how easy that was to get in the good graces of the Bushes, I started showing up at Kasich’s rallies and doing the same. I realized that as long as you play to their sensibilities, these guys are just looking to make headlines— anything to put their face in the spotlight, so they can be talked about for a few more news cycles. I was straight up showing up to these things with a ZZ top beard full of flowers. Weird looking dude— give him a microphone. Let’s see what happens.

After a couple Bowie sing-alongs with Kasich, he invited me to sing the Beatles, “Here Comes The Sun,” at one of his events. Naturally, I took the opportunity to reword the lyrics into a song about global warming. Knowing that part of his schtick was to talk trash about solar panels, I waited for that moment. He repeated the line I had heard so many times before—, “you know — the idea of solar panels is great, the problem is when the sun goes down you ain’t got no power.” Ha ha ha.
So… That’s John‘s position on clean energy… And this is who they’re giving stage time at the DNC. I know solar has got plenty of its own problems— but that’s not what this is about.

I’m just saying: knowing the Democrats are merely Republican light, we really shouldn’t be surprised. Joe Biden selected Kamala Harris— full-on bacon mafia— in the age of ACAB and Fuck 12. Why not get Steven Seagal in your cabinet— you can turn your campaign into a reality show about Kamala and Steve breaking into houses and killing innocent black folks while pretending to be the Sherriff of Nottingham, all dressed up in their Back the Blue clown outfits. Maybe even Steven Seagal could do jujitsu on the parents of the truant children that Kamala locked up. Biden’s choice of Kamala was clearly to send a FUCK YOU to anyone who supported Sanders— who by the way, also sold everyone out by approving of the stimulus bailout.

While we’re on the topic of arresting people— I should note that when Kasich decided I was no longer of any use as his useful fool— he started to just walk by and ignore me. Eventually, he had his Dirty Harry Doughnut Brigade detain me and threaten to arrest me. So that was the end of that puppet show. Fuck John Kasich. Anti-solar— anti-women’s rights, union busting dick cheese.

For all you full-blooded anarchists out there who want to complain that I too am a bootlicker because I give a fuck about environmental regulations— suggesting the State should do something about it— I would suggest you read Herbert Read’s 1941 essay, “The Paradox of Anarchism.” One can be opposed to the concept of the State— however, as a tactic, use the State to work toward the greater good.

Even Murray Rothbard, the Great Grand-Daddy of modern right-libertarianism opined in “For a New Liberty,”

“The vital fact about air pollution is that the polluter sends unwanted and unbidden pollutants—from smoke to nuclear fallout to sulfur oxides—through the air and into the lungs of innocent victims, as well as onto their material property. All such emanations which injure person or property constitute aggression against the private property of the victims. Air pollution, after all, is just as much aggression as committing arson against another’s property or injuring him physically. Air pollution that injures others is aggression pure and simple.”

That’s the king of the right-wing Libertarians telling you that John Kasich is a piece of shit for being anti-environment. And what this should tell you is that the DNC is actually to the right of Murray fucking Rothbard.

What I find to be most amusing about this ridiculous situation is that even progressives are bitching and moaning that they invited John Kasich to the DNC, and then Kasich— proceeded to badmouth AOC. Of course he did. But that’s not the funny part. The funny part is that AOC is just as complicit as everyone else in these hallowed halls of government in signing off on this ridiculous stimulus pandemic package. THE CARES ACT!! Because we care!!

Do you think they’re going to have a discussion at the DNC about the looming evictions on the horizon, or what we’re going to do about it? Of course not— because they signed off on this plan. Kill everyone’s jobs— then give some of the people— not people like me— but give some of them 1200 bucks and claim everything’s fine. Then give the billionaires a trillion bucks. They’re not gonna talk about that. And if you’re one of those people who is no longer allowed to work but gets no stimulus money at all— that must really suck. Oh yeah— I’m one of those people. They ain’t talking about that.

So fuck AOC… and fuck John Kasich— And of course donate to my patreon, or send me dump trucks full of cash. 

Let corruption rule the day. — Let’s see what crimes they can get away. 
Let’s all gouge out of all our eyes — until our brain cells fry — I am a shill until I die. Fuck all of these assholes. Fuck them all day and night, every day and every night.

AOC isn’t a progressive. She isn’t for the people. She may have fooled herself into believing that she is, because when she did her freshman tour around Washington, Nancy Pelosi showed her the ropes and said, “listen little girl— this is how shit gets done. Do what I say and you will keep your seat. Keep your seat and you may be able to affect change. If you wanna effect change, you are sucking my dick all day and all night every day and every night.”

But Kamala Harris is Queen of the Blueberry Muffin Bluebloods— And—So what— Cops are a gang— and so are the house and the senate.

The problem is, with that kind of mentality you’re not gonna affect any change. The house and the Senate are a Rocky Mountain Wood Tick, sucking the blood of the American people through your little pincers. They are looters in a riot— A riot they started!

The proverbial dick the Democrats are sucking on— a.k.a. Nancy Pelosi’s dick— is beholden to Wall Street, and corporate money which runs the whole damn thing— and each time you backpeddle on doing the work of the people, you are letting the corporate agenda do it’s thing… and like boiling frogs, our blood slowly fills with air and bubbles our faces melt off and our dicks fall into the pit of eternal sadness…
Corrupt me to my bone. Corrupt me to my bone 

And we’ll all swarm around a big stack of cash 
Push our lies until the system crash 
until then it’s a birthday bash
And we’ll all have big stacks of cash

Wanna know something else that they’re not going to talk about at the DNC?
Whether America deserves to be taken over by jihadists… That’s a question on all young Republican minds. That and how deep they can get Donald Trump’s boot to stick down the back of their throat. 

But, let’s be real,… We need the military industrial complex. If these neo-liberal hacks hadn’t partnered with the Bushes and we weren’t destabilizing brown-skinned nations all across the world in order to facilitate regime change how could the mega corporations in bed with our politicians set up little puppet governments to enrich their own wallets? … which of course, trickles down to us here in America in the form of duel level microwave ovens, cheap pornography, and a prison population unchallenged in size by any nation in the world. The United States has 5% of the world’s population, and 25% of the world’s prisoners. 

While we’re on it— Mass surveillance—That’s a plus too. Now that we know each other’s thoughts, we know that you all are a bunch of boring-ass motherfuckers— with your six minute abs and sitting at home in chat rooms while jerking off and playing Grand Theft Auto or some other fake ass video game version of reality to pass some time before your loveless marriage with shitty children and a grave which will be bulldozed to make way for the virtual reality holodecks.

Fuck your six minute abs and your lifeless life of saccharine and artifice— we were given the chance to live. Instead of the six minute abs— Let’s pick up a six pack of wild turkey and infiltrate a confederate flag rally. Dose those motherfuckers with acid till they go on an inner journey so dark and twisted that they see the error of their ways, and their Confederate Gramm-pappies haunt them in their dreams for being such pieces of shit. That’s what they need to be talking about at this DNC.

If you’re sick of staying at home and phone banking for candidates you don’t give a fuck about you, then don’t give them your time— and don’t give them you vote. Fuck em. 

If you don’t know what to do with your life and you’re sick of cleaning the counter and packaging garbage into reynolds wrap which you then pack into Ziploc storage bags to get your anal retentive tendencies out— then get out of the fucking house and do something spontaneous. Get down on one of these back the blue rallies and give them a piece of your mind… Defund the police. ACAB. If that is too extreme for your thinking— push the delivery of your rhetoric toward demanding reform of US police departments, and ending qualified immunity.

If you aren’t with the blind mole rats reporting this as gospel, then you ain’t shit.

But listen, they are showing us who they are. It’s a big club, and aside from the social issues which they usually campaign on, the two parties are united in this endeavor of global domination. John Kasich loves Joe Biden— who is a neo-liberal turd— author of the patriot act. Architect of the Crime Bill. A monster, working hand in glove with the republican party.

Even John Bolton, the Kentucky Fried Grim reaper loves Joe Biden. You know, John Bolton… Dude with the big white mustache… Like Wilford Brimley if he was a serial killer. You don’t get much more Republican than that dude… But somehow he is ridin’ with Biden. He hasn’t given his official endorsement… But it’s coming. You’ll see.

Also— Bill Clinton— much like Donald Trump rode on Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Pedophile express. Clinton de-regualted the banks, ended welfare as we know it, presided over war-crimes in Bosnia Herzegovina— and who was photographed getting massaged by one of Epstein’s victims. They invited this guy too.

In general, uniting is a good thing. I just don’t know about uniting behind death and destruction. And that’s what this is looking like to me.


That was the mega-cut of the “Back the Blue and Trump Too” rally in Wilmington, MA this passed Sunday.
I showed up with a giant dick that said “Trump” on it– and it seems quite appropriate to me.
“Blue lives” aren’t a thing– and these MAGA chuds were shown to be the hypocrites they truly are. They say they are for law and order. The reality is, there were constant threats of violence– especially how they would beat me if there weren’t police around. Let that sink in. Assholes at a “back the blue” rally, (who claim to be all about law and order), wanted to let me know how they’d kill me if there were no police. So, basically they’re licking those cops boots so they get extra-special powers of lawlessness. That’s what it’s about.

So, for carrying around a Trump dick, I got assaulted, battered, pushed in the bushes, jumped on, had a phone swatted out of my hand, had a phone stolen, and had my property destroyed– all within clear sight of the Wilmington, MA police. The phone was worth about a thousand dollars– and if Covid wasn’t going on, that wouldn’t be a big deal. However, the video industry has gone down to about zero, and I don’t get any Stimulus bucks.

One of my friends opined, “What was the point of doing this? I’m guessing- to prove what assholes Trump supporters can be when someone walks in to their little soirée carrying a big cock with Trump’s name on it. Or how yelling ‘fuck you’ at the cops will probably get you arrested. Just curious. Because it looks to me like you instigated all of it.”

Well, my response to that is: Trump and his supporters claim to be for law and order. They claim to be for free speech. They claim to be for freedom and Liberty. They claim to be for the little guy. We all know they are not. But when there are four rallies per day going on in Massachusetts, someone needs to say, “this is bullshit.”

A number of friends asked why I didn’t fight back.

My response to that is FIRST: I was outnumbered 300 to one. But unlike the movie or the story of the Battle of Thermopylae, I didn’t have a crew or a wingman or anyone to help me corner them so by buddies could clobber them over the head with a spear. So that wasn’t an option. Furthermore, Total non-violence shows them for who they really are. If I were to fight back (even though legally and morally it would be my right), it might create a gray area, in which they could argue that somehow I was the aggressor. By using only words, and expressing my first amendment rights, it shows that these people do not care about the rule of law, nor the constitution, and that they only care about themselves, and whatever preferential treatment they might get for putting a blue lives matter sticker on the back of their car.

Trump and his supporters claim to love the law. They claim to be for free speech. They claim to be for freedom and the little guy. We all know they are not. But when there are four sweet and sour pork rallies per day going on in Massachusetts, someone needs to say, “this is bullshit.” The first amendment demands that even the shittiest, lewdest, most awful speech must be permitted— especially the kind that is critical of those in power. If the Larry Flint case didn’t hammer that point home— then what are we doing here? Has no one learned anything?

Facebook didn’t just take down a bunch of Q-Anon bullshit yesterday— they Deleted a bunch of lefty pages like Its Going Down News Crimethinc, Tacticool Girlfriend, Seattle Solidarity and Direct Action, Northern Michigan Mutual Aid and hundreds more.

If we lose the right to protest— no matter the message— we’re in big big trouble. None of what I said to any of the cops would’ve needed to be said if they just did their job. They don’t care about doing their jobs. In light of all that is going on in the world, don’t you think it is more important than ever to challenge these lawless Blue Lives Gangsters for being gangsters and not community servants?

I regularly see known fashes from Resist Marxism/ Super Happy Fun America at these Back the Blue rallies… and the fact that we have to repeat those names adds to the surreality of it all. The local antifash groups don’t feel these BLUE LIVES rallies “qualify” as fascist— so they don’t come out. And honestly— if DSA doesn’t post something about it, who cares? Right. Look the other way!! Run away!!

As I’ve argued many times before— Walmart and Amazon are more Fascist than any Proudboy— The DNC is a thousand times more Fascist than Joey Gibson’s Patriot Prayer circle jerks. Yet— you still all buy into it.

Further, I would say when the two men in the “lead” for president, (Biden and Trump), both have credible allegations of rape against them, it seems to me that this is the perfect visual to convey Trump’s infidelity through the use of Giant dicks that say Trump on them.
As George Bernard Shaw or Oscar Wilde said, “If you’re going to tell the truth, make ’em laugh or they’ll kill you.”

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Here is the phone thief. DM me on twitter if you have any info. @RodWebber


Here’s the mega-cut of the “Back the Blue and Trump Too” rally in Wilmington, MA on August 16, 2020.

I showed up with a giant dick that said “Trump” on it– and it seems quite appropriate to me.

“Blue lives” aren’t a thing– and these MAGA chuds were shown to be the hypocrites they truly are. They say they are for law and order. The reality is, there were constant threats of violence– especially how they would beat me if there weren’t police around. Let that sink in. Assholes at a “back the blue” rally wanted to let me know how they’d kill me if there were no police. So, basically they’re licking those cops boots so they get extra-special powers of lawlessness. That’s what it’s about.

So, for carrying around a Trump dick, I got assaulted, battered, pushed in the bushes, jumped on, had a phone swatted out of my hand, had a phone stolen, and had my property destroyed– all within clear sight of the Wilmington, MA police. The phone was worth about a thousand dollars– and if Covid wasn’t going on, that wouldn’t be a big deal. However, the video industry has gone down to about zero, and I don’t get any Stimulus bucks.

One of my friends opined, “What was the point of doing this? I’m guessing- to prove what ass holes Trump supporters can be when someone walks in to their little soirée carrying a big cock with Trump’s name on it. Or how yelling ‘fuck you’ at the cops will probably get you arrested. Just curious. Because it looks to me like you instigated all of it.”

Well, Trump and his supporters claim to be for law and order. They claim to be for free speech. They claim to be for freedom and Liberty. They claim to be for the little guy. We all know they are not. But when there are four rallies per day going on in Massachusetts, someone needs to say, “this is bullshit.” I went there to express my first amendment right to carry a sign. Nothing else. If we lose the right to protest— no matter the message— we’re in big big trouble. None of what I said to any of the cops would’ve needed to be said if they just did their job. They don’t care about doing their jobs. In light of all that is going on in the world, don’t you think it is more important than ever to challenge these lawless Blue Lives Gangsters for being gangsters and not community servants? Someone needs to give pushback.

Further, I would say when the two men in the “lead” for president, (Biden and Trump), both have credible allegations of rape against them, it seems to me that this is the perfect visual to convey Trump’s infidelity– without getting graphic.

As George Bernard Shaw or Oscar Wilde said, “If you’re going to tell the truth, make ’em laugh or they’ll kill you.”

***UPDATE BELOW. (Scroll past the tweets.)

Venmo, CashApp: RodWebber

Here is the phone thief. DM me on twitter if you have any info. @RodWebber


*** UPDATE: They had another rally on Wednesday, August 19, which I attended with Lauren Pespisa and Gregg Housh. Predictably were treated as lepers. We brought fliers with the woman’s photo and tried to pass them around, but they said things like “you deserved it,” suggesting that they do not believe in the rule of law. Of course, we already knew this. They only believe in extra privileges for themselves for having a blue lives sticker on their car.

Lauren did conduct an interesting interview with State Rep David Robertson though.

Noam Chomsky: The Trump Monster, Covid protests, and the greatest achievements of humanity


My interview with Professor Chomsky tackled a wide variety of topics. Here are a couple of highlights.

CHOMSKY: The Trump Monster happens to be unique. We have never had anything like this is American history. It’s hard to find examples in world history, if there are any. But there’s a background, of course. It hasn’t been a completely monstrous country, by any means. So, for example, the period from FDR into the 70s had many positive aspects. The country overcame many of the really serious, ugly, brutal aspects of its past, and there were many achievements in that period that were not gifts from above. They were the result of popular, dedicated activism— from the labor movement, activism in the 1930s lead to the New Deal, to the activism of the Civil Rights movement, the anti-war movement, the women’s movement, and so on. It made a big difference in the country. Now, if you look back at the total history, it’s not a pretty story.

CHOMSKY: Trump is a monstrous figure, but a very effective confidence man— he’s kind of like the old story in American life— The PT Barnum type— the guy who can sell you the Brooklyn Bridge. If you read Huckleberry Finn, one of the main characters is the King who pretends to be the legitimate King of France. Trump is the epitome of this, and he’s perfected the style of confidence man. What that means is you serve your primary constituency. Give the wealthy and the corporations everything they could possibly want so they’ll tolerate your antics— meanwhile shaft everyone else— but to pretend to be working for them— “their man”, “their savior” and so on. And he’s carried it off very effectively.

Noam speaks about the nexus between Trump and the suffering of others:

CHOMSKY: Cut back anything that might be beneficial to people— including health care right in the middle of an epidemic- pandemic. And subsidize the fossil fuel industry. What more do we want to know? Of course this happens all the time. Take a look at the so called stimulus bill. Its a good thing. Have to have something after this— in the current conditions. Who’s the money going to? 50 billion dollars are going to the airlines.

CHOMSKY: Fifty billion dollars are going to the airlines— why did he need fifty billion dollars? Since because like the rest of the corporate sector they’ve been gorging since the near recession. They spent nearly fifty billion dollars that they’re asking for just in buy backs to inflate the value of their stock and enrich their corporate managers and CEOs. Now they’re saying we’re sorry and wanna get fifty billion dollars back. How about instead of that, taking over the airlines, socializing. Say obviously you guys can’t run it. Society will run it.

CHOMSKY: The fossil fuel industry is collapsing. If you look at today’s news, they have to pay you to take their oil. Instead of subsidizing them, how about taking them over? Take ‘em over and put ‘em out of business. That’s the only way to save society. It can be done. It’s not even that expensive right now. So, let’s do that instead of subsidizing.

CHOMSKY: Suppose that the worst case takes place— the Trump version on the virus. A lot of people will be killed— maybe millions. But there will be recovery, just as there was a century ago from what’s called the Spanish Flu. Tens of millions killed. There’s not going to be recovery from the melting of the polar ice caps. There’s not going to be recovery from the other harmful consequences of the destruction of the environment— one of Trump’s prime commitments. No recovery from that. Once that happens, we’re toast.

CHOMSKY: The greatest achievements of humanity are gaining freedom and justice over a very broad range, through constant struggle. The world is much better than it was even earlier in my lifetime. Those are really great achievements of popular struggle, which should never be stopped. And that can not only prevent the worst outcome, but can lead to much better ones. A much better world is within our grasp with a realistic look at what’s happening. No descending into illusions and pretenses. Take a look at the real world, the opportunities available— pursue them. You can get a better world.


Here is the full video.

Many thanks to Noam Chomsky, and to Greyson Welch for his technical assistance in producing these videos, which will be part of a large film project coming soon!

Follow Noam on twitter: @NoamChomskyT


Warrant regarding Jeffrey Epstein Estate addressed by Palm Beach PD


On March 5th, Ryan Burgoon of Palm Beach Police sent me an email reading,

“I checked with the State Attorney’s office and they did grant a warrant for your arrest with a the charge of Criminal Mischief (Less Than $200) F.S.S 806.13 1A B1.  This warrant is for Palm Beach County pick-up only and you can turn yourself in at Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, located at 3228 Gun Club Rd, West Palm Beach FL, 33406.  You can also contact PBSO warrants division at 561-688-3930 to obtain additional information. Email me if you have any questions.”

Finally, after a month, and a number of inquiries, I received a phone call from Mr. Burgoon. However, as I have told him before, we need to communicate by email so our correspondence is recorded.

This is my reply:

Hi Ryan–
I saw that you called today. But, as I have said in the past, I am innocent of the accusations the Epstein Estate has made, and we need to communicate by writing so that there is a record of these correspondences for any legal actions going forward. The Epstein Estate can make all the accusations they like, but that doesn’t make them true. As you have said, someone at the Epstein Estate, (likely Calruz Toylo) has destroyed evidence, which makes whoever painted the gate guilty of tampering with a “crime-scene.” It is clear to me that Miami Beach Police were simply flexing their muscle to intimidate me, but those accusations were without merit, and the charges were dropped. Now it appears that the Epstein Estate and Palm Beach Police are also using their power and influence to push Florida Law Enforcement to take action against me.
So, if you could relieve my concerns, I would be grateful if you could obtain a copy of the warrant which has been filed against me.
I would also like you to open an investigation into Calruz Toylo and the destroyed evidence at the Epstein property located at 358 El Brillo Way.
If you could respond to me via email rather than by phone, I would be appreciative.
That’s all for now.


Trump Campaign blames Covid-19 in false imprisonment lawsuit.

a deck trump

On Friday, attorneys for the Trump Campaign sent me an extraordinary email regarding a lawsuit I have been engaged in since 2018, stemming from a 2015 attack by Trump Campaign staff at a non-Trump rally. In January, Judge Landya McCafferty ruled that there was sufficient evidence to proceed on all 15 counts brought upon XMark, the shell-company serving as a legal buffer between the Trump Campaign and Trump security staff.

Judge McCafferty opined, “Of Webber’s eighteen claims asserted in his second amended complaint, fifteen of them are brought against XMark. They include several state law claims, such as: Assault (Count I), Battery (Count II), Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress (Count III), Negligence (Count IV), Negligent Hiring (Count V), Fraud (Count VI), and False Imprisonment (Count VII). Webber also asserts eight federal claims under 42 U.S.C. § 1983, including Unreasonable Seizure (Count VIII), Excessive Force (Count IX), two counts of Violation of the First Amendment (Counts X and XI), Negligent Hiring and Retention (Count XII), Negligent Supervision (Count XIII), False Imprisonment (Count XV), and False Arrest (Count XVI)… XMark’s motion to dismiss (doc. no. 96) is denied.”

A variety of counts were allowed to proceed against the Campaign and Campaign staffers such as NH State Rep Fred Doucette, such as Counts of assault, battery and false imprisonment, as well as several civil rights claims.

On March 27th, The Trump Campaign’s attorneys failed to file an “Answer” (a final response) in response to a Judge’s order. The deadline for that Answer was over a week late. Attorney Bryan Gould (for the Trump Campaign) blamed Covid-19 for the failure.

Attorney Gould wrote:

Defendants Donald J. Trump for President, Inc., Edward Deck, XMark, LLC, and Rep. Fred Doucette (collectively the “Campaign Defendants”), hereby move the court to extend the deadline to respond to the Plaintiff’s Second Amended Complaint to April 8, 2020. The Plaintiff has not assented to or expressed an objection to the relief sought in this motion, which rests on the following grounds.

1. Following the Court’s orders on multiple defendants’ motions to dismiss, the Campaign Defendants are required to file an answer to the remaining claims in Plaintiff’s Second Amended Complaint (Doc. No. 75).

2. Due to a significant disruption in the Campaign Defendants’ counsel’s law firm operations because of the rapid onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the attendant delays as the firm and its attorneys have transitioned to a remote workplace, the Campaign Defendants require additional time to finalize their answer to the Plaintiff’s extremely detailed complaint.

3. The Campaign Defendants submit that due to the unprecedented circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, good cause exists to extend their answer deadline. Moreover, the requested extension will not prejudice the parties or otherwise affect the trial schedule, as the Court has not yet issued a discovery plan or set a trial date and other case deadlines.

4. Accordingly, the Campaign Defendants respectfully request that their deadline to file an answer to Plaintiff’s Second Amended Complaint be extended to Wednesday, April 8, 2020.


In response, I filed a request for entry of default, writing:

To the Clerk of the United States District Court for the New Hampshire District of New Hampshire.

Plaintiff, Rod Webber hereby requests pursuant to Rule 55a of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure that the Clerk enter the default of Campaign Defendants, The Trump Campaign, Edward Deck, Fred Doucette and XMark for failure to answer or otherwise defend against this action in a timely manner. The applicable time limit to answer or otherwise respond under Rule 12(a)1C of Federal Rules of Civil Procedure expired on March 27th, 2020, (ten days ago).

In H. F. Livermore Corp. v. Aktiengesellschaft Gebruder Loepfe, the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit explained the rationale for default judgments as such: “the diligent party must be protected lest he be faced with interminable delay and continued uncertainty as to his rights… the possibility of a default is a deterrent to those parties who choose delay as part of their litigative strategy.”

“The court may enter default judgment when a defendant fails to respond to a complaint and court orders and fails to participate in the litigation or cooperate in good faith with the plaintiff. Tara Prods., Inc. v. Hollywood Gadgets, Inc., 449 F. App’x 908, 910-12 (11th Cir. 2011).

Attorney Gould argues that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, “the attendant delays as the firm and its attorneys have transitioned to a remote workplace, the Campaign Defendants require additional time to finalize their answer to the Plaintiff’s extremely detailed complaint.” However, the court has been open for electronic filing, and New Hampshire Governor Sununu did not even suggest a stay-at-home order to begin until March 27th, 2020 at midnight, (coincidentally, the deadline to answer or otherwise respond to the court.) In fact, on March 26th, at a press conference, Governor Sununu stated, “This is not a shelter in place. We are not closing down transportation. I am not closing our borders, and no one will be prevented from leaving their home.”

Moreover, no reasonable person would believe that the switch from Mr. Gould writing briefs in his New Hampshire office to writing briefs on a laptop in his New Hampshire home would cause an attorney of Mr. Gould’s competence, experience and caliper, (hired by the campaign for the President of the United States of America) to simply forget to file such an important brief for over a week. Surely, this is a strategic move. Further, the COVID-19 outbreak assuredly would have been avoided if Donald J. Trump, (the head of The Trump Campaign), had not behaved with abject negligence, ignoring health officials, and claiming on multiple occasions that it was a “hoax” that would just go away, stating, “it’s like a miracle.” Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), Anthony S. Fauci, MD, warned Mr. Trump of a coming pandemic in 2017, and was ignored. The head of the Trump Campaign is liable for the outbreak that Gould cites as the reason for missing the deadline. Mr. Gould has no reason for the delay, since there was no shelter-in-place order, and was not prevented from going to the office in any way.

Accordingly, Defendants have not shown good cause for not filing an answer, and their argument for the delay does not hold water. Defendant is ten days late, this is not the initial stage of litigation, and default should be entered.

Pro Se Plaintiff, Roderick Webber

I understand that a request for default at this stage might be frowned upon by the court, but I filed this case on principle. That is how I will continue to operate. Frankly, the Trump Campaign and the others involved should be ashamed of themselves.

All 171 motions of the lawsuit as a whole can be viewed here:



Straight Pride in the Nineties

Straight Pride in the Nineties — Nothing has changed.

In 1990/1991, a man named Guy Glodis organized “Straight Pride” at UMass Amherst. This passed Saturday, I spoke with Rick Dodge who was part of the original opposition in 1990/1991 and part of Queer nation. Rather than editorialize, I’m just going to post the interview with Rick, and all the related articles I came up with on the Wayback Machine.

Video by @RodWebber

It should be noted that the content is the intellectual property of the original authors, and I have simply copied and pasted relevant articles which have old-school jumps from the front page to back pages — which may be difficult to read in a linear fashion in the age of the internet. However, I’ve provided links to the original archive, so you can see for yourself.


Conservative, but not prejudiced

I must begin by stating that I am not a liberal — although certain views I hold may be considered liberal, such as gay rights and affirmative action, I prefer to think of my- self as a conservative.

Which is exactly why I attended the first meeting of the University of Massachusetts Republican Club. I can now say that I do not plan to join the club and I am beginning to rethink my views. There were approximately 14 current members of the club present, mostly club officers and the staff of the Minuteman, the Club’s conservative news-

As the president of the club spoke to open the meeting. 1 became more agitated and appalled at what the club stood for. In his speech (if one can call a disjointed and un- organized collection of statements a speech)
he attacked many Liberal views as well as the “liberal rag,” the Collegian. He gave no reasons for the flaws of these other modes of thought but just mentioned them in passing.

Another member, an officer in Young Americans for Freedom, announced that
they were planning a “straight pride” rally as a compliment to the liberal “gay pride” rallies. Whether or not malice is intended, it puts forth a message that heterosexuals are being oppressed by homosexuals.

These are not ideas I’ve ever known to be associated with the Republican Party. I am a registered Republican and I speak with other Republicans, but none have expressed views like the members of this club. They
are hiding behind the Republican name to carry out their hardcore, reactionary ultra- conservative views. They stand for none of
the Republican ideals I hold true, or inasmuch as I gathered from the meeting.

The aspect of club that disturbed me the most was something I read in a pamphlet that was handed out to open the meeting. It had a short “Republican Quiz” that was supposed to tell you if you are a Republican or not.

If you answered “yes” to questions such as “Are you tabled a racist because you disagree with affirmative action?” and “Have you been informed by your RA/RD that your beliefs regarding homosexuality are
•homophobic?” then you are correct in join- ing the club.

I am not a Republican to keep minorities a permanent underclass and to become rich by exploiting the American public. I believe in strong fiscal policies and social programs. 1 encourage UMass students never to join
the Republican Club if you believe in the equality of man and the “American Dream.”
Do you really want to be a part of something that relies on funding from the John Birch Society to bring in a speaker? I don’t.

Michael Seager
Orchard Hill

LBGA, conservatives look for truce

Charles Delano, the editor-in-chief of the
Minuteman, said “It’s completely different

Collegian Correspondent

Two groups of University of Massachu-
setts students with a recent history of an-
tagonism are scheduled to meet today to try
to begin working to settle their differences.

The Lesbian Bisexual and Gay AlUance
(LBGA) and the conservative groups of the
Republican Club, the Minuteman and the
Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) are
set to discuss four recommendations pro-
posed by the Chancellor’s Commission on
Civility in Human Relations to improve the
parties’ relations.

First, the Commission’s list of recom-
mendations hopes to “develop a formal
agreement regarding ground rules by which
both will abide.”

The Commission added that harassment,
destruction of property, biased publications,
violent threats and threatening phone calls
are “inappropriate and unacceptable” to the
LBGA and the conservative groups.

“We’re tired of fighting,” said Shawn
Cotter, a member of the LBGA’s steering
committee. “It’s a waste of energy.”

from last year. We haven’t done anything to
provoke them this semester. The Afinutemon
is not gay-bashing.”

The second recommendation deals with
ending the confusion between the First
Amendment and UMass’ harassment poli-
cies. For example, last spring Young
Americans sponsored a “Straight Pride” rally
that was interpreted by the LBGA as “anti-
gay.” Approximately 600 protestors drowned
out the speakers with whistles, chants and
blaring music.

The confusion relates to whether or not
the speakers were denied their First
Amendment rights of freedom of speech by
the protesters, and if the protestors were
violating UMass’ harassment policies.

“Both groups have felt misunderstood,”
Dave Schimmel, co-chairperson of the
Commission, said. “They need to agree on
appropriate and innappropriate ways to settle
their disputes.”

Another Commission member, Masha

Rudman, said the groups should “respect


— —

UM candidates’
^straight pride’
views examined

Collegian Staff

Anti-gay statements expressed last semester by
Paul McGonnigal have caused some to question his
candidacy in the race for the Amherst-Pelham state
representative seat vacated recently by Stanley

The heart of the controversy stems from the sec-
ond annual “Straight Pride” rally held last semester
by three conservative groups on campus — the Re-
publican Club. The Minuteman and the Young
Americans for Freedom.

The rally became a shouting match between con-
servatives and members and supporters of the Les-
bian Gay Bisexual Alliance. Whistles, shouts, chants
and screams came from the crowd and the speakers
shouted back, angry about their inability to be heard.





Paul McGonnigars past statements come back to haunt

I read about David Duke, former KKK grand wizard, and
his campaign for the Louisiana governorship the same day
1 opened a Daily Hampshire Gazette and discovered UMass
Republican Club member Paul McGonnigal was running
for the Massachusetts state House of Representatives.

I began to wonder if I had woken up that morning or if I
were trapped in an awful nightmare about political neo-

Although McGonnigal says in the Gazette he does not
want to be considered “the student candidate,” I think a
close examination of his student political record is necessary
in order to understand his politics, since he has no other
political record.

I think it was wise of McGonnigal to try to keep attention
away from his student activities, considering the right-
wing reactionary low-lifes with whom he has associated.
McGonnigal was a very active member of the UMass Re-
publican Club last semester, a fact he conveniently failed to
mention in his Gazette interview. For those who don’t re-
call, this is the club that sponsored the gaybashing “Straight
Pride Rally” last spnng, brought a pro-apartheid speaker
on campus, and sponsored an anti-abortion rally. The Club
was also involved with the horribly sexist and homophobic
“Guy Glodis Talk Show.”

McGonnigal has also been a writer for The Minuteman
— you remember, the ragsheet that has consistently been
anti-gay, anti-women, and anti-just about anything else
remotely related to human rights or civil discourse.

The UMass Republican Club has historically been this
campus’ equivalent to the South’s KKK. Guilt by associa-
tion should be enough to put the nails in McGonnigal’s

political coffin.

But there’s more. An examination of a transcript from
last semester’s “Straight Pride” rally further reveals
McGonnigal’s blatant homophobia. Among other things,
McGonnigal does not think UMass should fund Gay, Les-
bian, or Bisexual programs:

“I’m sad to say that many of those dollars are being
incredibly wasted by you people here today,” McGonnigal
said, addressing the GLB crowd that showed up in protest.

Trystan Skeigh

What a distressingly unreasonable and exclusionary
position. If one were to count how much money is spent on
heterosexist programming at this University and weigh the
percentages, GLB programs receive pennies in comparison.

McGonnigal also does not support the Massachusetts
gay civril rights law: “Legislation passed to ensure certain
rights to others exclusively one sexuality or another is
wrong. Keep government out of our bedrooms. You’re doing
nothing of this sort by supporting the Gay Rights Bill.”

Reading this twisted argument reminds me of the
doublespeak described in Orwell’s 1984. Contrary to
McGonnigal’s assertion, the state civdl rights law does not
extend any special privileges to gay people. It protects them
from being denied the privileges given to everyone else,
particularly in employment and housing.

The fact is, government has been in our bedrooms for a
very long time, because sodomy laws are still on the books.
If McGonnigal wants to keep government out of our bed-

rooms, he should be campaigning against the Supreme
Court’s 1987 Hardwick decision and support the decrimi-
nalization of anal and oral sex.

Equally disturbing about McGonnigal is his blatant
disrespect for women. He spoke twice at last semester’s
“Straight Pride” rally and his second speech was utterly

McGonnigal told the angry crowd he wanted to talk
about “sleeping with the enemy” and then proceeded to
name an openly bisexual UMass woman and claim that he
and she had “built bridges together.” The sexual allusion
was obvious and in horribly bad taste. If a sexual liason did
occur, McGonnigal had no business publicly bragging about
it. His insensitivity was grotesque.

But also, it raises a deeper issue. How can a man claim
to have a bisexual lover, and then oppose civil rights for
gays, lesbians, and bisexuals? McGonnigal’s sexist hypoc-
risy powerfully reminds me of the Southern White slave
owners who slept with their Black female slaves but refused
to recognize their humanity.

McGonnigal’s history of membership in sexist, racist,
and homophobic student political organizations and his
remarks at last year’s “Straight Pride” rally reveal why he
must not be elected to represent one of this state’s most
progressive districts.

Hopefully, as UMass Republican Club members begin to
realize their past can come back to haunt them, they will
stop engaging in their disgustingly uncivil behavrior and
join the rest of the human race. Until then, they all, like
McGonnigal, should kiss their political aspirations good-bye.

Trystan Skeigh is a Collegian columnist


It was Mci-ionnigal’s first turn at the
podium when he presented views which
contradict his platform in the current

“Legislation passed to insure certain
right* to one sexuality or another is
wrong.” McGonnigal said at last
sememster’s rally.

YesU?rday McGonnigal denied be-
lieving this.

“1 do believe that gays and lesbians
need legislative protection,” he said, but
added he is “not fond of the Massachu-
setts gay rights law.”

McGtinnigal. who said he is a Uni-
versity of Massachusetts student and
has been a resident of Amherst for nine
months, said the law fails “in that litis)
ver>- broad.” He claimed “there have
been no convictions” under the law and
said it was due to its “over- breadth.” He
said another problem with the gay righu
law is that it is not obvious who is gay.
comparing it to civil nghts laws con-
cerning gender and race.

McG<innigal was not pleased with the
atmosphere at the straight pride rally
last semester.

“I was not allowed to state my views.”
he said, finding it “very difficult to keep
my train of thought.”

Approaching the microphone for the
s;econd lime at the rally last semester.
McGonnigal told the crowd about a sexual
experience with a member of the LBGA
.md Queer Nation which he dubbed
“sleeping with the enemy.”

McGonnigal said that he and she had
“bndged an understanding intimately.”

“She is a representative of the LBGA
to the Board of Governors. We can get
along Just ask I her). We did get along
well .” He then addressed her personally,
asking her to “tell I the crowd I how well
we can get along.”

Some members of the LBGA were not
supportive of his candidacy.

“1 personally don’t like it at all.” said
Shawn Cotter, member of the LBGA
steering comittee. “1 personally think
the voters should really look into his
political career at UMass which is not
all that impressive.”

“I think he will do nothing but harm.”
Cotter added, describing McGonnigal as

“totally unqualified.”

State Senator Stanley Rosenberg said
someone who is anti-gay rights might
mtt fare well m Amherst.

“Clearly this area by far, by over-
whelming majority, supports gay rights
and protects civil rights and liberties,”
Rosenberg said.

Charles Delano, editor of T/ic Min
uteman said McGonnigal’s statements
“might hurt him.” Delano was confident
that McGonnigal would win the Re
publican primar>’ election, but the gen-
eral election would be tougher in this
“generally democratic” area.

Jeffrey Bergman, financial manager
for the LBGA. said he has no opinion
about McGonnigal’s qualifications, but
thought his University of Massachusetts
origins leflhim”littlechanceofwinning “

— —

Student reports
threat incident

Compiled by JASON GEORGE
Collegian Staff

A man in Kennedy Residence Hall reported Tuesday
afternoon that he was the victim of homophobic threats by
persons unknown to him. The incident is currently under
investigation by police.

Candidate dissatisfied with use of statements

I am writing in response to two pieces which appeared in
the Nov. 7 Collegian , “UM Candidate’s Straight Pride’ Views
Examined” by Michael Levy and a column by Trystan
Skeigh titled “Paul McGonnigal’s Past SUtemenU Come
Back to Haunt.”

First, as a candidate for public ofTice it goes without
saying that I must come to expect attacks on my character,
my record and indeed every aspect of my life. I must further
expect these attacks will usually be founded in httle more
than scant, out-of-context information and couched in lan-
guage designed to paint the worst possible portrait of my
views and beliefs. And lastly, 1 must be clear about this: the
people issuing forth these attacks will know relatively
nothing about me. the person, or the platform of my ideas.
All my expectations in these regards were met by the
content, style and indeed the spirit of the two aforemen-
tioned pieces.

Levy accurately reports that I did speak at the “Straight
Pride “ rally sponsored by the UMass Republican Club and
two other politically conservative RSOs. I did not, however,
express any “1 AInti-gay statements,” which he claims I did.
The quotation he refers to as anti-gay is. “Legislation
passed to ensure certain rights to one sexuality or another
is wrong.” Surely, if one is to be called “anti-gay.” then more
evidence than what is offered by Mr. Levy is necessary.

It is clear, by the context in which this statement was
spoken that the message I was conveying was Libertarian;
i.e., as a society as diverse as ours, it needs to work toward
an ideal marked not by the necessity for protective legisla-
tion, but by an understanding and respect for each other
which would preclude the necessity for such legislation in
the first place.

Mr. Levy’s coverage of the context was poor at best. In
the interim, between now and whenever we can say of
ourselves, “We do not hate on the basis of race, gender.

sexual orientation or physical abilities,” statutory protec-
tion which is narrowly constructed (thus more capable of
being applied) is necessary. Yes, this means I do now and
always have believed in gay right*.

Ms. Skeigh and Mr. Levy both drew conclusions about
several statements I made in reference to a social encounter
I had with “an openly bisexual woman.” The references I
made about the encounter were: “sleeping with the enemy”
and that we had “built bridges together.” Again, out of
context, these statements can be twisted in the most taste-
less and irresponsible of ways, as they have been here.

Ms. Skeigh states. “If a sexual liaison did occur.
McGonnigal had no business bragging about it publicly.”
Ms. Skeigh also accused me of publicly naming the woman
in question. First, that by my statement 1 was alluding to a
sexual encounter at all is beyond the realm of reason.
Second, that 1 mentioned a woman’s name in the context of
those statements is hardly out of the ordinary. I am proud
of my relationships; that because of their richness and
depth, with members of the gay, lesbian and bisexual
community here, does not cast a shadow of impropriety on
this situation at all. The motives and the mindsets of Ms.
Skeigh and Mr. Levy seem altogether clear and, in my
opinion, should not be tolerated by this community.

Lastly. I would like to take this opportunity to express
my outrage at Ms. Skeigh ‘s comparison of me to David
Duke. Ms. Skeigh should reflect for a moment on her own
outrage at tactics employed by right-wing zealots she (and
I ) so thoroughly loathes. Just as homosexuality cannot be
equated with mental illness, neither can I be compared to
the likes of David Duke! Surely you are more capable than
this of uncovering real truths, however, the question is, do

you want to?

Paul McGonnigal

Two more enter primary

Challenge McGonnigal in Republican race for rep.

Collegian Staff

Two more Amherst men have entered the Republican
primary to fill the Third Hampshire District state repre-
sentative seat.

Amherst resident Kevin J. Smith, 35, and University of
Massachusetts sophomore Peter J. Wagner, 19, announced
their candidacy Tuesday for the Amherst-Pelham seat
vacated by Stanley Rosenberg’s election to the state senate.

Wagner, previously a Democrat, said he first considered
registering as a Republican in June, following former State
Senator John Olver’s election to the U.S. House of Repre-
sentatives. Wagner called the Republican Party the “party
of honesty,” stating “when Republicans say they don’t care
about a minority, they mean it.”

Smith, who has worked at the University library since
January 1989, said he is also planning to switch his regis-
tration to Republican from Democrat.

“If you ask anybody on the street the difference between
Democrats and Republicans, they’d be hard-pressed to tell
you,” Smith said. “In this country, we basically have a
business party with two factions.”

“By running as a Republican, I feel I’m sort of entering
the den of wolves,” Smith said.

Wagner said his platform includes mandatory sex edu-
cation in public schools, treatment on demand for drug
users, universal health care, free higher education for
Massachusetts residents and reform of the state’s prison

“I hope the public can see my enthusiasm and my high
energy level as an example of how far I’m willing to go in
working on the issues I’m talking about,” Wagner said.

UMass senior Paul McGonnigal is the only other Re-
publican in the race. Wagner said while “Paul’s running is

the reason for my enthusiasm,” he and Smith did not enter
the race simply to block McGonnigal’s chances to be elected
to the State House.

The Springfield Union-News reported yesterday a
number of charges Smith and Wagner made against
McGonnigal, centering around alleged comments he made
during a “Conservative Awareness Week,” and a “straight
pride rally” at the University last March.

Smith and Wagner both have videotapes of the two
events, which Smith called “very telling about

According to both Wagner and Smith, among other
things, McGonnigal called Gregory Levey, an Amherst
resident who set fire to himself and died on the town
common on Feb. 18, “a bonehead.”

“I don’t see him as having any great compassion for the
human race,” Smith said. “I think he’s in it for himself”

Both Smith and Wagner said they would be willing to
debate McGonnigal. “I’d love to debate Paul McGonnigal on
the issues — separate from the video expose,” Wagner said.

McGonnigal declined to comment on any of Smith and
Wagner’s accusations, stating “with regard to the substance
of the comments, I can’t respond because of the dignifying
effect that comment might possibly have.”

“I will debate any serious and real candidate from either
party,” McGonnigal said. “I can’t consider the two gentle-
men who have announced their bid for the Republican
nomination as either serious or real.

“Scurrilous and personal attacks, especially when
founded in little more than scant information, the inter-
pretation of which is often subjective, have unfortunately
become all too common in American politics,” McGonnigal
said. “By debating either of these two gentlemen, I would be
condoning just that.”

Collegian photo by Josh Reynolds

Conservatives, LBGA complete civility plan

Collegian Staff

Members of the Lesbian, Gay and Bisexvial Alliance,
the Minuteman, the RepubUcan Club and the Young
Americans for Freedom unveiled yesterday an unprec-
edented “ground rules” agreement to alleviate tensions
and promote civility between the groups.

Members of the Chancellor’s Commission on Civility
in Human Relations worked with the groups to develop
an agreement meant to eliminate harrassment between
the groups, which has consisted of anonymous notes and
harassing phone calls.

The agreement is also intended to de-escalate tensions
surrounding the “Straight Pride” rally sponsored by
conservative groups the week following the LBGA’s
Awareness Week.

Already some members in the agreement have sug-
gested that they repudiate the ground rules.

Bill Amrhein of the Yoiuig Americans for Freedom,
who did not attend the press conference, said YAF has
never agreed to the ground rules.

Ill keep [the ground rules] in mind,” he said later.

He said he was concerned about a breach of First
Amendment rights, “It would be dissolving the organi-
zations to agree to this.”

“We want to raise the level of communication to be
more honest, direct and pro-active,” said LBGA treasurer
Ali Woolwich, senior film video production and social
change mtgor.

Woolwich said they hope to increase commimication
and eliminate infighting between RSOs.

“There is a stigma involved in calUng yourself a
conservative or a Republican at UMass,” said Editor in
Chief of the Minuteman Greg Zenon, a sophomore ma-
joring in journalism, political science and English.

One provision of the agreement requires members of
RSOs to not hold a rally with the word “pride’ in the title
for the spring 1992 semester.

Woolwich said the “Straight Pride” rallies tradition-
ally held by the Young Americans for Freedom had come
to equal “homophobic rhetoric.”

Woolwich S€ud the provision was meant to clear up is



Lesbian, gay ,bisexual students and
heterosexual allies stage a counter-rally
to protest the “Straight Pride” rally dur-
ing Conservative Awareness Week.. The
“Straight Pride” rally was one of the larg-
est and most controversial demonstra-
tions of the 1990–1991 school year. Plwto
by Jeff Holland

Santa is making your children incapable of thinking.

In response to a friend’s post “Reading comprehension is a serious epidemic in this fucking country.”
Forget reading for a minute.
First you’ve got to learn how to think.

The problem starts with Santa — and to a lesser degree, a man dressed up in a bunny costume who I assume is meant to represent Jesus — a magical Palestinian hippy who wandered around in the desert telling people to be nice to each other, while his father killed thousands — whose methods included turning people into pillars of salt, (among other nasty things).

We teach the lie.
But the kids know it’s a lie.
Stay quiet ‘bout the lie.
More stuff if you keep our lie!
It’s for your comrades they’d say.
Take this stuff and look away, lest you be burdened with a wretched truth of knowing.

As toddlers, we are barraged by the Conclave of Hoddypeaks, otherwise known as advertisers.
They inform us to consume. They demand it. They bellow from every laptop, TV and device: “Buy as much shit as possible, motherfucker or your friends will ridicule and shame you.”

“Hey Donny — that ferret looks nice stapled to your head — but wouldn’t it look better if we could murder a family of orangutans and turn it into a wig?”

You know it!

We, in turn, cry to our parents — who, out of their real and genuine love for us, overspend with their virtual shackles — the credit card. We are then forced to go to school and we are fed a mandatory diet of “historical” propaganda and contradictions. History is a series of lies agreed on, and if you stand up in class to point out a problem with the narrative — then fuck you — take a de-merit on your fucking test. “That goes on your permanent record you clown-show blunderbuss.”

Our “founding” documents with their goblin agenda declare, “all men are created equal,” while referring to natives as “savages” who must be wiped out.

Fuck you. Have this blanket and die.
Your god is the earth?
Fuck you. Mine is the dollar.

Hitler was evil.

That’s not controversial. But what they fail to mention is that he was inspired by the Native genocide in America and eugenicists such as Head Jerkass President Wilson who oversaw the forced sterilization of 60 thousand Americans.

It’s okay — we’ll call it Thanksgiving…
And make it a government holiday.

Meanwhile, this genocide was powered by African slaves who were brought over in literal shackles. The books will call it, “an unfortunate chapter in our history,” and act like it’s over. If the books even mention Jim Crow, redlining, the Tuskegee experiments, the MOVE bombings or the prison industrial complex, the teacher can just skip ahead and remind everyone that we’ve got black history month.

What they won’t mention is that the government was found guilty of murdering Martin Luther King in a 1999 civil trial and act like a statue has brought the score back to zero, and no one noticed.

You’re black? Have some syphilis.
You’re Japanese? Suck it. Get in the concentration camps before we cut off your dick.
You’re Native American? Just fuck off — we pay murderers to eradicate people like you from the earth.
Shocking that Hitler was inspired by that one.

They won’t ever mention that history is a cover-up written by blind mole rats, all for the murdering assholes that put us where we are today. The cannibalistic-winged-shape-shifting ultra-rich own the press, the publishers and the movie and TV companies.

The press decides what’s news.
The publishers decides who gets a book.
Movie companies decide who’s on Netflix — and so on and so forth.

And those who they choose to be in these positions will have opinions just safe enough, just dull enough or just juvenile enough to keep you asleep and distracted. They want us barely smart enough to do a factory job, with a smaller subset of politicians, lawyers and CEOs with just the right brain-wattage and decorum to manage the wage slaves being kicked in the dick, so they can keep the money-train rolling. But don’t mention we’re building robots to put ALL OF YOU out of your job… especially middle-management. Middle management can go fuck themselves!

The “history” of those who have written the narrative fails to mention all the deceptions and false flags that got us into all the wars. Forget about The Sons of Liberty dressing as Natives to dump tea in the harbor, and how the US and England made up after that — with the bankers and the murdering asshole maggot oligarchs declaring a British-American Federation to be run by the super rich, as outlined by the Rhodes Round Table, a secret society which wasn’t secret at all. The mongrel confidence men in charge love to publicly shriek about the importance of voting, while privately both “sides” are funded by the same neo-robber-barons in charge. If we start to ask too many questions they know that they can just start another war and shut you the fuck up. That’s what wars are for. Who needs voting when they’ve got gerrymandering and hackable Diebold voting machines?

Just sink the Lusitania — don’t mention they talked that over with King George V and that’s how we got into World War I — which was brought on by our banker friends across the ocean in the first place. Don’t mention that Herbert Hoover ordered the army to attack American veterans on the White House lawn. Hey — sorry about those dead Americans we killed… By the way, I’m the president — and part of a long line of politicians who have done shit like this. Look away. Nothing to see here.

Conveniently forget to mention that future CIA head Allen Dulles and Ike’s future Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, (his brother), helped set up the deal with the Bank of England to fund Hitler, (an inconvenient fact), so that the ultra rich wobnobblers could have their money orgy. Imagine that. There is no better MK ultra mind-control than piles of gold. And money orgies are much easier when you come up with a lie about liberating those who are a part the Anglo-Saxon federation — AKA, English speaking white people.

Forget that Henry Stimson, (our secretary of war during WW2), was on record describing how to position the boats in Pearl Harbor to facilitate the US forces getting murdered just right, so their murdering asses could do more murdering.

Pretend Truman wasn’t a murdering asshole.
Pretend murdering the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were necessary.
Pretend they didn’t come up with a plan to crash planes into America and blame it on foreigners to get us into a war. They didn’t pull it off, but it was called Operation Northwoods.
Pretend they didn’t try to erase the JFK investigation by killing the “assassin.”

Now let’s go back to forgetting.

Forget The gulf of Tonkin incident and the mass murder that created.
Forget President Johnson and the sinking of the USS Liberty, because he was the kind of president who believed that American soldiers had to just fucking die to achieve their narrative.
Forget FDR’s witch hunt against gay people and his subsequent perjury.
Forget the Pentagon papers. Forget that Reagan faked a letter to start murdering people in Grenada. Forget Iran contra.
Forget Bush Senior hired an actor to spread the “babies killed in incubators” lie to get us into the gulf war. Forget WMDs.
Forget that day Dubbya was reading stories to kids in that school room… Which reminds me that I was explaining why people can’t critically think.

Art classes teach us to “draw within the lines.” Standardized testing requires memorization — because fuck thinking. Memorization proves that we can take orders. In our late teens, the power elite issue our very own shackles, (just like they gave to our parents), in the form of a credit card. We are told we can’t make a living without college. Fun fact — that just further shackles us. If you’re lucky, you’ll get hit by a train — but for most, college streamlines the thoughtlessness process. Do as you are told.

Maybe your daddy is rich and paid for you to go to Harvard. Well, then you can grow up to be a politician and lie to all the poor people so they think the ultra elite are super great, because they’ve fed us the lie that everyone can be rich one day. Squirt squirt — Let them whip out their dicks and jerk off all over the flowers — because everywhere they spread their seed, starts a wonderful blossoming of magic. Hey — what’s that in my eye? Oh! It’s magic!

As to our “fucking country,” — as we transition into adulthood, for those who want to — they allow a period of time where we can fuck whoever we want — not financially — but with your naughty bits. Get it out of your system and have fun — fuck away — stick it in the butt-hole if that’s your thing — with consent of course… Because — wink, wink — as long as you’re spending, you’re achieving their goal and driving up your debt.

And when you come out of your alcohol and drug fueled “fucking phase,” they’ve found another way to fuck you, because you’re even more of a slave to the system. Then you have children of your own, and tell them of the magic of Santa. That’s what it’s all about. We indoctrinate our children into a life of self-deception via Santa Claus so that we can give them that taste of magic that we felt when we were too young to know better. In the process, we feed the corporate monster which requires our debt peonage, to feed the corporate beast so that it can butt-fuck us with a pile of toxic garbage in our back yards.

You may think this sounds totally bleak.

Well it is.

But it doesn’t have to be.

It doesn’t require unicorns and wizard-spells. You can give your children that taste of magic via the arts, culture and giving them a true education. The universe is vastly more interesting than Santa or the latest Hollywood blockbuster, which is likely a propagandistic partnership with the Department of Defense — further indoctrinating future generations into a culture of death and destruction — sponsored in part by Santa.

Celebrate the miracle of life — put down the fucking credit card. Put down the phone. Hopefully you will start to learn to think for yourself — then you can focus on reading-comprehension skills.

Happy Yuletide greetings, you filthy heathens!

(Props to Babz who put this idea in my head about a year ago.)