My new art-book “THE GARDEN OF VOICELESS SCREAMS” is now available as a 40 page, 8X10 glossy, available in hard or soft cover for a mere $32 bucks. A bargain!

The book itself is jam-packed with great political collages, with a little something no matter which side of the aisle you hang out on. The collection includes work from the mysteriously vanishing/ censored November art-show at The Middle East.

Help decipher the controversy, and preview the first 15 pages of the book at!

Ships as soon as Dec 28th, and E-Book version available immediately. We’re also working on a pocket-sized version you can take with you everywhere. Enjoy!


Art is a ghost. It is a spirit-artifact in the future, meeting eyes with the observer from the present. Art can only be understood from the future, as it is inherently a thing of the past. It is a view-finder into the kaleidoscope of the present, which by logic is a view-finder into the kaleidoscope of the past. Art is all things, at all times. In this sense, art is inherently neanderthal, art is inherently contemporary, and art is inherently cliché.

Art is all, and art is nothing.


Art is our story, and how we choose to tell it. As curators of our own myth, we manipulate the illusion. We alter our reality, our places in time and space. Art is the perpetual birthing, re-birthing, juxtaposing and re-juxtaposing of sight, sound, words and time to elicit an emotion, and to invite a connection.
Which truth or illusion we leave behind us, will determine how we may pass into others, as others have passed into us.