Trump Co-chair/ NH State Rep., Fred Doucette Dodges Court Case, but Finally Gets Served

Trump Co-chair/ NH State Rep., Fred Doucette Dodges Court Case, but Finally Gets Served

Representative Douce Image by Kevin Bowe.

Ya know — When I received a 9-page “book report” from Trump’s lawyers on March 15th effectively asserting my paperwork wasn’t real paperwork, because they had received my paperwork, I thought that that would be about as ridiculous as things could get. Luckily I was able to hire some more folks to serve more papers — and within a short period of time, Donny’s legal beagles had reversed their tune, and waived service. I had been getting the runaround from Trump… and his campaign… and his company… and his security guy… and the Manchester Police Department… and the Attorney General and the Mayor, and every Manchester official I had come in contact with for three years. Suddenly, that was all out the window, simply at the snap of a finger.

But… there was one last holdout. He was the guy that Donald Trump threw under the bus — not unlike Trump’s security throwing me over a table. The man in question was New Hampshire State Representative, Mr. Fred Doucette. In my mind, I imagine his friends call him The Douce — like how that orange guy is “The Situation,” and that other orange guy is “The Donald.” Once Trump & Friends lawyered-up, I assumed they’d be representing Fred since he was one of Trump’s co-chairs for New Hampshire. However, when I spoke to the Orange One’s attorneys by phone, they were like, “Fred, who?”

Within days of the 2015 incident, in which Trump’s security officer Eddie Jon Deck and Manchester cop James Pittman threw me into a table, ala WWE Monday Night Raw, I had messaged Doucette on Facebook, and his official New Hampshire government-issued email address. No response. I spent three years trying to find a lawyer, with no luck. But now that the case is moving in the courts, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time trying to contact Doucette once again. It’s like pin-the-tail on the bureaucrat. It feels like I’ve knocked on every door in town, and nobody’s home.

I’ve sent the papers by email. I’ve called Fred. I’ve called the Secretary of State. They passed the buck to Steve Shurtleff, the Speaker of the House. I called him and his assistants. Finally, I spoke to Bud Fitch in the SOS office, and Kris Conquest emailed me — but ultimately, I still couldn’t get in touch with Fred. I made dozens attempts, doing everything short of hiring carrier pigeons.

So, once again, I hired process servers The Nason Group — but they couldn’t seem to find anyone at Fred’s house to take the papers. However, on Tuesday, everything changed. Kristen Nason from the Nason Group called to tell me that Mr. Doucette had been served. Evidently, it sounds like it was a bit of a scene. Sadly, on that day, I also received a letter from the “registered agent” of Trump Organization, LLC. Without saying that they represented the company directly, they basically said there are two Trump Organizations — both full of executives from Donald Trump’s family. Hiding something? I guess that’s up to the courts to decide.

Well, after three long years of searching, the people at the Nason Group helped me get the papers to Fred. According to the affidavit, “Fred Doucette confirmed his name, and was also seen wearing a name tag that read Fred Doucette. He refused to take the paperwork and explained he was going to call his lawyer. Agent drop served Mr. Doucette, who said “this guy is suing me for 5 million dollars” he then went on to say other things but agent left the area.”

The affidavit goes on to say, “Agent looped back around and saw Mr. Doucette on the phone. He then spoke to a NH State Trooper. The Trooper picked up the documents and looked through them with Doucette and appeared to hand the papers to Doucette. Please see attached photo.”

NH State Rep Fred Doucette reads through summons and complaint with NH State Trooper.

After visiting the Secretary of State’s office today and jumping through a thousand more hoops to make sure The Trump Organization, Inc was served, I got a message indicating that Fred had lawyered-up. As it turns out, he took my advice and decided to talk to the folks representing Trump & Friends.

See — that wasn’t so hard, Fred. You are an elected official. If you believe in the government you serve, is it not incumbent upon you to take responsibility for your actions?

New Hampshire politics… See you again, soon!

Rod Webber

The Kafkaesque Hilarity of Filing a Lawsuit Against Trump

The Kafkaesque Hilarity of Filing a Lawsuit Against Trump

Rod Webber on Instagram

So, Trump/Deck’s attorneys on Friday, (moments before court closed), sent me a 9-page document explaining why they hadn’t gotten my legal document/ claim outlining the assault upon yours truly by Trump’s security guy Eddie Jon Deck Jr. What makes the story especially beguiling is that the incident took place at a non-Trump event, called “No Labels Problem Solvers.” I had raised my hand during a Q&A to ask whether Trump was aware of me getting roughed up at a previous event in Rochester. Space maggots, I say. Well… the law firm of Cleveland, Waters and Bass, (the firm in question), essentially used my document as “proof” that I had never sent them what I had sent them. If you can figure out the logic behind this one, then let me congratulate you in advance on your award-winning design for the gravity-propulsion engine you will one day design. Presumably you will use it to dump this nonsense in a black hole where it belongs. But, I digress.

I replied in my best legal gibberish that since Mr. tRump & Mr. Deck had retained the services of Cleveland, Waters and Bass, that the defendants, (Trump, Deck and the Campaign), had in fact received my legal document, (the complaint), and that by law they are an authorized agent who can receive legal documents on behalf of Mr. trUmp & Mr. Deck.

Here’s the thing. No, that’s not a thing.

I gave you the thing. No, the thing is no thing.

Oh — and the original Judge recused himself on Wednesday.

What’s funny and a little sad is that I had just spoken to one of the attorneys on the phone Friday, as to whether they would be representing NH State Rep/ Trump NH Co-Chair Fred Doucette. Attorney Gould explained that they were planning to throw Mr. Doucette under the bus — of course, not in those words — but someone here has to read between the lines. When we talked, Attorney Gould acknowledged that he had read my documents, and gave no indicator that he believed what I had written to be written in disappearing ink.

So, I called. I emailed. I sent the paperwork again. I have extensive documentation showing how the Manchester Police and other City officials gave me the run-around. I’ve hired private detectives and process servers up-and-down the eastern sea-board to make sure these things got delivered — and at considerable expense to myself. Now Trump and friends effectively claim they have disappearing ink. If only I could get my hands on the magical cephalopod which creates such ink — I could simply make all of this go away — and Kermit the Frog and Fozzy Bear would be co-Presidents, as the Founding Fathers would have wanted it.

Finally Trump & Deck’s attorneys got back to me and said they would consider accepting my claim. To this, I wrote them an even longer response. They claimed that sending things to Trump Tower was a no-no, because Trump lives at the White House. If the rumors are true, this is a place for wizards, and the basement is full of terracotta WWE-Trump gargoyles which come to life when subpoenas, summonses or legal documents come within fifty feet of the place. Of course, these are just rumors, and I have no way to prove this. At any rate, I’m pretty sure truMp also has residences at Trump Tower and Mar a Lago and all over the universe. I’m also guessing the majority of his time is spent at McDonald’s. So, once again — I call shenanigans.

To add to the fun, the attorneys had sent me a link with a telephone number to the White House, so I called it. Knowing full-well the sheer and utter ridiculousness of doing so, I had a brief human-interaction, and was quickly shuffled into the robotic answering system. A recorded voice directed me to a digital place on the White House website where I could send a message to Donald or his third wife. The recording specified that Don and Mel likely wouldn’t get around to reading these emails for several weeks. So, I wrote to the attorneys to state the obvious — that this was a fool’s errand. It is my opinion that the refusal of Cleveland, Waters and Bass to accept my documents is an attempt to waste the time of everyone involved, including the court, and the other defendants like Fred Doucette — who apparently Mr. Trump feels no loyalty to whatsoever. This is just opinion. But based upon all the gushing that the Douce does over Mr. Trump, I hope that they work it out, and move far away to leave the rest of us in peace.

Part of our ridiculous and nonsensical exchange today was this statement made by Attorney Mortensen from the trUMp law team: “you can imagine it is very difficult to reach the President.” For the millionth time — The reason these attorneys reached out to me in the first place is because my legal document HAD REACHED MR. TRUMP!!!

Mr. Webber, we received your papers, but your papers don’t exist.

I can’t decide whether this is more like the nonsense poetry of Jabberwocky, Kafka, or 1984. Double-plus good.

Wish me luck!!

UPDATE: March 19th, I sent out a new set of process servers, and shortly thereafter, Cleveland, Waters and Bass informed me that Trump, Deck and the Campaign had all agreed to accept the damn paperwork, so we could move forward.