“2020: The Dumpster Fire,” is a documentary about the raging dumpster fire which was 2020.

The first half follows Rod Webber as he trolls the presidential candidates and their surrogates. Among them, Trump, Biden, Pence, Buttigieg and Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Webber is frequently joined by longtime collaborator and political satirist, Vermin Supreme who, (along with Webber), expertly troll Elizabeth Warren, Andrew Yang and Kaitlin Bennett of InfoWars. Meanwhile, Webber breaks the internet when he scrawls “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself” on the wall at Art Basel, at the same time running for president as “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself” Webber.

When civil unrest breaks out in the wake of George Floyd’s murder, Webber is one of the first on the scene, documenting Minneapolis as it burns. When things heat up in Portland and Seattle, Webber was there too, joined by Gregg Housh of Anonymous fame who together shake out a couple Proudboys before things get too dicey.

As the summer heats up, Webber introduces a new performance art group, The Sacred Church of AntifA Soros Chaos Magick comprised of Webber, Lauren Pespisa, (“The Hacker Wars”), Embry Galen and Anthony Petrovich who make it their mission to troll Blue Lives Matter rallies with giant props. Their final stunt of the summer features Pespisa tearing a “heart” out of the chest of Donald Trump, (played by Galen), in a skit designed to bring attention to the E. Jean Carroll/ Trump rape case. Of course, Webber burns an effigy of Trump, and Alex Jones loses his mind about the affair, and the internet breaks once again.

Throughout the film, Webber is caught up in several court dramas, one of which is his lawsuit against The Trump Campaign, in which he prevails, representing himself in court.

The film includes serious interviews with Noam Chomsky, Barrett Brown (Anonymous), Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys), Daryle Lamont Jenkins (Alt-Right Age of Rage), Niko House (MCSC Network), Jimmy Dore, Michael Moore, Kim Handy Jones and about a dozen 2020 candidates.