Straight Pride fails in Dallas

Update on the Straight Pride nonsense:

SHFA announces cancellation of Dallas Event that was supposed to happen November 16th. The organizers bailed, but Mark Sahady and Brandon Navom got a hotel room to announce the cancellation.


More nonsense


The nonsense continues





If you are NOT a republican or democrat, or you have ideas outside of the mainstream, the State of New Hampshire wants to let you know you can go fuck yourself. Since the New Hampshire primaries are crucial to the overall presidential election, Bill Gardner, (the Secretary of State of New Hampshire) wants to let you know that the country can go fuck itself. No democracy for you. Do as Bill tells you– though all he will tell you is go fuck yourself.

The quick version of events:

Since 2015, I’ve been trying to get on the ballot for the presidential primary. Every time I make an attempt, Bill Gardner tells me to go fuck myself. The first time, he said I couldn’t use the name, “Flowerman.” That’s how I was known in the press, and to the public. New Hampshire state law allows nicknames on the ballot. Bill didn’t care.

Last Friday, (Nov 8), I tried to get on the ballot using my nickname EPSTEINDIDNTKILLHIMSELF WEBBER. Bill offered no reason why this was unsatisfactory. He use the threat of force to remove me. On Wednesday, (Nov 13), he wouldn’t even let me into the office, and again, used the threat of force.

This Friday, (Nov 15), I came offering options of nicknames the Bill might be okay with; RIGGED ELECTION WEBBER, and FLINTSTILLDOESNTHAVECLEANWATER WEBBER. Bill still gave no reason as to why he wouldn’t allow me on the ballot.

There’s a couple livestreams for full context– but in the quick edited video, (to get to the point), I show a clip of me bringing the $1000 to get on the presidential ballot. Then, NH Secretary of State Bill Gardner refuses to take my money for the third time in a week. He also refused to grant a reason to not include me, even after I read the law to him out loud.

Mr. Gardner is a little more talkative with Vermin Supreme, giving us the opportunity to see Gardner’s true ignorance— of course, with the help of Richard Manzo who holds his feet to the fire, regarding the Libertarian primary being held as a result of the State’s lopsided position to not include smaller parties such as the Greens or Libertarians.

These videos are but a few of many videos we’ve made this year and during the 2016 season illustrating how ignorant, (or indifferent), many public officials are of their own procedures, policies and laws. (I’d post links to others, but my YouTube channel has been deleted.)

Regardless of what party one identifies with, any NH resident should be outraged that their tax dollars go toward an undemocratic primary which shows favoritism toward certain parties over others. It’s not democracy. It’s the illusion of democracy— and the media should be ashamed of themselves for perpetuating it.


RIGGED ELECTION WEBBER at the statehouse

Pony parade


At the statehouse.


Sandrablanddidntkillherself, Vermin Supreme and Liz Warren in Concord

The United States of America is not a democracy. It is not a Constitutional Republic. It is an oligarchy and plutocracy. Arguably, it is a kleptocracy.

Once again, Bill Gardner wouldn’t let me on the ballot, showing he doesn’t care about democracy, free speech, or the rules and laws of the State of New Hampshire. Bill Gardner selects who can or cannot run, and therefore decides who can become president.

Not only would he not even attempt rational discussion, he refused Vermin Supreme as well.

Later, Elizabeth Warren endorsed me, then she gave a speech… and another speech. And then she wouldn’t take a selfie with Vermin, so he asked her a tough question about the interstate roller coaster system and made her run away.

Epsteindidntkillhimself 2020 in Concord

I’m the guy with the safety helmet: Epsteindidntkillhimself. Just one word. It’s pretty, and rolls off of the tongue, and it constitutes no slogan nor any cause.

Unfortunately, SoS Bill Gardner wouldn’t allow me to register my name as a part of the New Hampshire Primary. Once Gardner made that decision, I was removed from his office by threat of force. Worse still, I was thrown out of the entire State House for being “loud.” This is a travesty, since Warmonger Joe Biden’s staff had at least three people in the building using bullhorns, and a freaking marching band. Vermin Supreme and his staff had bullhorns, and were kicking up quite a ruckus.
This looks like a case of free speech for the powerful few, and content restrictions on speech for the little guy— A clear violation of the 1841 treaty of Hogwarts. President Pence is now required by law to send Vince McMahon and squadron of WWE stormtroopers armed with AT-ATs to vaporize the population.
Four legs good— two legs bad!
Humpty Dumpty was pushed!!
Read/ see the first time Gardner refused me.









Man Attempts to Run for President in New Hampshire as ‘Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself’







At Walmart with Vermin Supreme preparing for debate.



CONCORD RECAP: When I first arrived, it was just me and Rod Webber. We entered the State House, headed up to the secretary of state’s office (where some Biden volunteers tried to play cop and send us to the “free speech zone” where we’d be allowed to challenge the groupthink) and Rod tried to file his Republican candidacy as ‘Rod “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself” Webber’ but was denied and forcibly removed. Meanwhile President Supreme and I linked up outside the State House and eventually entered the building where fans inside the visitor center took pictures with him and received bumper stickers. Vermin was then interviewed by an intrepid kid reporter and we stopped with one of the big whigs at WMUR (New Hampshire News) to chat for a bit. We then went upstairs where we were surrounded by Biden extremists and told them if they had weed to “fire it up,” “when I say ok, you say boomer!” and “Impeach Joe Biden!” Many boomers on Twitter were upset by us calling Biden a boomer because he’s too old to technically be a boomer, but I clarified on stream that boomer is a mindset not a hard and fast age range. We then went outside and had a conversation with cops who “requested” that we take our protests to the “free speech zone” again (which we discovered was just anywhere far away from the event). I asked if we could stay if we supported Biden, to which I was asked “do you?” and I replied “well, say we do…” and he said “then you can stay” (or something to that effect). We clarified that it was a request, not a command, so we stayed out front of the State House. We were then “requested” to not use our megaphones near the event (we did anyway) to ask Biden if he would make Ok Boomer his running mate (no answer). I then chanted “ok boomer” (OH KAY BOO MER cadence) as we were walked out by cops. We then met Desarae’s uncle who I also ok boomer’d.