Glenn Greenwald hired an Anti-Whistleblower, Sam Biddle

Chelsea Manning is sick of Glenn Greenwald’s shit.

So, today, she said she’d return Greenwald’s $10,000 donation if she could. Glenn hit her back saying, “Friendships that depend on political agreement were never ‘friendships,’ just cynical transactions.”

As part of a series of other tweets, Glenn tweeted, “While Julian Assange is rotting in prison, @ChelseaManning recently smeared him when he couldn’t defend himself, announcing that if she had to do it over again, she would not have leaked to WikiLeaks. Maligning someone unjustly rotting in prison is not an attribute I value.”

Chelsea was somewhat vague in what her issue with Glenn was, but it is reasonable to surmise that it had something to do with his trillions of appearances on Fox News, or his regular bashing of lefties and his constant lip service to his besty, Tucker Carlson.

Naturally, Barrett Brown is also sick of of Glenn’s bullshit– so he jumped in holding receipts– pointing out to Glenn, “Yes it is. [an attribute Glenn values.] You hired and retained Sam Biddle for The Intercept after he wrote an article celebrating my sentencing, among other things. Then you let him handle the Reality Winner documents. Either me, Chelsea, Winner, Hammond, and Kiriakou are trash, or you are.

For those unfamiliar with Brown’s work, he did much to expose the malevolence and doucehbaggery of private intelligence Voldemorts such as Palantir and HB Gary Federal. As a result, Barrett was thrown in a US gulag and charged with the “crime” of pasting a publicly available URL into the public. Glenn was a supporter of Barrett’s work, but obviously, the feelings are not so fuzzy at this stage.

In the celebratory Biddle article in question, Sam gloated:

Way back in 2011, things were going very well for Barrett Brown, a hacker groupie-cum-journalist who’d made some friends in Anonymous, the once-fearsome online collective. Today, he was sentenced to 63 months in prison after aiding them in their reign of crimes and bullshit theatrics.

I shared Barrett’s tweet with Glenn, saying, “You hired Sam Biddle after Barrett’s sentencing? That seems to be contradictory to everything you’ve been tweeting today.

GLENN: When are people going to comprehend that I didn’t run the Intercept? If I ran the Intercept, would I have had to quit because they wouldn’t publish my article? You think I made hiring decisions?

ROD: Your statement is akin to Ringo Starr saying, “when are people going to comprehend that I didn’t run The Beatles,” or if you prefer, Charlie Manson saying, “you know I wasn’t the one who did the murders.” If Ringo had quit in protest of those hit songs, or Charlie stepped down before the murders, then they could reasonably disassociate. The question is, did you step down when Biddle was hired in protest of him trashing Barrett?
No. You, didn’t.

GLENN: Barrett himself went to work at the intercept and took its money.

ROD: Barrett wrote from prison– and before Biddle was hired. Are you trying to tell me that Barrett– or Julian, or Kirakou or anyone in prison are being given preferential treatment and are given minute-by-minute updates of the hiring and firing at The Intercept?
Of course not. But since you had your freedom, that’s something you had access to. Get out of here with “he took their money too” bullshit.

I haven’t heard back from Glenn since— but since his hypocrisy is on full display, I expect that Mr. Greenwald will go back to chasing dung beetles and stacking up his Substack piles of cash which he has amassed as a result of his appearances on Tucker Carlson’s white-nationalism hour.

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