“The film is essential watching… very powerful and frankly very upsetting and unsettling.”
— Sacred Hoop Magazine

Short Synopsis
The film documents the lead up to the violent “Night of the Water Cannons” at the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota. The peaceful Water Protectors face an onslaught of rubber bullets, tear gas canisters and sub-zero water cannons by militarized police as winter approaches.

The Standing Rock Nation faces militarized police who unleash a violent assault resulting in 300 injuries. Widespread hypothermia, loss of eye-sight and reconstruction of an arm resulted from crimes against humanity and violation of the Geneva Convention.


Full Synopsis
The film documents the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline leading up to the brutal night of the water cannons at the Standing Rock Reservation, in North Dakota on Nov. 20th 2016.

For refusal to leave their own property to make way for an illegal pipeline, Morton County Sheriff’s department partnered with an unlicensed mercenary group, (TigerSwan), to brutalize the people of Standing Rock and their environmentalist allies in one final push to get them out before the winter approaches.

The massive militarized police force unleashed rubber bullets, concussion grenades, tear gas and freezing water-cannons on the Water Protectors resulting in 300 injuries. There was widespread hypothermia, the loss of eye-sight (by Sioux-Z Dundon), and a woman (Sophia Wilansky), who lost the use of her arm. Both were injured by explosives launched at the crowd by the police. According to treaty law, Standing Rock is a sovereign nation, making the use of tear gas a violation of the Geneva Convention.

Appearances and/ or interviews with: LaDonna Brave Bull Allard, Tara Houska, Faith Spotted Eagle, Phyllis Young, Soldier Boy, Dallas Goldtooth, Payu Harris, Michael Markus, Sioux-Z Dundon, Hemoc Xelup, Che Jim, Erik Rydberg​, Efrain Montalvo, Didi Banerji​, Dolores Huerta​, Jane Fonda, Wes Clark Jr., Kevin Gilbert, Erin Schrode, Josh Fox, and many more.