Trump 2020: Suck Trump’s Cock

Trump2020: Beer, Q-Anon, Antifa, Jesus and “Sucking Trump’s Cock.”

Manchester New Hampshire.

After dozens of visits, and two court cases revolving around Trump goons throwing me over a table at a non-Trump rally in 2015, it feels like a home away from home. Sure, I may be starting to sound like the politicians filling the public’s collective consciousness with these kind empty platitudes and pleasantries every four years… But at least I concede that is an abusive home in which the drunken, red-headed stepfather has a badger stapled to his head, and keeps sticking my face in the George Foreman grill every time I stop by for the family barbecue.

However, this time around, the tailgate-party which was the Manchester Trump rally this Thursday, (Aug 15), devolved into high-weirdness, Q-Anon theories, misinformed opinions about the Bible, Antifa, mass shootings, and every other flavor of stupidity under the sun, as we all basked in the sea of toxic waste being pumped via Jumbotron to the overflow crowd of thousands of roided-out Trumpers in the streets.

When I arrived at the SNHU Arena in the downtown, the sea of red MAGA hats made in China could be seen as I made my way up Granite Street. Elm Street, the main drag in Manchester/ Manchvegas, (as it is known by the locals), was shut down from Whiskey 20, passed Vaporama and several blocks to the south where the line snaked up and down the street, filled with a mix of aspiring politicians, soccer moms, and the conservative opposite of a Grateful Dead show, where “Blue Lives Matter” flags were being sold, and the stink of beer filled the humid August air.

Don’t get me wrong — I am all for the freedom to purchase and consume whatever you want to put in your body — but there are certain substances which are known to have certain effects on the personality. Pounding Jagermeister in the back of your pick up truck, while President Camacho screams about Mexicans and Muslims being animals might not have a positive effect on one’s psyche.

The arena itself is surrounded by bars and restaurants. To the north is a bar called Kisaki and beyond it is the downtown, with plenty of places to drink up. Directly across from the arena is the Kenoco gas station, where Massachusetts Senate candidate Shiva Ayyadurai had parked his massive campaign bus, and was evidently still campaigning after his loss in 2018. After speaking at the notorious “Boston Free Speech” rally, which invited a holocaust denier, who could’ve guessed? Doing it the week after Charlottesville probably didn’t help either.

Down a couple blocks on Elm, (which was entirely closed to vehicles), is Murphy’s pub, where a band was playing, and MAGA hats could be seen coming in and out of the patio area to pound whiskeys, then head back out to the party in the street. Chants predictably alternated between, “four more years,” and “ make America great again.”

As I made my way down Elm Street, trying to get an interview with anyone who would speak to me, I met a group of people passing out Bud Lights, who invited me to drink. The guy with all the beer asked me to film him chugging his watery can of piss, while his friends cheered him on. Initially, he wanted me to chug with him, but I couldn’t put down my video equipment fast enough for his liking, so he said he would do it without me.

Later, I saw him again on the Lake street side of the arena, drunkenly jumping up and downing shouting “make America great again” with his friends across from the protest group, who were chanting “immigrants are welcome here.” One of the men on the MAGA side was shouting frantically at the lefties about the size of his penis. The lefties returned the dick jokes — and rather insecurely, the MAGA guy shouted back, “ your mom said I have a small penis, that is kind of rude.” Another man without a shirt, wearing only a tie screamed wildly and pretended to do vape hits off of my microphone, while screaming “I love Donald Trump” every time he did.

Every single person who was willing to speak to me on camera harped on about border security. A good percentage of those who did talk wanted to let me know that they were Christian, without me prompting them to disclose this information. When I asked how they felt about Trump unnecessarily separating children from their mothers, these supposed Christian, “pro-family” Trump supporters would pass the buck to Obama or claim that they couldn’t possibly understand the issue because they were not in law-enforcement. What would Jesus do, I wonder… I doubt he’d be an asshole and say, “sorry — Pontius Pilate says they have to take your baby. I have no control over the Roman Guard. Man — those Praetorian Guard are even worse. Those are the breaks.”

Samah Deek from Power 102.9 FM, a Palestinian Muslim and former Bernie supporter came with her Q-anon gear, as did plenty of other. But Samah enthusiastically ranted incoherently for the camera, (in her words), about, “The conspiracy theory that works with Trump and stuff.” Others pontificated about Saul Alinsky and Karl Marx without actually saying anything at all — simply, “look him up.”

Deek told me regarding Q-Anon, “Q-anon posts on 8Chan. It’s a disinformation, dissemination program from the government likely obviously working with Donald Trump and you know, it will be out in the public knowledge but it’s you know, seeping out, slowly, slowly. All we are asking for is a reporter to ask Trump himself who Q-Anon is. And he brings things to light like Donald Trump has arrested more human traffickers than any other president and that’s because you know Donald Trump understands, the kabal, the deep state, that we’re dealing with really you know. Lots of people you know, just use children as currency or worse, for Satanic reasons unfortunately, not only pedophilia.”

Later she told me she was excited to volunteer for the Straight Pride Parade because Milo Yiannopoulos, (and admitted pedophile) is the parade master.

I asked Samah Deek about 8chan in regard to the El Paso shooting, and she replied, “people basically, they’re trying to make it look like somebody else did it. So it’s the deep state trying to make it look like somebody else did it. Like the Dayton shooter for example is Antifa, technically — but nobody talks about him. And actually the El Paso shooter used to be a registered Democrat if you look at screenshots — and then it got changed to Republican after the shooting happened. So how was he going to change his registration after his death? Do you know what I mean? It’s on the website where it says his information. His information got changed afterwards. It got changed after his death.”

I responded that it was believed that he was a Trump supporter. He also had a manifesto supporting Trump’s rhetoric.

She says, “El Paso, well — El Paso, he’s a Democrat. It’s not that he is Antifa, he’s a Democrat.”

I’m not sure how that makes anything better or more logical.

For hours more, the various factions continued screaming at each other. By dusk, Kaitlin Bennett of InfoWars was doing what I had seen InfoWars do on many occasions — to misrepresent themselves and their politics to lure in young people with left-leaning opinions so they can make “Libtards” look “libtarded.” Their favorite victims are high school students, who look like young adults, but in reality are children.

When I caught Kaitlin doing this, I went to put an end to it. She was speaking to a young woman with purple hair — so I jumped in and told the woman with purple hair who Kaitlin was. The purple haired woman, didn’t know who InfoWars was — but once I explained, wasn’t thrilled by the deception. Like a wind-up jack-in-the-box, Kaitlin started to go into a rehearsed plug for Alex Jones and InfoWars, saying that I needed to use some Alex Jones “male vitality” pills. When I tried to engage her in conversation, she decided to hide behind her fiancé who stood mute and motionless, though I was motionless as well.

When Kaitlin re-emerged, she started sticking her microphone into my camera lens, asking “how many people are watching?” I asked, “what,” knowing that no one could get a signal. She repeated, how many people are watching?” I responded, “we don’t have a signal.” She looked over to her fiancé and laughed. I repeated, “there’s no signal,” then I showed her on my phone that I was simply recording without the use of a live stream.

Kaitlin then asked, “what is something good Trump has done so far?”

I responded, “he’s given ferrets a good place to live on top of his head.” I got a laugh from the purple-haired woman, and Kaitlin was speechless.

Kaitlin, unsurprisingly doesn’t do very well when she has to go off script, so she returned to speaking to the purple-haired woman, asking her if my behavior was an example of toxic masculinity. The purple haired woman said that it wasn’t, replying, “it’s the idea that men have to be super sexual, the idea that they have to be super macho, and masculine, they don’t have to be that way.”

Kaitlin then pulled away the microphone and turned and pointed toward me, saying, “this is a perfect example. Men don’t have to be masculine.”

I said, “True — it’s a good point. I like being as feminine as the next guy.”

Kaitlin laughed and turn to her fiancé saying, “do you like being effeminate?”

He shook his head “no” and laughed, while she guffawed.

Mixing up her themes of abortion and “male vitality” pills, I quipped, “that’s why I take all the fetuses that Donald Trump gives me and I feed on them, and I sell them to Joe Rogan who uses it for Joe Rogan’s super male vitality.”

As the night went on, she continued to interview attendees about abortion as Vermin and I observed. The man she was interviewing, made a joke about Vermin, so I jumped in, as she concluded the interview, asking whether an internet rumor was true about her losing bowel control at or of these events.

Kaitlin: Do you want it to be true?

RW: (Silly tone) Abso — whoa — hey! That’s weird!

Kaitlin: are you in to that?

RW: That’s weird, I’m not into that!

Kaitlin: Are you in to that? Are you into that? Are you into that? Oh my God! Did you just ask me? I heard a really bad rumor about this guy. This guy likes to watch his wife have sex with other men. He likes to watch. Why do you watch your wife having shit?

RW: hey, listen. I am a thin man who only eats vegan food. So I get very confused when it comes to the things that come out. I know that the only way to go forward is by taking pony poop and then converting it into methane.

Kaitlin: What?

RW: we need to convert pony poop into methane.

Kaitlin: okay.

RW: that’s the thing that

Abortion guy: Do you watch other men fuck your wife?

RW: Abso — what are you talking about? Oh my goodness! No no no. What we want to do is bring forward —

Kaitlin: he watches other Man fuck his wife. Do you believe that! I heard it on Twitter. It must be true.

Abortion guy: i’m a super jealous guy, I couldn’t imagine being OK with other people fucking my wife.

At this point, Kaitlyn has a big smile on her face and raises her arm into the air while she shouts at the top of her voice:

This guy lets his wife fuck other men!! Oh my god that’s disgusting!

Vermin jumps in, literally jumping up and down saying:

hey gun girl, where is your gun!?

Show us your gun I want your gun. Where is your gun? Your gun is so nice. You’re going to so big. I want your gun.. I want your gun. I watch your gun.

Abortion guy: why are you yelling at her?

Vermin: it’s a way I can really express myself.

Now speaking in a quiet nasally voice:

Where is your gun? Where is your gun? Where is your gun?

Of course, Kaitlin became internet famous four open carrying big guns on to college campuses and other events like this. It therefore was reasonable to ask why Kaitlyn hadn’t brought a gun to New Hampshire where everyone loves their guns!

In the process, Kaitlin revealed to the world her obsession with wives getting “fucked” by other men — which must’ve been awkward for her fiancé. These are “conservative” words and concepts being put out there by big budget “conservative” media in 2020.

Finally, me and the gang got into it with Ben Bergquam of Frontline America. Playing off of the dick jokes that were assaulting the ears from the red-hat in the streets, Vermin had the Trumpers chanting “suck Trump’s cock,” by the end of the night.

Presidential politics in 2020.

(YouTube has permanently deleted Rod Webber’s account.)