Webber v. Boston Police Department

Webber v BPD police riot1

001 Aug 30, 2022: Webber’s Complaint

002 Aug 30, 2022: Payment

003 Aug 30, 2022: Judge William G. Young Assigned

004 Aug 30, 2022: Summons

Webber v BPD police riot2

Webber v. Trump Filings

Images by Kevin Bowe.

This post is a list of the primary documents submitted in Webber v. Trump. Read backstory at link.



**There have been several updates which can be seen in blog posts.

Case filed 10/11/2018. Complaint filed. Assigned Case # 1:18–00931. Filing fee of $400.

10/11/18 Assigned to Judge Joseph A. DiClerico.

Up through March, thousands of dollars are spent on private detectives and process servers around the country to get the Defendants to accept the court documents.

3/12/19 Judge DiClerico recuses himself. At some point, Judge Paul J. Barbadoro recuses himself as well. Assigned to Judge Landya B. McCafferty

March and April are spent bickering with the Defendants’ lawyers.

April 1, 2019: Gould claims to not represent Deck’s companies, “XMark,” and claims that Deck says XMark was not involved with the campaign at that stage. FEC records say otherwise. Nonetheless, Gould asks me to not include XMark in the amended complaint.

April 17: First Amended Complaint (Doc 47) is filed. Cowan & Mortensen are unhappy with “Parties” section, and suggest amending. The bickering and lying by the attorneys increases.

By May, 74 documents have been entered to the court, comprised largely of unsuccessful motions to dismiss or motions to quash by attorneys for the Defendants.

May 22: I file my “Second Amended Complaint” (Document 75), which is an updated version of “The Complaint,” which is the primary document explaining what happened.

June 3: Radisson Hotel (JPA III) files motion to dismiss. (Doc 88)

June 5: XMark files motion to dismiss. (Doc 96)

June 5: Trump Campaign files a motion to dismiss case. (Doc 97). This document cites, RSA 106-F:4, XIII which allows unlicensed and unaccountable yahoos from out of state, traveling with national candidates to legally be called “security.” This is coupled with RSA 627:5, III. It reads:

A private person who has been directed by a law enforcement officer to assist him… using: (a) Non-deadly force when and to the extent that he reasonably believes such to be necessary… or (b) Deadly force only when he reasonably believes such to be necessary.”

And RSA 627:6 V which reads:

“A person authorized by law to maintain decorum … may use non-deadly force when and to the extent that he or she reasonably believes it necessary for such purposes, but the person may use deadly force only when he or she reasonably believes it necessary.”


June 5: Donald Trump files a motion to dismiss case. (Doc 98)

June 12: No Labels files motion to dismiss case. (Doc 100)

June 14: Manchester Police decline to file motion to dismiss, and instead, file an “answer.” (Doc 101)

June 19: I file objection to JPA (late, because I misunderstood procedure) (Doc 106). Additionally, I file objections hastily, discovery they are also due this day. Those included The Campaign and XMark. (Docs 111 and 112). Simultaneously, I file motions to extend and file amended objections.

June 21: Trump Organization, LLC and The Trump Organization, Inc. file a motion to dismiss case. (Doc 115)

June 26: My objection to XMark’s motion to dismiss. (116)

June 26: My objection to Campaign’s motion to dismiss case. (117)

June 26: My objection to Trump’s motion to dismiss case. (118)

Gould files a motion to have the three objections stricken because they are not double-spaced. I am forced to re-do everything. First, I write a motion for clarification, to see if I can get around the typographical issues.

June 28: Motion to clarify. (Doc 121)

June 28: Gould approves of my solution. (Doc 122)

July 2: The Judge makes an Order regarding typography. Unfortunately, I just saw the order “headline” in the ECF bin, and was not aware of this document. (Doc 125).

July 3: My Objection to No Labels’ motion to dismiss. (Doc 126)

July 11: No Labels’ reply. (Doc 127)

July 12: I refile all of the objections for Trump, the Campaign and XMark, (130, 131, 132). Gould immediately writes to complain about the typography. I withdraw, fix his issues, and resubmit.

July 12: I file objection to JPA’s motion to dismiss. (134) Appendix.

July 12: I file objection to XMark’s motion to dismiss. (135) Appendix.

July 12: I file objection to the two Trump Organizations.(136) Appendix.

July 15: I file withdrawals of the filings Gould asked stricken.

July 15: I file objection to Campaign’s motion to dismiss. (139) Payments Appendix. Trump payments to Manchester Police.

July 15: I file objection to Donald J. Trump. (140) Exhibit: payment from Trump Corporation on behalf of Trump Organization.

July 16: Surreply to No Labels. (143). Clancy transcript.

July 26: The two Trump Organizations file a reply to my objection. (146)

July 26: The Campaign files reply to my objection. (147)

July 26: XMark files reply to my objection. (148)

July 26: “The President of the United States” (as they write it), files a reply to my objection. (149)


Jan 2: Counts against Radisson dropped for failure to meet deadline.

Jan 6: Judge’s Order

Jan 13: Judge’s Order

Jan 20: I file Motion to reconsider.

Jan 27: Second set of defendants in Motion to reconsider.

Jan 30: No Labels’ objection.

Jan 31: Trump’s objection.

Feb 3: Trump Org’s objection.

Feb 6: Reply to No Labels’ Objection.

Feb 7: Trump Campaign hires a new attorney for Cleveland, Waters and Bass: appearance of new attorney

Feb 7: Trump Campaign’s objection.

Feb 10: Reply to Trump Organizations’ objection.

Feb 10: Correction.

Feb 13: Trump Campaign’s attorney quits.

Feb 19: Trump Campaign hires yet another attorney.

March 6th: Judge rejects motion to reconsider.

March 27th: Trump Campaign’s “answer” is due. They fail to file.

April 3rd: Trump Campaign files motion to say they failed to answer.

April 6th: Rod Webber files request for entry of default.

Dec 28, 2020 Cleveland Waters & Bass give Webber check for $20k

webber trump check redacted








Defendants Trump, Trump Campaign, Edward Deck, NH Rep Fred Doucette, represented by Cleveland, Waters & Bass. Attorneys: Bryan Gould, Matthew Mortensen. Unknown CW&B employees CC’d on emails: Brenda Barnard, “Arroyoc” and “Dials.” **Edward Deck’s two “security” companies in multiple states with identical names (XMark, LLC) also represented. (5 total)

Trump Organization, LLC and The Trump Organization, Inc., represented by Sheehan, Phinney, Bass & Green. Attorneys: Peter Cowan and Chloe Golden. “DC Harland and D. Hemeon” are CC’d on emails. (4 total)

Defendant No Labels represented by Rath Young & Pignatelli. Attorneys: Jonathan Spaeth, and Adam B. Pignatelli. Someone named “MMR” is CC’d on emails. (3 total)

Defendants City of Manchester, Officer James Pittman, Officer Brian Cosio, Officer Daniel Craig, and Officer Allen Aldenberg represented by Gallagher Callahan & Gartrell. Attorney: Samantha Dowd Elliot. “Kulacz” is CC’d on emails. (2 total)

JPA Management (The Radisson Hotel) represented by Christian Hinrichsen. “SMarkham” is CC’d on emails. (2 total)

That’s it for now. Wear your maggot spray. I want to live. If I am found dead in a ditch, it is because they murdered me. Peace and love!

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