No matter who you work for, whether it be God or serpent, man or woman…. politician or amoeba, it’s hard to not feel like you’ve got your head in a blender when all you can see in the world swirling around you is a slurry of blood and bones. The moment can’t be allowed to pass without speaking up, or at the very least bringing light to it, so that at least we can die laughing as the world goes down in oil and flames.

My new art-book “THE GARDEN OF VOICELESS SCREAMS” is now available as a 40 page, 8X10 glossy, available in hard or soft cover for a mere $32 bucks. A bargain!

The book itself is jam-packed with great political collages, with a little something no matter which side of the aisle you hang out on. The collection includes work from the mysteriously vanishing/ censored November art-show at The Middle East.

Help decipher the controversy, and preview the first 15 pages of the book at Blurb.com!

Ships as soon as Dec 28th, and E-Book version available immediately. We’re also working on a pocket-sized version you can take with you everywhere. Enjoy!


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