Oppressed Majority 2019

The ‘Oppressed’ Majority documents the violent rallies associated with “Proud Boys” and White Nationalists in Boston and Providence which lead up to the Boston “Straight Pride” Parade, and the senseless violence and mass arrests against peaceful protesters by the Boston Police in August of 2019.

The original version of the film, (published to YouTube), resulted in the “permanent” deletion of Webber’s entire channel for “hate speech,” while clearly being against it. Webber was subsequently arrested both at the parade and a second time in the courtroom. Defense attorney Susan Church was arrested for reading the law to Judge Sinnott, whose actions would suggest he is an anti-LGBTQ activist. Webber’s case was sent to the Supreme Judicial Court which ruled in favor of Webber. Judge Sinnott is currently under investigation, while the Straight Pride group has announced a new event in Texas.

UPDATE: The YouTube channel has been undeleted after five months of pressure. A final version will be published later in the year.

BFS’s Invictus call for revolution:

SAMSON’S Homemade weapons distro:



Resist Marxism’s Toese “Anti-f*ggot movement”:

Sept 6, 2019: I am told that I face 90 days in jail without bail if I go to tomorrow’s protest. I have been trying all day to work out a solution for tomorrow. This is my letter to the Mayor:

Hello Mayor Walsh–
It’s me again– Rod Webber– the documentarian who tried to warn you that giving Straight Pride a permit was a bad idea. 
As you may or may not know, I was arrested on Saturday, after Resist Marxism’s Straight Pride Parade for doing nothing more than filming, and trying to speak reasonably to the police to see to it that things would end peacefully. As you know, they did not. I was arrested again in court on Tuesday for asserting my first amendment rights. So, the way this is playing out is that you allow unlimited first amendment rights to a dangerous group known for starting riots, and those who oppose this dangerous group get none, and are locked in a jail cell repeatedly.
 Had I known that the conditions of my bail would’ve prevented me from going to the protest of Marty Walsh tomorrow, I never would’ve accepted. I tried to get my lawyer, (Chris Basso), on the case this morning, but he was busy in court. So, I called Rachel Rollin’s office in an attempt to rescind bail and turn myself in. I briefly spoke to General Council Donna Patalano to rescind my bail and turn myself in. Donna told me that she could only speak to my lawyer, Chris Basso. Chris is out of court and now trying to work something out. However, if they can’t work something out, this creates a dilemma for me. How do I keep my promise to keep standing up for those who oppose the Straight Pride Parade?
The question you have to ask yourself is do you believe in the first amendment for Straight Pride, and speech you support, or do you believe in the first amendment for all?
Call me if you can think of a way for me to attend that protest tomorrow without me getting in trouble with the court.

Please get back to me if you wish to help.


Rod Webber

Another random letter, published in haste
As you may have seen on dozens of news outlets— I was arrested for
filming the Straight Pride Parade in Boston. I was arrested again at
my arraignment on Tuesday, and lost my YouTube channel Wednesday
night. What started as Proudboys v Antifa has turned into a major
constitutional issue where Judge Sinnott has over-stepped his
authority ignoring what should be separation of powers. He has decided 
to be Judge and prosecutor. D.A. Rachel Rollins isn’t having it.

I have been documenting this hate group since 2017 when they called
themselves Boston Free Speech. At that time, Augustus Invictus (a
 holocaust denier) called for a violent takeover of the US govt, and
Salvatore Cippola, (a Proudboy gave a homophobic rant.) They put on a
rally a week after Charlottesville which was protested by 45k people.
 I interviewed the leader who mulled the possibility of Richard Spencer
 speaking, but said they would have to vet BLM. They tried to get me
 swatted by having dozens of their followers claim I had a bomb. Sure 
enough, the FBI showed up (for the second time in a year), but luckily 
they didn’t shoot me.

Because of the bad press, they rebranded themselves as “Resist
 Marxism” in fall of 2018. Tiny Toese called for the “anti-faggot
 movement.”  By October, of 2018, they started a massive riot in
 Providence, causing a trans friend/ documentarian to suffer a severe
 head injury.
The following weekend, the Proudboys jumped Antifa at a Gavin McInnes.
 The Proudboys then told Resist Marxism to cancel all rallies until the
 trial was over. Samson Racioppi then held a rally to distribute
 homemade weapons manuals like the Anarchist Cookbook and How to stage
 an Insurrection.

 And, in 2019, they rebranded as “Straight Pride.”

Shortly before the
 parade, the Proudboys were found guilty.

 They never should’ve been granted a parade permit. Free speech doesn’t 
allow for incitement.

Here’s some links:
 BFS’s Invictus call for revolution: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fD6TJaAZdwU
Homemade weapons distro https://www.facebook.com/events/260168424584044/
Weapons https://www.facebook.com/fishdan/posts/10156597026347277

Resist Marxism’s Toese “Anti-f*ggot movement”:


Regarding the Straight Pride Rally:
 It seems like it was going to be an uneventful day. But, around 4pm,
 when the permit expired, protesters laid in the street to block
 traffic. Shortly after, police started indiscriminately pepper
spraying the crowd. One cop even threw a punch. The crowd moved up 
Congress Street, and along with Vermin Supreme, we told jokes to
lighten the mood. Among them, we were making fun of the sound of 
“mooove back” which is what the cops do when they use their bikes as
 shields to move back the crowd. We were going “the cow goes moo.” Near 
the sight of the Boston Massacre we were rounding the corner when
 someone alleged throwing of urine bottles. This is a common claim the
 police disseminate so they have an excuse to go crazy. So, I decided
 to calmly walked back to the police line and asked the police, (using
 my bullhorn), if they had given the dispersal order, hoping that if
 they had, I could convey that to the crowd so things would go smoothly
and peacefully. I gave about 30 more seconds on redress of grievances,
 and that sort of thing, when the cops broke formation and charged.

 I *walked* calmly up on the sidewalk. I didn’t run— because I hadn’t
 done anything wrong, as you can see in the video:

I was clearly singled out, and tackled, at which point, I suffered a
 severe pain in my right leg which was likely a nerve pinch. The pain was worse than any broken 
bone I’ve ever had.

 They threw me in the paddy wagon and gave us a “rough ride.” Josh 
Abrams who was with us went flying and screamed that he fell on his
 wrists and he thought they were broken. They were not— but I have no
 doubt he was also in serious pain. I was charged with “disorderly
 person” and resisting arrest. I was neither disorderly, nor did I resist. Two of the four people had medical
 issues, (like epilepsy), so I volunteered to be let go last. Once I
 was booked, I was told they were having trouble clearing my FBI
 records, and I was let go around 10:15.

When I arrived at court Tuesday, there were a number of lawyers from 
the NLG. Chris Basso ended up representing me. I wore my hat into
 court. The bailiff asked me to take it off. I told her it was my first
 amendment right to a religious covering. She refused to let me enter,
 and was told to wait until I was called in. We were there at 8:30 and
 given a lunch break from 1:00 to 2:00. I would’ve preferred to be in
 the court room to see what was going on, but I was on my own. Between
 3:00 and 3:30, I went to use the bathroom. I suspect a bailiff took 
notice of this, and decided to tell the judge to call me at that time.

Immediately, a legal aid came and got me, and I ran back into the
court. Again, I was told to take off the hat, and again I asserted the 
first amendment. I was again told to wait in the hall. I sat for about
 5 minutes, when four bailiffs came out and arrested me. I was taken 
into lock up in the basement, then after a brief consultation with my 
lawyer, they took me back into the court room. The Judge purposefully
 muttered every word he said, making it difficult to hear.

Bail was set
at $750, which was 5 times what it should’ve been. My understanding is
 that the judge said I defaulted on my appearance. That is impossible,
since I had a lawyer representing me in the courtroom. At there very 
least, I was not a fugitive trying to escape justice. I was around the
 corner, and not allowed in the courtroom. So, it was ironic that I was
 arrested for not being there, while I was clearly there.

There were a series of jail cells I was bounced around in, but 
ultimately I was put in a police van and taken to a jail within a 
half mile. I was booked again, and put in a holding pen with several
 other people. I counted 13 half-drunk cartons of milk, and 9 half
-eaten bologna sandwiches with bugs crawling around. The conditions
 were truly disgusting. I got out around 8.

 Yesterday, the DA asked my lawyer if I would consider joining their 
emergency appeal to the SJC. Obviously, I was extremely apprehensive—
but it was irrelevant, because she moved ahead without me seeing it.
 It is full of factual errors, and the timeline is wrong. That’s the 
first half. It is the sort of thing taken out of context to try to 
prove someone’s guilt. The second half is about Nolle Prosequi. From
 what my lawyer tells me, the Judge denied the Nolle Prosequi because
 of the Victim Bill of Rights, claiming that the victims must be 
notified first. I asked, “do you mean to tell me he considers the
 police and Straight Pride” the victims of my free speech?” He said that it would appear that way. Ah, the irony.

So, Resist Marxism/ Straight Pride gets unlimited first amendment
rights, (despite incitements to violence), and actual violence started
by them at the Providence rally. And, on the flip side, anyone in 
opposition gets no first amendment rights— just a couple days in jail.

 Regarding my YouTube getting deleted, my short 45 minute documentary,
which I posted the night before the parade was flagged as hate speech.
 I appealed it thinking it would logically be overturned. I
 subsequently uploaded a new version of the video, (52 minutes) only to 
discover that the appeal was rejected shortly thereafter— and shortly 
after that, the entire channel was taken down. (9:35PM last night.) It
 is now on Facebook, which is pointless:

The video is there. It is just soft-censored. Copy link: https://www.facebook.com/rod.webber.50/videos/10162260933900123/



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