Teach Trump to be Good!

Donald Trump’s security people have stopped letting me into his events. How now will I show Donald the way? How can we help Donald to become a better person?– And in turn make the world a better place? I’ve decided to incorporate some of Donald’s themes along with some scripture. Hopefully Donald will see it, and learn. I sure hope so, at least. Peace and love!

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List of Assaults and Attacks at Donald Trump Events

This is a list of people who have been assaulted, attacked or ejected from Donald Trump rallies. Other than the two attacks on myself, I cannot speak to the details of any of these cases. This is merely meant to serve as a database. Trump Attacks Compilation


1. Sept 4th Efrain Galicia  (Punched by Trump staff) at Trump Tower while protesting. Daily Mail story 



2. Sept 17. Rod Webber Roughed up by Trump supporters in Rochester, NH for committing the sin of quoting from the Bible.   Video




3. Oct 12 Rod Webber  For asking why he was roughed up at previous rally, Webber was thrown over a table by Trump staff & police at in Manchester, NH. Webber was detained, then released by police, then when he asked to press charges was arrested.  Wash Post


4. Oct 14 Ronald Sanchez -Sanchez was spat on in Virginia

Biz Insider Story


Oct 25 Ariel Rojas dragged in Miami HuffPo


Nov 19 Worcester, MA Man Trump called Malt Schlitzmann “seriously overweight” — and the protester was ejected. (Who looked about Trump’s weight) News story

ABC News

His Twitter


Nov 21 – Mercutio Southall Jr.(Black Lives Matter protester)  beaten in Alabama. Washington Post


For those with new information, feel free to contact me: RodWebber AT Yahoo.com  @RodWebber

My GoFundMe.com

Contact info for the various people in these videos would be a great piece of information.

The War on Peace Continues

bill gardner1

NH Sec of State reluctantly accepts a flower for peace.

Since I am now being routinely shut out by presidential candidates (aside from the ones I am already friendly with), I chose to file paperwork to appear on the ballot in NH yesterday– Not because I am under the impression that I can beat the Washington machine– but so that I could make a principled stand, and at the very least challenge those who reject my flowers for peace to debate.

Unfortunately, Secretary of State Bill Gardner chose not to allow me to even file, though I had the fee, and I am of valid age, and have resided in the US for well over 14 years– (all my life).

This, as I pointed out to Secretary Gardner is prejudicial and likely legally actionable.

More on this as details emerge.

bill gardner2

NH Sec of State illegally blocks filing for presidency.

Trump supporter Joe Sylvester brags of threat to kill Daily Kos Writer/ Racist rant

rod webber joe sylvester As I sit in a McDonald’s for their WiFi around the corner from the convention center in Birch Run, MI where Donald Trump gave his speech last night, I listen to a table full of locals, (white men), who meet here every morning. One man stands out as he recalls the previous evening with the GOP man of the moment.

“Trump only charged twenty five bucks for the event, but Hillary charges twenty two thousand a plate.”

(Most of her events are free.)

“Were there a lot of people there Earl?”

“It was packed. I’m not going to let $130 bucks go to waste. It wasn’t so much the speech, it was seeing my old friends. They asked my opinion, and I said I have no opinion– shook their hands and said thank you very much. I always hung around with republicans. I don’t know why. But they liked me and I liked them.”

“How’d you vote?”

“I never know until I get out of the booth. Every time I vote, it’s been that way.”

Another man suddenly changes the course of the discussion. “I heard a law on the MI law books, if a woman cuts her hair or colors it without your permission, she’s outta there.”

“In the old days, you’d just backhand her.”

One of their female acquaintances walks in to say hello to them. Suddenly the tone changes.

“Good morning,” says one.

“Howdy,” says another.

Discussing the fate of a young McDonald’s employee taking orders from a Hispanic man, one says, “it’s better than being pushed around by a bunch of niggers.”

And so the conversation goes.

The event itself was standard Trump, except that he was late, giving his fans plenty of time to fill up on Bud Light 24 ounce cans which they were selling at the event.  So it shouldn’t have been any surprise that after the show, the drunken opinions of some of the attendees began to emerge.

One man in possession of several conservative opinions was a guy named Joe Sylvester. Among the choice phrases in his racist rant was, “we’re going to whack the fucking shit out of ISIS and take their fucking oil. That’s what we’re going to fucking do. Fuck those God-damn Muslim pieces of shit. Is that what you wanted to hear so you and your communists can jack off together?”

Later in the conversation, Mr. Sylvester bragged that he made headlines when he bragged to kill a writer for The Daily Kos.

Sylvester’s passenger also chimed in that hippies like me would “end up like Kent State,” under a Trump presidency.
I said, “you mean you’d shoot me?”
Sylvester responded, “if that’s how you want to interpret it,” while cackling.

Here is a video of the encounter.