Burn Bright For Peace

rod webber - bryon_houlgrave ames iowa It is 2015. We are a modern society with modern ideas and ideals which in turn have lead to modern technologies. Our increasing mastery over the physical world has given us great wonders which enhance our world and save lives. But this same mastery has given birth to great machines of destruction. And with our increasing dominion over the world around us comes great responsibility.

We must begin to think more about an ideology of non-violence, and one that will sustain us on this fragile ecosystem we call the earth. Not just in how we deal with our day-to-day life, treating our neighbors and neighborhoods with civility, but we must put great thought into our activities across the sea, for our actions can and will have great consequences on generations to come.

Man is of one seed, and it gives us comfort and strength in knowing that we’re all connected to one universal power. But we need not bicker over what that power is, or what it is called– just that it is there. And with respect for the fact that we are all connected in this way, we can find a common sense of world family– a common sense of decency that will bring an end to the killing and destruction which currently plagues humanity.

To my scientifically minded friends, those who find issue with the contradictions in religious writings– remember that all of the great scientific minds of history have concluded there is this connection not just genetically, but on the atomic level. We are indeed of the same fabric, and we need not put down any religion for its belief.

To my friends who are believers in one God, whether you are Christian, Muslim, Jewish or other, remember, your God teaches love.

We can transform humanity if we’re able to tap into this universal power- a power granted to us through non-violence. Some say “peace through strength.” Well, I say strength through non-violence. Strength through peace.

It is a lesson we need to teach to our children, police, National Guard Congressmen, Senators, presidents and Kings. If we were all able to practice strength through nonviolence, that spark which unites us would burn bright for peace.

We must regain the moral high ground. For if we continue to wage wars without morality, if we continue to wage wars for oil and the profit of an elite few, those ideas and ideals  which once made us a great nation will collapse. It is our common connection as humans which has allowed us to burn so bright. Let us burn bright again. Let us burn bright for peace.

Come and Lift A Flower

Come and lift a flower, there are stone beasts in the wood.
No more fishing bankers, don’t say you done all that you could.
Come and lift a flower, give your love and make it heard.
No more giving sour, tell your love it is the word!

Come and lift a flower, there are eyes beyond the trees.
No more setting latches, open doors and feel the breeze.
Come and lift a flower, over hill a brand new day.
No more counting hours, let’s make love the word we say.