So take a look at the cops.

Boston has a Nazi problem. And to compound the problem, they also have a cop problem. The issue is that a good many police officers in command positions are sympathetic to self-identifying neo-nazis like NSC-131 who have been attacking people around the city whenever they get a chance. When cops turn a blind eye to the violent proclivities of fascist street gangs, they effectively deputize them as brownshirts. Media outlets which fail to correctly identify this problem in their reporting then function as propaganda outlets for the neo-nazis.

Well– Earlier today, I made the mistake of speaking to a reporter from WGBH regarding NSC-131 in relation to “efforts to keep them from showing up [at the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade] this year.” I must apologize for having done so. Somehow I thought he would get the story right– but he failed miserably– instead, writing a horrible piece of pro-cop propaganda. The cops are not the solution, they are integral to the problem.

In light of this, this is what I actually wrote:

  • As long as the City of Boston insists on continuing their charade by prosecuting *me* after NSC-131 attacked me, all this talk by City Officials is lip service, and I take their statements about trying to stamp out the Neo-Nazi problem with zero degree of seriousness. That’s putting it mildly.
  • Let’s not forget the City of Boston (in tandem with the FBI) put forward at least five grand juries to try to intimidate Lauren and I trying to silence us and our film. They subpoenad our text messages from Facebook. They harassed friends and family on at least 20 occasions, and they cost us a small fortune in lawyer’s fees.
  • Let’s also not forget that the BPD lawlessly attacked me at Straight Pride for doing nothing other than filming, and I’m dealing with that for the fifth year. There’s a federal lawsuit ongoing, and the City has filed extension after extension rather than just doing the right thing and offering to settle.
  • Hood’s gang attacked us on St. Patrick’s Day, and the city did nothing.
  • Hood’s gang attacked me in July, and to thank me, Officer Hughes (an officer with a lengthy internal ffairs record, and a record of violence and racial bias) pushed me down a flight of stairs and falsely charged me with “assault and battery on a police officer.” Why does he still have a job? Why do any of the other officers in the Straight Pride case still have a job?
  • The prosecutors in the stair case case provided my lawyer Murat Erkan with around 75 body camera videos. Zero videos recorded the incident in question, despite it being city policy to do so in this kind of situation. Officer Hughes perjured himself multiple times in his affidavit, and Judge Coffee had to recuse herself because we discovered body camera footage of her and the officer in question colluding on the day in question.
  • These are not the actions of a City which has good intentions in mind. This is a City in the midst of a cover-up.
  • The City of Boston should be utterly ashamed of itself.

I also included receipts:




In conclusion:

I didn’t want to make this painting, but what choice did I have when you all kept on fucking this up?


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