Milkweed (2013)

The difference between devotion and madness is a question of perspective. When a man is unsure of what is real, sees more beauty and misery than he can bear through the lens of his camera, his perspective shifts and his madness becomes his lens. Prepare for a vision of nature and man through the eyes of one who has mastered neither. Is he a hero or is he a force of nature?

Stars: Rod Webber, Ali Bell, Arthur Wahlberg, Joseph James Bellamy, Greta Merchant

Lonny Robards, a recently released mental patient/ man-child returns to the town where he lived in his youth. Lonny is taken in by an old woman Eunice, and spends his free time with a disposable camera in the woods taking pictures of, talking to and dancing with the animals. Before long, he falls in love with his eco-therapist, Vesta. Lonny begins to turn his photographic endeavors on Vesta and her 6-year-old child.

Lonny’s mental state rapidly deteriorates when he comes upon drunken hunters threatening the woodland creatures with whom he had formed a bond. Lonny’s downward spiral into madness only really begins when he discovers a unscrupulous building developer is planning to uproot his beloved woods as well as the elementary school Vesta’s child attends.

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