Daddy War Crimes. Bidens Make it Rain

New Daddy is same as the old Daddy.

Bombings in Syria and Iraq.

Endless wars.

Weapons of Mass Destruction was a lie.

Art Gallery promotes crime family.

What will happen today is no worse than Ellis Gallagher scribbling with chalk that washes off in the rain. Hairspray is not equivalent to bombing.

In NYC, “Graffiti” is defined in Penal Law §145.60(2) as the etching, painting, covering, drawing upon or otherwise placing of a mark upon public or private property with intent to damage such property.

To the good people at Georges Berges– If you support ending the wars, leave my art be…

Remember the 5Pointz case.

Remember my Operation Florida Man/ Art Basel Duct-tape Banana case in Miami.

Remember Operation Dumpster Fire Lawsuit.

Remember the people of Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Rod Webber is sick of your bullshit, and you should be too.

The FBI-raid scoop I handed to Jimmy, and he failed to report: A response to Caitlin Johnstone.

Jimmy Dore laughs about unaired interview regarding RNC FBI raids.

In response to Caitlin Johnstone’s article written two days ago, “TYT, Jimmy Dore, AND OTHER NOTES FROM THE EDGE OF THE NARRATIVE MATRIX.”

Mostly, I respect Caitlin’s writing. Her ability to kick the Military Industrial Complex in the dick, and shine a light on Uncle Sam’s murdering, imperialistic conquest is always a pleasant way to start the morning. That said, I’m just getting over a three day flag-burning hangover, so forgive me for taking so long to get in on this, “narcissistic public masturbation,” as Caitlin rightly calls it.

She’s right that nothing about America changed in any meaningful way after Trump took office or after he left. Joe Biden is a kinder, gentler, more senile Donald Trump. That said, Caitlin is making a ridiculous argument that if you’re not as popular as Jimmy, you are either a jealous hater who should learn to be more like Jimmy, or just fucking quit.

Caitlin writes: “Part of the widespread vitriol toward Dore is due to jealousy about his popularity and influence, and part is due to a belief that he’s the wrong kind of voice to be leading the left. But in both cases the solution is to just do the thing that makes him so popular and influential yourself, not to bitch and moan while continuing your failed approach. I’m always seeing people talk about how their dad hates both parties and just discovered Jimmy Dore and loves him or whatever. What are Dore’s haters doing to appeal to ordinary disenfranchised working class people like this? They’ll say they want to, but their actions and methods say otherwise.

And if you can’t do what Dore has done to become so popular—appealing to ordinary people in an interesting and accessible way—you should probably rethink getting into the left political commentary thing anyway.”

Those are pretty strong words from someone who has never reported from on the ground, about someone, (Jimmy), who has also never reported from the ground– [EDIT] apart from questioning fans in relatively tranquil settings. [END EDIT] And with this kind of logic, we might as well say, “Part of the widespread vitriol toward Uncle Sam is due to jealousy about his popularity and influence… the solution is to just do the thing that makes him so popular and influential yourself, not to bitch and moan while continuing your failed approach.” 

Do what Jimmy does? Lie? Fail to research? Cover things up? Jimmy’s a lefty— but first and foremost, Jimmy is about Jimmy— which means that he has more in common with the lying, cheating DNC and Uncle Sam than he does his legions of supporters, or the working class. Jimmy’s not about ending imperialism— he’s about promoting his brand.

How do I know? 

Jimmy Dore interviews Rod Webber about FBI raid at RNC (unpublished)

Jimmy interviewed me twice. The first time was with TYT in 2016 to talk to about the series of nine raids (by my count) conducted by the FBI, and other agencies during the RNC. In the case of the raid on me and my documentary crew, there were about twenty law enforcement officials, two with assault rifles including the FBI, ICE, Homeland security, and local police officers. The whole debacle went down first thing in the morning at our friends’ house just outside of Cleveland. As I rubbed my eyes and became aware of the Federal Clown-Squad locking down on us, I set up GoPro cameras to make sure we got it all on tape. Within seconds, The Gestapo were demanding, “drop your pants,” as I tried to get dressed. Even after we repeatedly gave them explicit instructions that they didn’t have permission to come in, they did exactly that. To signal their total disregard of the US constitution, they even admitted on camera that they didn’t have a warrant. Finally, they went into my friends’ bedroom and forced them to come out at gunpoint.

The FBI agents on scene even went so far as to say that they raided us because of claims made by Alex Jones the previous day. A quick review of Alex Jones’ live feed showed him claiming communists had thrown “buckets of urine and feces” at him. This is especially interesting in light of Alex Jones’ admission that the Secret Service had given him an all-access pass at the RNC.

Watch that at 2:46:55 on JRE

See all of the interactions with Jones, as well as FPTV’s interview of me and my crew at 32:35

TYT didn’t air the interview or cover it in any way— and Jimmy didn’t lift a finger or make a peep when the video didn’t hit the airwaves. He didn’t tweet about it or rant on Facebook. 

I realize that the footage could’ve been lost by a TYT camera-person or intern in the whirlwind of interviews at the DNC where the interview was conducted— but if Jimmy were truly the crusader for truth and justice he claims to be, then his ears would be on fire! No one was more committing to exposing the malfeasance of the Deep State than Jimmy Dore— right??!!

Flash forward to 2020. I talked to Jimmy again after a Tulsi Gabbard rally which he spoke at. I reminded him about the FBI interview— but had no recollection, and did that old-timey wheezy comedians’ laugh that comedians do when they’ve been caught in a lie. But, I let it slide and said it was water under the bridge.

Later than night, I bumped into Jimmy once more— this time, I interviewed him— and I appreciated him taking the time.

As 2020 progressed, I tried to keep Jimmy informed of what was going on at the political actions in the streets. In the days following George Floyd’s death, I documented women and children getting tear-gassed, and cops pulling AR—15s on kneeling protesters. I documented multiple drive by shootings. And mirroring the situation with Floyd, I documented a black man torn out of his car by the National Guard. He climbed on the hood of the car— but they ripped him away… then stole his car. He then jumped on the national guards’ Humvee— and they sped away with him on top. Jimmy retweeted one of the videos— but apparently didn’t feel much else was newsworthy.

It’s fine. Jimmy’s a clown. I’m a clown too. But when it comes to talking about what’s been going on in the streets, I’m an eye-witness, and Jimmy is still just a clown. When it comes to talking about the deep state, I’ve had countless visits and received a Grand Jury summons… I sued one of their clown agents (Edward Deck) and won.  But Jimmy— Jimmy’s still a clown. 

So— all of this informed me of what kind of person Jimmy was when he asked me to be on his show to talk about my new documentary, and the protests in the streets. I screen-captured the interview with Jimmy from my side— because I didn’t trust him.

Because my appearance made him look like the performative actor that he is who was never given his lines, he lied to me for ten days straight about publishing the interview. After ten days, I published. But Jimmy didn’t publish his highly-edited version until I published mine.

I guess Jimmy cares about politics— to the extent that it bolsters his brand and increases his subscriber count. Beyond that, he kind of feels like a bit of a shoulder-shrugger. He proved it when stumbled through his questions for me. Who are the ADL? Who is Kyle Rittenhouse? Trust everyone. Put Boogaloo boys on the show.

Shit got even funnier when he had on Glenn Greenwald who opined that you could trust the FBI when they say they’re only after right-wingers.

Remember Jimmy and Glenn ridiculing “journalists who have never been on the ground,” while Jimmy has never been on the ground and broadcasts from his million dollar home in Pasadena? Oh— but I can get fucked. Unicorn Riot— who are they?

Jimmy is going to Jimmy– so don’t get too out of shape about his Jimmy-ness. Just recognize it for what it is. You are his focus-group, and he reflects what you want to hear– not necessarily that which has been mined from reality.

Take it from a clown on the ground.

I’m still waiting to see that ground-breaking tell-all on the FBI raid, Jimmy!

Rod Webber is sick of your bullshit, and you should be too.