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Vermin Supreme is the satirical Presidential candidate with the long white beard and the boot on his head. Follow Vermin’s adventures with Rod Webber, (as Flower Man), as they troll, (in real life), Trump, Clinton and the “proper” establishment candidates during the 2016 presidential election. Appearances by Sean Astin, Billy Bob Thornton, D.M.C., Jason Mewes and more.


Vermin Supreme is best known as the internet meme/ wizard with a boot on his head. Since the eighties, he’s been campaigning on a platform of time-travel research, mandatory tooth-brushing and free ponies. He’s also a well-known activist.

During the 2016 Primaries, Vermin started bumping into Rod Webber, who became known for singing and praying with candidates like Jeb Bush and calling out Trump to his face. Supreme featured heavily in Webber’s documentary about the election “Flowers For Peace,” but soon Vermin needed a documentary of his own.

Supreme chases after Ted Cruz, Chris Christie and other political figures, challenging them to debate, and cornering them on their positions regarding free ponies and toothbrushing.

At the conventions, Webber is raided by the FBI. Black Bloc clash with the alt-right, and things are tense. But Supreme and Webber patrol the streets making mirth and merriment, to de-escalate. By the end of the movie they find themselves in the middle of some very dangerous situations at Standing Rock.

As part of his campaigning, Supreme asks Sean Astin and Elijah Wood from “Lord of the Rings” to participate in a faux campaign commercial in which Narnia would wage war on Middle Earth. Sean Astin very enthusiastically participated.

The documentary is full of wacky interactions with politicians, and cameos from a handful of celebrities, and explores a popular time-travel conspiracy theory involving Donald Trump Jr. and killing baby-Hitler.

Full Synopsis
“This Is Vermin Supreme” is a documentary about the man, the myth, the legend… Vermin Supreme. In part, a follow-up to “Who is Vermin Supreme,” directed by Steve Onderick, the new film was culled together from footage pulled from Rod Webber’s “Flowers For Peace” documentary covering the 2016 election.

For the uninitiated, Vermin Supreme is a political activist and satirist who rose to fame in 2012 after sprinkling glitter dust on his opponent at a debate during the New Hampshire primaries. He did so while wearing a boot on his head. Since the late 1980s he’s been campaigning on a platform of time-travel research, mandatory tooth-brushing laws and free ponies. Aside from spurring countless memes, the glitter dust incident was made into a song by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Songify The News, which only increased Vermin’s popularity, and has lead to appearances in indie films and seemingly non-stop news coverage during election years— because, what better punchline than “Vermin Supreme?”

When the 2016 Primaries rolled along, Vermin started bumping into Rod Webber with his weird outfits and flowers in his beard, who became known for singing songs and praying for peace with the likes of Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham, John McCain and John Kasich. Webber, it so happened, was filming a documentary, in which Supreme became a part. However, there was so much footage of Vermin, that it was decided he needed his own documentary.

Supreme, a master troll chases after Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and other political figures, challenging them to debate him, and cornering them on their positions regarding free ponies. At one point, Webber and Supreme serenade Chris Christie with a cover of “Born to Run,” who as a result is afraid to come off of his tour bus. The next day, Christie dropped out of the race. When the primaries wrapped up, Vermin came in fourth place just behind Hillary Clinton and Martin O’Malley.

At the conventions, things get tense. 5000 police are militarized for the RNC, and on the third day, Webber is raided by the FBI. The Rev-Coms and Antifa clash with the alt-right, and militia groups on a the tail of the Dallas shooting bring another layer of tension. But, this is not Vermin Supreme’s first rodeo. He patrols the streets making mirth and merriment, and de-escalates what would have otherwise been dangerous situations. Amidst the flag-burnings, (which seemed to happen around the clock), Vermin got his hands on an American flag hat, and set it ablaze, declaring, “it’s not a flag, it’s just a hat.”

As part of his absurdist campaigning activities, Supreme put Webber to the task of tracking down Sean Astin and Elijah Wood from “Lord of the Rings” to ask them to participate in a faux campaign commercial in which the fictional land of Narnia would wage war with the people of Middle Earth. Supreme asked them to reprise their roles from the film series. Sean Astin very enthusiastically participated.

The documentary is full of wacky interactions with senators and governors, and cameos from a handful of celebrities, and explores a popular time-travel conspiracy theory involving Donald Trump jr and killing baby-Hitler.


“A Movie everyone should see!”
— Dig Boston

“Vermin— I definitely feel he should be president. He’s very sweet, very nice, very sexy.” — Jason Mewes

“He looks like Dumbledore from the Harry Potter books and movies and seems a throwback to the Merry Pranksters and the hippies, yippies and freaks who disrupted the 1968 Democratic National Convention. His clownish attire is reminiscent of the San Francisco Bay Area’s Wavy Gravy, who is 76 and, as he puts it on his website, “fast approaching geezerhood.”

“Wearing a boot on his head could undermine his credibility.”
— Bill Maher

“Supreme’s candidacy is a finely crafted joke.”
— NY Daily News

“Supreme has achieved political cult status.”

“He’s Vermin Supreme— and I can attest to… that.”
— Sean Astin

“It’s hard to compete with ponies.”
— Marco Rubio

Director’s Statement:
That day, it was snowing hard, and I couldn’t find Jeb Bush— So I did what any good journalist would— I spun around in circles with my tongue out, collecting snowflakes in my mouth like droplets of crystalline LSD from the heavens. From the look of it, I was at a VFW Hall parking lot in Manchester, NH. It was a Ted Cruz rally.

In the distance, I noticed a familiar upside down boot wobbling and bobbling down the way— a revered symbol of ponies and oral hygiene making its way into my field of vision— and to a lesser degree— my psyche. Of course, I was already fully versed in the ways of Mr. Supreme and the platforms of his presidency— Free ponies, toothbrushing, zombie awareness and traveling in time to kill the infant Hitler.

With Vermin in the picture, I knew some kind of victory was eminent— if not oral— at least moral. Vermin was balls deep into causing a freakish commotion— of course, accompanied by Babz (his CamPain MisManager) and Jack (his time-lord) screaming implausible slogans of insanity to those who had purchased the radio transmitters with which to tune into Vermin’s frequency.

Vermin waved to me from down the way, though on this occasion I did not reciprocate. I had been deep undercover attending Ted Cruz events all week, and returning that wave could be career-ending. Nothing would blow your cover quicker than being associated with Mr. Supreme. Of course, Vermin immediately understood, and ignored me as he continued gleefully bantering about ponies into his bullhorn with his entourage in tow.

I rushed around to the back door of the VFW hall, knowing that’s where I’d most easily be able to get in to the rally. Vermin followed right behind me, but some Jerry Falwell look-alike was keeping the watch, and he didn’t take too kindly to cockroaches and rodents sneaking in the back entrance. So, Vermin went around to the front and managed to get a spot at the bar— because you know— capitalism.

Cruz began to speechify. He said that his daughter like ponies but couldn’t approve of Mr. Supreme’s plan for *free* ponies. He also said that he believed in brushing your teeth but not in big-government nanny-state mandated tooth-brushing laws. At the end of the speech Ted cut his meet-and-greet short, and was soon confronted by Vermin who wasn’t too pleased about Senator Cruz verbal assault at the rally. The gloves were off— and Vermin shouted into his megaphone asking Cruz if he supported the idea of fluoridating the water that the US government uses to water-board terrorists with. Babz was quickly chiming in.

BABS: Ted Cruz, do you agree that the water-boarding water should be fluoridated? Thank you so much for your support. Water-board them more. Water-board them more!

Senator Cruz was having no part in it. He was silent like a mime— but his staff was already accusing Vermin of assault.

VERMIN: Sir, I’m in the way? You’re in the way. Am I in your way, or you assaulted me? You’re touching me without my permission.

Cruz continued his march of shame in silence.

VERMIN: Surrender Ted Cruz. Put your hands in the air and drop your pants, for your safety!

Cruz and team skulked away onto the bus, and Vermin laughed maniacally saying, “follow me to victory! Will Ted Cruz give you a pony? I think that’s were here to find out,” waving his giant toothbrush above his head. Suddenly, I felt as if I was having an out-of-body experience. I was holding hands with Vermin and the mind-meld had begun.

VERMIN: This is prayer is a denominational prayer– not even a theist prayer– it’s a generic well-wishing that we don’t get in any wars, and that in the war that we do get in against Narnia there will not be many American casualties. I hope our troops and our pony drones are able to burn down only the most deserving wedding parties and that America comes out on top.

And that’s how it happened— but there was more.

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