Stupid but Dangerous: A brief history of Super Happy Fun America.

Boston, MA – 8/27/2019 – John Hugo of Woburn, left, and Samson Racioppi of Salisbury.

Super Happy Fun America is putting on another dangerous clown-show in Boston today, (Saturday June 27), with the hope of sucking up to the police and pissing off anyone who has been paying attention to Super Happy’s tactics of disinformation, obfuscation, incitement, and outright attacking protesters with the goal of starting riots. If you are unfamiliar with these self-described “Shit-lords,” this article is to get you up to speed.

Inevitably, the, “All Out Against White Supremacy,” counter protest is going to cause additional confusion, since there will likely be a handful of non-white folks standing with Super Happy Fun America.

Ultra-Nationalists” would probably be a better term to use rather than “white supremacists,” but then that requires an entirely new lesson plan. To put it simply, ultra-nationalism is jingoism on steroids— and they have no problem marching with white supremacists to achieve their objectives. Trump is a perfect example— he too has minorities working for him who work to further the goals of a system of racism and white nationalism. To put it another way— the Proudboys, (who are like a parent group to SHFA), describe themselves as “Western male chauvinists, who will not apologize for creating the modern world.” In this case, “Western” means of European descent. In other words— white… White “progenitors” as Kyle Chapman likes to say.


May 2017: Super Happy Fun America at this time was called Boston Free Speech. Among their speakers were Augustus Invictus, Kyle Chapman, and Salvatore Cippola. Chapman (or “Based Stickman”), is an admitted methamphetamine user/ Proudboy, who has been thrice convicted of crimes varying from grand theft to armed robbery. Cippola gave an an anti-LGBTQ speech. Invictus, a white nationalist and holocaust denier called for a violent overthrow of the US government and was recently jailed for kidnapping his family.

Augustus Invictus (violent overthrow of US govt.)

Invictus Kidnapping


August 2017: A week after Heather Heyer was killed in Charlottesville, they had another rally in Boston, inviting Gavin McInnes, (the founder of the ProudBoys known for his anti-semitic rants, (jump to 9:15) and Joe Biggs, who is known for his homophobic rants.)

I sat down for an interview with John Medlar (the spokesperson at the time), who said he would consider inviting Richard Spencer, arguing that Boston Free Speech welcomed everyone and that he was a free-speech absolutist. I countered Medlar by asking if he’d consider Black Lives Matter. Medlar said they would have to be vetted. I countered again with a hypothetical question: What about me? Could I speak? He was okay with that… After all– I’m white.


Since Mr. Medlar is a self-described “Shit-lord”– someone who “shit-posts” (or trolls) on the internet, he falsely published me as one of the speakers for the event. As a result, I received dozens of death threats from people posting on 4Chan and the white supremacist site Storm Front. But they didn’t stop there— There was a tsunami of erroneous claims that I would come to the event with a bomb, or try to engage in other terrorist activity. This was an obvious attempt to get me swatted. To “swat” someone is to post lies online with anonymous accounts about dangerous activity with the hope that law-enforcement comes to the swatee’s home and kills them.

Guess what? The FBI showed up. Thankfully, they didn’t kill me. But let’s not forget that Super Happy Fun America tried to get me killed.


November 2017: John Camden had originally been their most prominent member with nazi tattoos…

But within seven months of their first rally, Jovi Val, (the swasticka-wearing Unite the Right speaker), gave an anti-gay speech to the crowd at Resist Marxism in Nov. 2017 including an anti-gay chant. (Jump to 20:01


The exact date is unknown, since the original posts have been deleted, but somewhere in this time frame, Tiny Toese calls for “The Anti-faggot movment” and violence. In a slur-filled rant, Kyle Chapman posts threats against Johnny Benitez (alleged to be gay), and then beats him up on video. (JUMP TO 35:14


August 2018: At this stage, Super Happy was calling themselves “Resist Marxism.” But, as part of a smaller side event, Resist Marxism’s Samson Racioppi along with Daniel Fishman, Executive Director of the Libertarian Party held a gathering to distribute manuals on how to make homemade weapons and IEDs, (improvised explosive devices). Among the reading was “The Anarchist’s Cookbook” and “How to Stage an Insurrection.” Racioppi responded to my post about this on twitter, and openly admits to it. He pointed out that anyone can download these materials online. He is correct about that. However, in combination with the death threats and the attempted swatting, this points to dangerous intent.


October 6, 2018: Resist Marxism put on a rally in Providence. As usual, Tiny Toese (the gigantic brawler who was just arrested in June 2020 for another beating), began punching indiscriminately at protesters in the crowd, resulting in a massive street brawl/ riot.


Oct 12, 2018: Days later, the Proudboys charged at a group of black blok in NYC causing another big street fight. You may remember that conservatives were convinced that Antifa started the fight because video showed one of them throwing a water bottle. A wider security camera view showed that the bottle was thrown in response to Proudboys charging at them. As a result, two of the Proudboys were sentenced for their part in the beatings.

I was informed by Brandon Navom (of Resist Marxism) that they were given the order that there were to be no more Resist Marxism events while the Proudboys were awaiting trial/ sentencing. Thus, Super Happy Fun America came to be.


August 2019: After continuing Proudboy shenanigans around the country and a cancelled rally, Super Happy had their parade— an obvious attack the LGBTQ community. Just when the counter-protest was headed home, the police decided to attack, starting a riot of their own. I was arrested with over thirty others. In the courtroom I was arrested again, along with defense attorneys. My case went up to the Supreme Judicial Court, resulting in an investigation of Judge Sinnott who is a major dick, who clearly doesn’t care about the constitution. But what else is new? These fuckers just love their power. Of course, plenty more people showed up with nazi tattoos.


June 2020: Super Happy steals the name of the Jon Stewart/ Colbert event from 2010. Ironically, their main gripe on their event page is about violent mobs rioting. That’s rich.

Stupid as fuck — but anyone who can’t see they’re dangerous aren’t paying attention.

I’m on twitter @RodWebber


The ‘Oppressed’ Majority (Documentary about Super Happy, etc)

Augustus Invictus (violent overthrow of US govt.)

Dozens of death threats made by Boston Free Speech supporters.
Some of these threats were posted from Storm Front (a white supremacist site)

Samson Racioppi distributes Anarchist Cookbook and how to stage an insurrection

Executive director of the Libertarian Party. Dan Fishman’s FB post about he and Samson Racioppi distributing homemade weapon manuals
Daniel Fishman

Jovi Val (Resist Marxism/ Unite the Right speaker) posing with nazi flag/ wearing swastika medallion.
Joe Biggs, (Boston Free Speech speaker) ranting about gay people
Jump to 8:50

2:15 Kyle Chapman (BFS/ RM speaker) sucker punching a protester

0:24 Toese wants to start” anti faggot movement” and threatens violence

8:27 — Salvatore Cippola goes on anti-gay rant at BFS

9:20 Gavin McInnes on lengthy anti-semitic rant

14:45 John Medlar (BFS/ RM/ SHFA) said he would consider inviting Richard Spencer to these events.

20:12 Jovi leads an anti-LGBTQ chant

21:12 Kyle Chapman/ Jovi Val/ and most of the folks from Resist Marxism start chanting “Deus Vult” which is latin for God Wills It, and is associated with all kinds of nazi memes.

25:10 Samson/ Resist Marxism’s rally turns into a riot– instigated by Tiny Toese

35:35 Kyle Chapman threatens violence against gay proud boy Johnny Benitez. Chapman then beats him up, trying to gouge out his eyes– on video

Jovi Val who has spoken at Resist Marxism with his swastickas…

Mayor Marty Walsh lying about what went on at 2019’s Straight Pride Parade

Toese sentenced for beatings

Toese warrant issued


Proudboys infiltrate CHAZ, beating a man and pulling a gun.

Proudboys at CHAZ/ beat up a newbie protester/ pull a gun

Around 11 AM, King of the Phony Jesus Zombies, Joey Gibson of Proudboys/ Patriot Prayer arrived.

Gregg Housh of Occupy/ Anonymous was nearby, so I called him over for backup. Gregg and I question Patriot Jesus to see where his head is at. Of course, it is the same as always. Joey was casing out the CHAZ/ CHOP and planning for violence. 

At 1:09 PM, Tiny Toese, 6 foot five “brawler” for the Proudboys arrived with the five foot tall Zac Staggs who looks like Gimli from Lord of the Rings in a Hawaiian boogaloo shirt. Cole Scott and Katie Daviscourt were also a part of the entourage.

At that time, there were not many people around in the Zone, whether anti-fascist or otherwise. I calmly walked up to Tiny, and again try to get an idea of where his head is at. Since Gregg and I, and a handful of others are the only people who seem to have any idea of who these people are, I tried to inform what little crowd there was that they were Proudboys, and were known to march with people with Nazi tattoos and white nationalist beliefs, and that Tiny Toese had instigated a multitude of street fights, even starting riots, which I had  witnessed in person, with videos all over the Internet.

Around 6:30, maybe 7PM, I noticed a small parade of American flags marching up Pine Street. The now larger Proudboys group of about ten entered around 10th and Pine, from what I could see.

I called to Gregg again for back-up and started live streaming. At 11th and Pine, which is at the center of the Zone, the contingent of misguided miscreants paused to create a scene. Their claim was that someone had stolen their flag on a previous occasion and wanted it back.

They brought a handful of black street preachers with them, who evidently didn’t know who the Proudboys were. I verified this through speaking to one of them directly. She was preaching “the word of Jesus,” but wasn’t bothered that they marched with self-identifying now-Nazis and white nationalists. Shocking, I tell you. (Not.) When I pushed further as to her motivation, she said the Proudboys offered to protect her in order to get the message of Jesus out.

The crowd made its way up to 12th St., at which point the group took a right on 12th, to the barricades at the end of that block.

Toese announced that they were crossing over to the other side of the street (outside of the Zone), to give speeches. At that stage I walked away, because I didn’t want to give them a platform, and most of the anti-fascists stayed in the zone. However, because the Trump guy was making a commotion on the edge of the zone, the speeches didn’t last for more than 30 seconds and another big pushing match started… But without any significant violence.

The Proudboys took a right on Pike Street headed down the hill until they found a parking lot where they posed for a photo as a group. I ridiculed them with wheels on the bus.

We went as far as tenth or Maybe broadway, where I sang “The dicks on the bus go limp limp limp.”

Gregg and I departed.

We didn’t know Bob (not real name), was following them. Shortly after, the PBs attacked Bob, and it looked like Cole pulled his gun.

Shortly after that, Bob found Gregg and I, at which point we interviewed him on camera. Bob was not experienced, and didn’t know what he was getting into.

Joey arrives to case the CHOP

Full video

Tiny Toese arrives to case CHOP with Zac Staggs, Cole Scott and gf Katie

Full video

Tiny/ PBs march through CHOP

Video of PB’s attacking kid (who doesn’t want to be named)

Interview with the guy who got attacked by Proudboys

Photos of cuts and bruises


License plates of #Proudboys from incident yesterday.

Timecode 1:07:10, grey car. Plates difficult to view from my phone. 

At timecode 1:10:30. Proudboys get into white SUV with Washington state plate B35398Y. I verbally call out.

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Would You Stand Up to an Oppressive Regime?

I recently read an article which posed the question, would you stand up to an oppressive regime?

The article itself is irrelevant. Like others I’ve seen, it brought up the Handmaid’s Tale and compared pop-culture to current events. But what so many of these allegories regarding our predicament omit is that the oppressive regime in question is invisible, and yet, right in our faces. The regime is Corporate Capitalism. It knows no borders, and sees no color. It exists only to make its stockholders wealthier, and will exploit borders, colors and anything else which gets in its way.

Corporate Capitalism is not the same thing as simple Capitalism. Simple Capitalism consists of an exchange of goods and services. You might grow some food, and I might pay for it with currency, which serves as a promise of my own labor.

Corporate Capitalism is the creation of a worldwide system which requires your fealty and servitude for your very existence. Corporate Capitalism uses slave labor in the third world, to provide those in the first world with things for cheap, using the profits to control… everything. And just like a drug-dealer, they’ve been giving us the goods for years— and now we’re hooked. The CEO’s of these mega-corporations pay off politicians for tax breaks, subsidies and generally to do their bidding. It gives the appearance of politicians running the show— when in reality, it is Jeff Bezos, Walmart, and all the other big businesses who somehow got to stay open during Covid 19. Worse still, former Goldman Sachs reps line the cabinets of every administration in modern history— Whether it’s Trump, Obama, Bush or Clinton.

Corporate Capitalism is a regime which can cancel small businesses through a real tragedy such as a pandemic, all the while creating millions of unemployed, and transferring billions to the already wealthiest Americans. The worst part is, Corporate Capitalism will keep you coming back for more, again and again— because you have no choice. You need to eat. You need shelter. Unfortunately, the only way for many to eat is to buy food cheap directly from the hands of their corporate overlords, thus increasing their stranglehold with every bite you take.

From Minneapolis to DC, I have seen graffiti saying things along the lines of “smash Capitalism.” For the most part, they are referring to Corporate Capitalism. Some have responded to my videos insisting that those doing the damage are mindless thugs, and do not understand the nuance. While I will concede that there there has been property damage done in anger, what I witnessed was conscientious property damage, which targeted Corporate Capitalism. Doubtlessly, there were bad actors, mistakes made and agent provocateurs. Community centers burned. Small businesses were looted.

Sadly, I have heard protesters call to “vote Trump out,” as the solution. Trump is not the problem— he is a symptom of the problem. If ever there was a time to demand better than Biden as an alternative, this would be it. And still, the title of President is largely symbolic. Corporate Capitalism relies on the belief that you can cut off the head of the snake when you vote out a president. But defeating Corporate Capitalism will require becoming not reliant on it.

When another unarmed black man is murdered at the hands of police, are you prepared for another city to burn? Is leadership in any of the nation’s cities ready to de-fund the police? Are any of the major political parties putting forward candidates of color?

There are solutions— but how many are really willing to do what it takes?

A short list of *some* of my videos from MN:

National guard wrestle black man to ground 

Cops pull gun on kneeling protesters

Cops do drive by shooting

Protester shot in back with rubber bullet

MN man says, “go after the police” not the neighborhood.

Malcolm McMorris speaks his mind 

Gun shots fired as truck speeds by. At the time, it seemed like the truck owner fired, but others claimed someone was firing the gun at the truck.

Medic attends to protesters

Furniture store collapses

May 29 initial dispersal

Shooter looter

Full Livestream may 29

Full livestream may 28

Mutual aid 1

Mutual aid 2

Mutual aid 3

Mutual aid 4

Cop takes a knee

Tired of people dying by police

Native woman devastated 

Kim Handy Jones

More Kim Handy Jones

Protester drives through target

Auto zone burns