Ritual Sacrifice/ Effigy Burning Today

The Sacred Church of Antifa Soros Chaos Magick hereby decrees that Super Happy Fun America is a blight on the community, and the world.

Accordingly, our Church leaders, comprised of Lauren Pespisa, Embry Galen and myself will today perform a ritual sacrifice in Copley Square.

SHFA is full of members who are openly anti-gay, anti-trans and worse. Members of NSC-131 (Neo-nazis) are regularly in attendance, and SHFA’s Samson Racioppi has openly held rallies to distribute instructions for making pipe-bombs and other improvised explosives.

Embry Galen and myself were falsely arrested at the Boston Police Riot at Straight Pride, and Embry was jailed opposed to their gender. I was arrested a second time in court, which sent my case up to the SJC, resulting in an investigation into the corrupt Judge Sinnott. Of course these investigations have lead nowhere, and justice has in no way been served.

When the ceremony is completed, an effigy of your corrupt orange leader will be burned to the ground. Long live E. Jean Carroll and the other victims of President Rape-face and friends.

Documentation of SHFA’s disturbing past can be seen in exhausting detail in my film, “The Oppressed Majority” which resulted in the deletion of my YouTube channel for 5 months, the algorithm found it so offensive.

Racioppi openly takes responsibility for distributing improvised explosives.

Quincy Copsuckers Love Burned Flags

Quincy: Event organizer stole out flag, as the Quincy police watched it happen from feet away– thereby facilitating the theft. Quincy police continued with their lawless behavior be stealing our flag, and preventing us from exercising our first amendment rights. Law and order? Nah. Cops and copsuckers are two wings of a criminal gang.


I don’t want anyone to die. What a horrible thing to wish upon another human being. 

But, I can’t help but notice that since president Puss-sore has been sent to the hospital with the Covid, my feed has been filled with some disgusting people with either a very morbid sense of humor, or a genuine disregard for human life. 
Remember…. for those wishing for Donnie to die, you are wishing that a 14
year old boy bury his father and live the rest of his days without his Patter familius’ help and advice!  

If youve never buried a parent, I am genuinely filled with warmth and sunshine for you— 
but the day you lay your mother or father to rest,  you will realize that Having a parent die is like 1000 acid trips in one, ripping off the top of your skull and filling your head with the revelation that we are all like little specks of dust in an infinite universe

you will realize the bitter pain and agony of it at all— like a redwood tree splintering into a million baseball bats and pounding you in the head, all the while screaming, yes indeed, you are alone. We are all alone. And then when you feel you couldn’t be more alone, a magical chaos unicorn wanders up to you, and sprinkles pixie dust in the hole in your head. That’s what it’s like having a parent die.

How do I know? Both of my parents are still alive. 

I’ve been taking copious amounts of LSD over the past three days, and the aforementioned unicorn has been chasing me through the woods. When I finally gave up and fell to my knees and saw that they were bleeding, me and the unicorn, who’s name was Jim, had a pretty intense conversation.
Society and mass media have trained us to conform, and step in line with their agenda. 
He told me that his parents had just died when being forced in to gladiatorial combat by the intergalactic space maggots. According to Jim, the experience brought him to the realization that he was a heartless prick for having wished harm upon President Sphincter-lips. 

That said, I don’t adhere to all of the teachings of Jim the unicorn— and we need to think long and hard about who President Donnie is before we simply conclude that his life matters. These pricks after all are the same low-key coma patients who run around screaming all-lives matter. Well do they? 
Do they punk?

The world is a wonderful place, and every life a precious seedling with the potential to blossom like a flower. But President Cheeto Dick is seventy something years old… And now that he has been let out from Walter Reed Hospital, let’s assess that potential by reflecting upon his past accomplishments.

Born rich
went to a military academy
claimed bone spurs, and started breaking into the women’s dormitory while moving on them like a bitch

became his own publicist 
Told black renters to fuck off. 
pretended he was a financial guru…. 
sucked off Hollywood for cameos 
campaigned by demonizing immigrants.
Built concentration camps. 
Hitler thought it was awesome.

He filled the swamp
He gave massive tax breaks to the rich.
He hates the affordable care act.
He likes getting Peed on.

Applauded neonazis in Charlottesville 
He cut billions from Social Security 
Has 26 credible allegations against him of rape.
He fucks America’s veterans in the ass.
He had sex with Kim Jong Un.
Told us Covid was a hoax
Shut down post offices so no one can vote
Inspired hate crimes
Told the Proudboys they’re awesome
Personally killed 210 thousand people
And generally is an all around piece of shit. I could go on, but that seems like a pretty good overview.

So, I’m just going to go out on a limb and say it. I hope President Blumpkin does die of the covid— 
. I hope he, along with every other president, senator and congressman and douche in government dies… but not before they all suffer long and debilitating bouts of genital warts, and pussing infections on their scrotums, nipples and taints.

I hope their sons and daughters die horrible, painful, excruciating deaths while taking a shit in a porta potty at a construction site, which is plowed over by a runaway tractor trailer truck which blows the Porta potty into bits.. plastic… sanitizer, feces flung into the air, while your loved ones skull is pulverized…  their vital organs crushed and their eyeballs popped like maraschino cherries… 

I hope they have their fingernails pulled out by Russian mobsters, who stick hot nails down their dicks. 
I hope they are kidnapped by the angry rapists with chainsaws from pulp fiction, and John Wayne Gacy shows up to their friends’ birthday parties in his clown suit.
I hope they are stuffed into industrial sized woodchippers, and Steve buscemi eats them for breakfast at Waffle House.
I hope that the line cook out back grabs them on their way to the bathroom and throws them on the big fucking pancake griddle and burns off their ballsacks.
I hope they are all stuffed into KFC deep fryers and get sold to customers as moist delicious chicken.
I hope that Tiger King gets let out of jail so he can feed them to the Tigers.
I hope Kyle Rittenhouse gets out too so he can shoot ‘em all in the dicks.
I hope that Charlie Manson comes back from the dead so he can dose them with acid while he cuts their legs off and smacks them in the face with their own severed bootlicking boots. Naturally, they are tripping balls— so as they face the finality of death, they will die licking those motherfucking boots, as all fucking bootlickers should.

So how do I feel about President Blumpkin’s 14-year-old son? That asshole didn’t even send me a Birthday card. Fuck that kid. Fuck all of Donnie’s kids.

Fuck Donnie, Don junior, Eric and Joe Biden. I hope that Satan fucks them all and all the dead klansmen in hell beat them with their own dicks.

Fuck Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. 

Commune with Jim the Unicorn and peer into the darkness of your soul. 

President Blumpkin has Rona

So, President mango, hope Hicks, and Donnie’s Slovenian model-for-hire have got the Rona.

A lot of you folks out there on my feeds are getting worked up about the possibility of the orange Blumkin shitting the bed. He’s not gonna shit the bed. I mean, not unless it’s part of a sex act. 

And I know there are people from Canada to Krakatoa dancing in the streets just waiting to piss on old Donnie’s grave— but to celebrate… well… that would be to underestimate the stupidity of the American public.

These are some stupid motherfuckers.

And if you are unfamiliar with these stupid motherfuckers I am referring to, just sign into Facebook and check out any of Diana ploss’ live streams

The fact is, Donald Trump is rich. 

The rich have gold cars, gold toilets, and gold dildos with electric butt ticklers— presumably made of golden feathers.

So, when it comes to Donnie being sick— consider that Trump has got his Bruce Wayne breathing machines and his Bruce Wayne penis pumps and his Bruce Wayne Batcave… The only difference is that Orange Mussolini decided not to become Batman.
He’s just got all the money, and he’s using it on himself and his kids and all his crony compatriots.

Even if he doesn’t have the money, depending on which version of the tax return story you believe, he has the illusion of money, and a campaign from which he can skim funds to pay for whatever he likes.

My lawsuit has proven that.
He has stolen over $100,000 in donations to his campaign to pay the lawyers in my lawsuit.

You guys are over there saying
I know, I know. A girl can dream.
But then what?

Think of the Q-anon idiots.

They’ll say it’s not covid, or he’s been poisoned by his enemies, or maybe even he doesn’t have covid, and he’s playing along to expose the hoax.

Whatever the case, they’ll force Pence to resign, (though he’s the only person Cheeto can’t fire), and appoint Lil Don John. Or maybe there will just be 8 years of Mike Pence.

Do you want Mike Pence to get eight years??
How would that go?
Think it through.

The military industrial complex is just going to keep doing it’s thing.

But Let’s just be truthful about it.
The rich don’t rally have to worry about Covid in the same way— because they’ve got access to health-care— and the poor are afraid to go to the hospital for fear of getting saddled with more debt— so the rich get golden toilets, and the poor can eat their shit.

So I say lets put all of our dicks in clamps and put the swollen ball sacks on display. like the days of the stockade.
At least then this evil Empire would be selling an honest version of itself.
I mean, why not set up stages in all the town centers and make poor people beg for potatoes. While Mexican immigrants are forced to dump them in the sewer.

Sit down the poor people in front of thanksgiving dinner and don’t let them eat.
That’s Mike pence brand of Christianity.

Bread and circus is dead
It’s all about flat screen TVs and debit cards
That is what Karl Marx failed to predict.

The workers can’t rise up and revolt, if your debit card is able to push off what otherwise would have been your inevitable  starvation. In its place, you’ve got debt.
Now you’re a wage Slave.

As long as the people have credit and funky electronic devices to keep them entertained, they’ll just keep pushing themselves further into Financial hardship by cozying up to MSNBC, Fox News or whatever other propaganda outlet is willing to spoonfeed them their version of the truth. But we know it’s not the truth. It’s propaganda.

Beyond that— its a well known fact that
Tucker Carlson coming on the TV immediately turns vaginas dry for everywhere within a mile radius. This is a scientific fact— you cannot dispute it.

I hear a lot of lip service from some of the more radical contingents out there that all of these things are the signs of late stage capitalism, and an empire in decline.

Well that may be the truth, This empire isn’t going to collapse. This empire is going to keep punching you in the dick— because you cannot compare the technology and the might of an empire like the United States against that of a people with swords and stones in the Roman Empire— 
They did a wonderful job with the aqueducts, some of which remain to this  day… but it just isn’t the same thing.

Let’s ask:
what happens if president mushroom penis gets so sick that doctor fauci has to lock him into his Michael Jackson parabolic sleep chamber?

How will we go on?
What’s going to happen to the country?
How will the gears of government keep turning?
The answer is simple. They don’t give a fuck about the president.
They could clone his ass kill his ass or fill his lungs full of Cheetos. 

As far as the continuous government is concerned… It’s gonna keep on continuing.
They will keep bombing brown skin nations. They’ve got a thousand military bases around the globe— so its a plan. its always been the plan.

The Senate confirmed Trump’s 200th federal judge in June, with a 52-48 vote so— as much as the Democrats pretend to care which judges get appointed— their record shows they have no fucks to give.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is not coming back from the dead, the Winklevoss twins have yet to drop their porn video, and everyone is bought and sold—
politicians, justices, courts, cops, the Department of Public Works, and the crossing guards— you name it— they are all bought and sold. Dollar dollar bill y’all.

Trump is a clown-show designed to distract you from the US’s continuing carnival of mass murder and genocide.

But, to go back to the Batman metaphor— all of these politicians and people in power are potential Batmans who choose to simply be Bruce Wayne.

And yes, they are clowns— but they’re not Joker railing against the system, railing against a corrupt world.
daddy‘s money it’s for throwing parties.
For Setting up auditions to be on shows like the apprentice.

President Bozo is a clown that has been put there to distract from the CIA, and their stealth wars and the shifting of pieces on the board to give the appearance of democracy, when the reality is that Jeff Bzos has everyone’s proverbial dick in a clamp.

If you wanna get through this shit— look for mutual aid networks.

Get out on the streets and start meeting your neighbors.

You can’t eat gold toilets— and they don’t allow them in the afterlife.

Neo-Nazi Bitches in Mansfield

Chris Hood (from NSC-131) and his mentally challenged buddies Tony Elbows and Cameron the Leprechaun showed up in Mansfield for some kind of orgy… Hood even pulled out his junk, (without consent)… and that disappointed even Tony.

One thing was for certain, Lauren got the fuck out, right quick.

photo by Trash Turkey


Ruth Bader Ginsburg Died

I keep hearing about chess in relation to this god-forsaken election.
Chess— from the people of Walmart. Chess— the sport of kings in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Goddamn it— there I go being elitist.

Well— there are some stupid-ass motherfuckers in this country.

And that’s why you are right to call me elitist. Call me King Roderick.

You’re all shit.
Fetch me some tea. Polish my knob.
Bring me my slippers and administer 40 lashings to that imp.
I never did care for midgets.
Frightening creatures— lurking around in your dreams, threatening to climb up a ladder then jump down into your pee-hole.
it is a truly nightmarish situation that we must deal with these creatures.

But I do keep hearing about chess
—As if casting a single vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris makes you one of the two gamers hovering over the chess board manipulating the players on the squares. You’re a god— and we are yours to do your bidding.

Am I understanding correctly?
The election is chess— so that would make you Hillary Clinton using the Pied Pipe strategy to elevate Donald Trump, thus creating an easy straw-man to knock down.
That’s you.
You’re Hillary— who literally brought us Donald Trump?

Or are you Joe Biden— falling asleep on the board while Trump runs adderal circles around you spouting incoherent racist nonsense about muslims, Mexicans and the virtues of licking a blue lives matter flag every time you get the chance?

If we are to use this gaming analogy, it should be pointed out that there are 325 thousand people in the United States— making you way, way, way, way, way less than a pawn—

I’m not even going to attempt to do the math.
I’m one of the stupid-ass motherfuckers too.
We are lazy.
We wanna wake up, check facebook, make sure there aren’t robots or riots nearby, and cyber-stalk our pretty co-worker to make sure she isn’t spending too much time with Billy the muscular, but mentally challenged towel boy who keeps showing up at the office Christmas parties. And so long as she doesn’t run off with Billy, and we can keep doom-scrolling by the light of our iPhones, our tablets and flatscreen TVs, then things are cool—

After all, Covid 19 has turned us into the land of lockdown, hiding out in our bunkers, compulsively ordering Snickers bars, gadgets and dildos from Amazon. We’re all just waiting for the evictions begin— because everyone is broke and no one can pay…

And that’s when the midgets start to creep up from the floorboards. Admit it. It’s my nightmare, so I know it’s yours. And when Tiny creeps into your bed and sneaks away with that co-worker you’ve got tied up, that’s the end of the puppet show. It won’t be long before the FBI is knocking on your door, and you need to escape too Bolivia.

It’s always something with those midgets.

But, the good news is that airfare is cheap— and Bolivia is full of sheep.

And you’re going to need someone to get you through those long nights. So, why not try bestiality? The President of the United States has on multiple occasions alluded to or directly made comments about having sex with his daughter— who was a teenager at the time. What am I talking about— he said shit like that about his daughter Tiffany when she was a toddler.

So, as you can see, nothing matters.
And there’s always two ways of looking at that.
Nothing matters— whoa is me.
Or— nothing matters— whoopee!!
I’m going to have hot sex with a sheep tonight!!

Don’t look at me like I’m the dirty one.
This is Donald Trump’s doing.
I wouldn’t need to draw attention to this if evangelicals all over this great nation of ours had not backed a pedophile. Let’s just be real. There is no moral high road.

Getting back to the Chess analogy—
Even if we were to take this metaphor further and say that you are one of the TWO players— the opposing player is very quickly positioning you into what’s called a “fool’s mate.” In chess, this occurs when the action that appears to be in your best interest leads to your slaughter.

Guess you shouldn’t have been messing around with those sheep.

And now the democrats are once again using the threat of Supreme Court Justices as the fools mate to lead the American people to their inevitable, gruesome and bloody destruction. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

I know, I know—
You’re worried about Covid and climate change and the threat of civil war.
And you’re thinking to yourself, what option do we have?

Well, I say, you could shut the fuck up and start thinking a couple moves ahead.
Are you playing chess or aren’t you?
It is certainly not as complicated as the clitoris—
But you can’t just walk up to a clit and expect it to start squirting.
The same goes with chess.
You’ve got to “accidentally” bump into one of the clit’s pawns.
Then make friends with one of the clit’s bishops and find out what the clit likes.
Then you’ve gotta ask the clit if you can take her out for steak tips and wine— and promise her you won’t be like Tim Pool— politically, or in bed.

Did you know that talking about Tucker Carlson immediately turns clits dry for everywhere within a mile radius. This is a scientific fact— so don’t even bring it up as a joke.
Obviously— now you know what happened with me.
Never, ever, ever bring up Fox News if you want Cardi B to sing about her Wet Ass Pussy. And never, ever, ever grab em by the pussy— or move on them like a dog— or whatever rapey shit Trump said.

It’s one of the basic rules of Chess.
We’re still talking about chess— right?

So, if you care about Covid or climate change or civil war, the solution is perfectly simple— and it is no different than if there weren’t those things looming on the horizon. Think about it. Hillary Clinton and the DNC tried to bully you into voting Clinton because of the supreme court.

Give me a fucking break.

This might be a meaningful threat if I thought the Democrats gave one single fuck about you or me, or the people. But they don’t— so get over it.

It’s like saying the clit should just let you grab her by the pussy— but without doing all the work. That doesn’t sound like chess to me.

Let me give you another example:

“The Senate confirmed Trump’s 200th federal judge in June, with a 52-48 vote and will now sit on the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.”

What’s fun about that— The democrats keep voting for these conservative judges.

What should that tell you?
They do not care about you!!
Politicians exist to give the illusion that you have some say in this shit.
Let’s be clear.

Their ploy for Clinton 2016 is the same as Biden 2020—
Because the Democrats claim they’ll vote for lefty judges!!
That’s a fucking crock of shit!!
And if you believe that, I have a bridge I’d like to sell you.
I would like you stop speak to my good friend Billy Mayes who’s got some cleaning wipes he’d like to wipe your ass with.

The politicians are bought and sold.
They got into office BECAUSE they were corruptible.
You’re surprised when they do corrupt shit?
Their donors make the decisions.
Sorry. Not Sorry. These are just facts.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is dead, and she went on the record to say “it’s really dumb” for Colin Kaepernick to refuse to stand for the national anthem.” Now if that isn’t the most unpatriotic, unconstitutional pile of shit I’ve ever heard, I don’t know what is. Oh— but she’s your lefty hero. Right?

I’m not saying she didn’t do some good—
But what’s important to remember is: YOU HAVE NO SAY IN THIS SHIT!

The politicians, the judges, the justices, the courts, the cops, the FBI, the CIA, the EPA, the Board of Education, the Department of Public Works, the Bureau of Land Management, and the crossing guards— they are bought and sold. They fucking own your ass too. Six corporations own 90 percent of the news you read.

This country has been evil from the start.
The Natives invited the Pilgrims to thanksgiving.
Eventually they killed them.
Slaves fought in the revolution against the British.
Wait— but they didn’t win their freedom?

From Wilson’s forced sterilizations to Tuskegee, to Trump’s forced hysterectomies— this shit has been going on forever.

And the Democrats and Republicans do it together.

The Democrats do a better job of paying lip-service sucking off the American public— whereas Trump wants to inflame your asshole— and because the conservatives love it— he keeps doing it. It’s good cop/ bad cop.

Sure—we see them at each others throats. They will lie, cheat and steal to get what they can while they can— and grab up as much spoils while there are spoils to be grabbed. And doubtlessly, they would kill their mothers for a seat at the table. But once they are at the table, they work together when they must, to please their masters— their donors, and the military industrial complex, in order to keep the cash flowing.

Their objective is paying fealty to those masters to keep the corporatocracy rolling— It is total nihilism and kleptocracy.

They want you to be able to carry the explosives, but they don’t wanna teach you how to use them. Fuck

Ted Kazcisnky was right. All except the terrorism.
But he foresaw where all this was leading.
Computers will cut your dick off.

And while the democrats would prefer to win the 2020 election, they know that not having Bernie is good for their donors. Moreover, a loss with Biden is still a win, even though it’s a bit like a bag of flaming poo— because once again it pleases their donors and the threat of eight years of President Cheeto gets people donating to ActBlue.

Bear in mind that most politicians started as lawyers. Their training is in arguing both sides of any debate, and they don’t have any moral attachment to a “side.” It’s a fucking game. It’s all an evil fucking game.

The fact that Donald’s people have found a legal loophole with the 12th amendment just goes to show that the republicans are more ruthless in the playing of the game.
I hold no ill will against anyone for whatever they think they need to do, it has just long been known that Donald stole the 2016 election through Interstate cross-check, and the democrats didn’t say a word. Why? Because they cheated too— by rigging the 2016 primary against Bernie. The Podesta emails make that crystal clear.
From the before the votes were cast in 2016, I had zero expectation of a proper election in 2020 because I know they are all animals. 8 years of Donald was obvious since May of 2016.

The democrats will not change course. They would rather lose and please their masters than win and hurt the Wallets of those who feed them.

I’m not saying the Democrats and Republicans are the same. On social issues within the country, they are dramatically different. But those are their public positions— and privately, they’re demonstrably working together.

Look at Greg Palast’s research.
Six weeks ago, he told Naomi Wolf that President Mango can win via a constitutional coup d’état—via the first-ever use of the 12th Amendment. Low and behold, Trump announced that that’s what he plans to do.

Remember the Gucci Riot with Roger Stone in 2000 where high paid consultants banged on the windows to stop the vote count? Roger Stone— the guy with the Nixon tattoo on his back.
Now Trump will tell the Proudboys they’ve gotta fuck up the 12 Post Offices from Venezuela to stop the election from being stolen— when in actuality— that’s how they’ll steal it.

Then with millions of mail-in ballots, The GOP-controlled Florida Legislature will say, we can’t count them in time, so we’re not going to certify the election.
Republicans, who control the legislature, of Michigan, will also say, “We can’t certify the election.”
If they fuck up enough post offices there will be no certification. As a result, no candidate gets 270 votes in the Electoral College because they don’t send the electors.

Then, under the 12th Amendment it goes to the House.At which point, Each state gets a single vote. Wyoming gets the same vote as New York,.
End of story. Donald Trump is legally reelected

The only solution is Massive in-person early voting.
That aint going to happen.
So— Voting is over.
This election is done.
8 years of trump.

Trump said he’s going to use the twelfth amendment. Sooooooo… This is the plan.

But hey— the west coast is on fire, and Trump’s gunna grab Oregon by the pussy
like the chesss master he is and make the pussy squirt all over those burning trees.

Trump saves the day once again!!