If you are NOT a republican or democrat, or you have ideas outside of the mainstream, the State of New Hampshire wants to let you know you can go fuck yourself. Since the New Hampshire primaries are crucial to the overall presidential election, Bill Gardner, (the Secretary of State of New Hampshire) wants to let you know that the country can go fuck itself. No democracy for you. Do as Bill tells you– though all he will tell you is go fuck yourself.

The quick version of events:

Since 2015, I’ve been trying to get on the ballot for the presidential primary. Every time I make an attempt, Bill Gardner tells me to go fuck myself. The first time, he said I couldn’t use the name, “Flowerman.” That’s how I was known in the press, and to the public. New Hampshire state law allows nicknames on the ballot. Bill didn’t care.

Last Friday, (Nov 8), I tried to get on the ballot using my nickname EPSTEINDIDNTKILLHIMSELF WEBBER. Bill offered no reason why this was unsatisfactory. He use the threat of force to remove me. On Wednesday, (Nov 13), he wouldn’t even let me into the office, and again, used the threat of force.

This Friday, (Nov 15), I came offering options of nicknames the Bill might be okay with; RIGGED ELECTION WEBBER, and FLINTSTILLDOESNTHAVECLEANWATER WEBBER. Bill still gave no reason as to why he wouldn’t allow me on the ballot.

There’s a couple livestreams for full context– but in the quick edited video, (to get to the point), I show a clip of me bringing the $1000 to get on the presidential ballot. Then, NH Secretary of State Bill Gardner refuses to take my money for the third time in a week. He also refused to grant a reason to not include me, even after I read the law to him out loud.

Mr. Gardner is a little more talkative with Vermin Supreme, giving us the opportunity to see Gardner’s true ignorance— of course, with the help of Richard Manzo who holds his feet to the fire, regarding the Libertarian primary being held as a result of the State’s lopsided position to not include smaller parties such as the Greens or Libertarians.

These videos are but a few of many videos we’ve made this year and during the 2016 season illustrating how ignorant, (or indifferent), many public officials are of their own procedures, policies and laws. (I’d post links to others, but my YouTube channel has been deleted.)

Regardless of what party one identifies with, any NH resident should be outraged that their tax dollars go toward an undemocratic primary which shows favoritism toward certain parties over others. It’s not democracy. It’s the illusion of democracy— and the media should be ashamed of themselves for perpetuating it.


RIGGED ELECTION WEBBER at the statehouse

Pony parade


At the statehouse.


Sandrablanddidntkillherself, Vermin Supreme and Liz Warren in Concord

The United States of America is not a democracy. It is not a Constitutional Republic. It is an oligarchy and plutocracy. Arguably, it is a kleptocracy.

Once again, Bill Gardner wouldn’t let me on the ballot, showing he doesn’t care about democracy, free speech, or the rules and laws of the State of New Hampshire. Bill Gardner selects who can or cannot run, and therefore decides who can become president.

Not only would he not even attempt rational discussion, he refused Vermin Supreme as well.

Later, Elizabeth Warren endorsed me, then she gave a speech… and another speech. And then she wouldn’t take a selfie with Vermin, so he asked her a tough question about the interstate roller coaster system and made her run away.

Epsteindidntkillhimself 2020 in Concord

I’m the guy with the safety helmet: Epsteindidntkillhimself. Just one word. It’s pretty, and rolls off of the tongue, and it constitutes no slogan nor any cause.

Unfortunately, SoS Bill Gardner wouldn’t allow me to register my name as a part of the New Hampshire Primary. Once Gardner made that decision, I was removed from his office by threat of force. Worse still, I was thrown out of the entire State House for being “loud.” This is a travesty, since Warmonger Joe Biden’s staff had at least three people in the building using bullhorns, and a freaking marching band. Vermin Supreme and his staff had bullhorns, and were kicking up quite a ruckus.
This looks like a case of free speech for the powerful few, and content restrictions on speech for the little guy— A clear violation of the 1841 treaty of Hogwarts. President Pence is now required by law to send Vince McMahon and squadron of WWE stormtroopers armed with AT-ATs to vaporize the population.
Four legs good— two legs bad!
Humpty Dumpty was pushed!!
Read/ see the first time Gardner refused me.









Man Attempts to Run for President in New Hampshire as ‘Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself’







At Walmart with Vermin Supreme preparing for debate.




CONCORD RECAP: When I first arrived, it was just me and Rod Webber. We entered the State House, headed up to the secretary of state’s office (where some Biden volunteers tried to play cop and send us to the “free speech zone” where we’d be allowed to challenge the groupthink) and Rod tried to file his Republican candidacy as ‘Rod “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself” Webber’ but was denied and forcibly removed. Meanwhile President Supreme and I linked up outside the State House and eventually entered the building where fans inside the visitor center took pictures with him and received bumper stickers. Vermin was then interviewed by an intrepid kid reporter and we stopped with one of the big whigs at WMUR (New Hampshire News) to chat for a bit. We then went upstairs where we were surrounded by Biden extremists and told them if they had weed to “fire it up,” “when I say ok, you say boomer!” and “Impeach Joe Biden!” Many boomers on Twitter were upset by us calling Biden a boomer because he’s too old to technically be a boomer, but I clarified on stream that boomer is a mindset not a hard and fast age range. We then went outside and had a conversation with cops who “requested” that we take our protests to the “free speech zone” again (which we discovered was just anywhere far away from the event). I asked if we could stay if we supported Biden, to which I was asked “do you?” and I replied “well, say we do…” and he said “then you can stay” (or something to that effect). We clarified that it was a request, not a command, so we stayed out front of the State House. We were then “requested” to not use our megaphones near the event (we did anyway) to ask Biden if he would make Ok Boomer his running mate (no answer). I then chanted “ok boomer” (OH KAY BOO MER cadence) as we were walked out by cops. We then met Desarae’s uncle who I also ok boomer’d.

Marty Walsh sides w Straight Pride to “avoid another Charlottesville.”

Protesters “had to be arrested to avoid another Charlottesville,” Boston Mayor says of “Straight Pride.”

Protesters “had to be arrested to avoid another Charlottesville,” Mayor Marty Walsh tells WGBH. Hey, Marty, which side of history were the guys w the tiki torches? Asking for a friend.

Straight Pride in the Nineties

Straight Pride in the Nineties — Nothing has changed.

In 1990/1991, a man named Guy Glodis organized “Straight Pride” at UMass Amherst. This passed Saturday, I spoke with Rick Dodge who was part of the original opposition in 1990/1991 and part of Queer nation. Rather than editorialize, I’m just going to post the interview with Rick, and all the related articles I came up with on the Wayback Machine.

Video by @RodWebber

It should be noted that the content is the intellectual property of the original authors, and I have simply copied and pasted relevant articles which have old-school jumps from the front page to back pages — which may be difficult to read in a linear fashion in the age of the internet. However, I’ve provided links to the original archive, so you can see for yourself.

ORIGINALS ARCHIVED HERE: https://archive.org/stream/massachuse19911992univ/massachuse19911992univ_djvu.txt

Conservative, but not prejudiced

I must begin by stating that I am not a liberal — although certain views I hold may be considered liberal, such as gay rights and affirmative action, I prefer to think of my- self as a conservative.

Which is exactly why I attended the first meeting of the University of Massachusetts Republican Club. I can now say that I do not plan to join the club and I am beginning to rethink my views. There were approximately 14 current members of the club present, mostly club officers and the staff of the Minuteman, the Club’s conservative news-

As the president of the club spoke to open the meeting. 1 became more agitated and appalled at what the club stood for. In his speech (if one can call a disjointed and un- organized collection of statements a speech)
he attacked many Liberal views as well as the “liberal rag,” the Collegian. He gave no reasons for the flaws of these other modes of thought but just mentioned them in passing.

Another member, an officer in Young Americans for Freedom, announced that
they were planning a “straight pride” rally as a compliment to the liberal “gay pride” rallies. Whether or not malice is intended, it puts forth a message that heterosexuals are being oppressed by homosexuals.

These are not ideas I’ve ever known to be associated with the Republican Party. I am a registered Republican and I speak with other Republicans, but none have expressed views like the members of this club. They
are hiding behind the Republican name to carry out their hardcore, reactionary ultra- conservative views. They stand for none of
the Republican ideals I hold true, or inasmuch as I gathered from the meeting.

The aspect of club that disturbed me the most was something I read in a pamphlet that was handed out to open the meeting. It had a short “Republican Quiz” that was supposed to tell you if you are a Republican or not.

If you answered “yes” to questions such as “Are you tabled a racist because you disagree with affirmative action?” and “Have you been informed by your RA/RD that your beliefs regarding homosexuality are
•homophobic?” then you are correct in join- ing the club.

I am not a Republican to keep minorities a permanent underclass and to become rich by exploiting the American public. I believe in strong fiscal policies and social programs. 1 encourage UMass students never to join
the Republican Club if you believe in the equality of man and the “American Dream.”
Do you really want to be a part of something that relies on funding from the John Birch Society to bring in a speaker? I don’t.

Michael Seager
Orchard Hill

LBGA, conservatives look for truce

Charles Delano, the editor-in-chief of the
Minuteman, said “It’s completely different

Collegian Correspondent

Two groups of University of Massachu-
setts students with a recent history of an-
tagonism are scheduled to meet today to try
to begin working to settle their differences.

The Lesbian Bisexual and Gay AlUance
(LBGA) and the conservative groups of the
Republican Club, the Minuteman and the
Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) are
set to discuss four recommendations pro-
posed by the Chancellor’s Commission on
Civility in Human Relations to improve the
parties’ relations.

First, the Commission’s list of recom-
mendations hopes to “develop a formal
agreement regarding ground rules by which
both will abide.”

The Commission added that harassment,
destruction of property, biased publications,
violent threats and threatening phone calls
are “inappropriate and unacceptable” to the
LBGA and the conservative groups.

“We’re tired of fighting,” said Shawn
Cotter, a member of the LBGA’s steering
committee. “It’s a waste of energy.”

from last year. We haven’t done anything to
provoke them this semester. The Afinutemon
is not gay-bashing.”

The second recommendation deals with
ending the confusion between the First
Amendment and UMass’ harassment poli-
cies. For example, last spring Young
Americans sponsored a “Straight Pride” rally
that was interpreted by the LBGA as “anti-
gay.” Approximately 600 protestors drowned
out the speakers with whistles, chants and
blaring music.

The confusion relates to whether or not
the speakers were denied their First
Amendment rights of freedom of speech by
the protesters, and if the protestors were
violating UMass’ harassment policies.

“Both groups have felt misunderstood,”
Dave Schimmel, co-chairperson of the
Commission, said. “They need to agree on
appropriate and innappropriate ways to settle
their disputes.”

Another Commission member, Masha

Rudman, said the groups should “respect


— —

UM candidates’
^straight pride’
views examined

Collegian Staff

Anti-gay statements expressed last semester by
Paul McGonnigal have caused some to question his
candidacy in the race for the Amherst-Pelham state
representative seat vacated recently by Stanley

The heart of the controversy stems from the sec-
ond annual “Straight Pride” rally held last semester
by three conservative groups on campus — the Re-
publican Club. The Minuteman and the Young
Americans for Freedom.

The rally became a shouting match between con-
servatives and members and supporters of the Les-
bian Gay Bisexual Alliance. Whistles, shouts, chants
and screams came from the crowd and the speakers
shouted back, angry about their inability to be heard.





Paul McGonnigars past statements come back to haunt

I read about David Duke, former KKK grand wizard, and
his campaign for the Louisiana governorship the same day
1 opened a Daily Hampshire Gazette and discovered UMass
Republican Club member Paul McGonnigal was running
for the Massachusetts state House of Representatives.

I began to wonder if I had woken up that morning or if I
were trapped in an awful nightmare about political neo-

Although McGonnigal says in the Gazette he does not
want to be considered “the student candidate,” I think a
close examination of his student political record is necessary
in order to understand his politics, since he has no other
political record.

I think it was wise of McGonnigal to try to keep attention
away from his student activities, considering the right-
wing reactionary low-lifes with whom he has associated.
McGonnigal was a very active member of the UMass Re-
publican Club last semester, a fact he conveniently failed to
mention in his Gazette interview. For those who don’t re-
call, this is the club that sponsored the gaybashing “Straight
Pride Rally” last spnng, brought a pro-apartheid speaker
on campus, and sponsored an anti-abortion rally. The Club
was also involved with the horribly sexist and homophobic
“Guy Glodis Talk Show.”

McGonnigal has also been a writer for The Minuteman
— you remember, the ragsheet that has consistently been
anti-gay, anti-women, and anti-just about anything else
remotely related to human rights or civil discourse.

The UMass Republican Club has historically been this
campus’ equivalent to the South’s KKK. Guilt by associa-
tion should be enough to put the nails in McGonnigal’s

political coffin.

But there’s more. An examination of a transcript from
last semester’s “Straight Pride” rally further reveals
McGonnigal’s blatant homophobia. Among other things,
McGonnigal does not think UMass should fund Gay, Les-
bian, or Bisexual programs:

“I’m sad to say that many of those dollars are being
incredibly wasted by you people here today,” McGonnigal
said, addressing the GLB crowd that showed up in protest.

Trystan Skeigh

What a distressingly unreasonable and exclusionary
position. If one were to count how much money is spent on
heterosexist programming at this University and weigh the
percentages, GLB programs receive pennies in comparison.

McGonnigal also does not support the Massachusetts
gay civril rights law: “Legislation passed to ensure certain
rights to others exclusively one sexuality or another is
wrong. Keep government out of our bedrooms. You’re doing
nothing of this sort by supporting the Gay Rights Bill.”

Reading this twisted argument reminds me of the
doublespeak described in Orwell’s 1984. Contrary to
McGonnigal’s assertion, the state civdl rights law does not
extend any special privileges to gay people. It protects them
from being denied the privileges given to everyone else,
particularly in employment and housing.

The fact is, government has been in our bedrooms for a
very long time, because sodomy laws are still on the books.
If McGonnigal wants to keep government out of our bed-

rooms, he should be campaigning against the Supreme
Court’s 1987 Hardwick decision and support the decrimi-
nalization of anal and oral sex.

Equally disturbing about McGonnigal is his blatant
disrespect for women. He spoke twice at last semester’s
“Straight Pride” rally and his second speech was utterly

McGonnigal told the angry crowd he wanted to talk
about “sleeping with the enemy” and then proceeded to
name an openly bisexual UMass woman and claim that he
and she had “built bridges together.” The sexual allusion
was obvious and in horribly bad taste. If a sexual liason did
occur, McGonnigal had no business publicly bragging about
it. His insensitivity was grotesque.

But also, it raises a deeper issue. How can a man claim
to have a bisexual lover, and then oppose civil rights for
gays, lesbians, and bisexuals? McGonnigal’s sexist hypoc-
risy powerfully reminds me of the Southern White slave
owners who slept with their Black female slaves but refused
to recognize their humanity.

McGonnigal’s history of membership in sexist, racist,
and homophobic student political organizations and his
remarks at last year’s “Straight Pride” rally reveal why he
must not be elected to represent one of this state’s most
progressive districts.

Hopefully, as UMass Republican Club members begin to
realize their past can come back to haunt them, they will
stop engaging in their disgustingly uncivil behavrior and
join the rest of the human race. Until then, they all, like
McGonnigal, should kiss their political aspirations good-bye.

Trystan Skeigh is a Collegian columnist


It was Mci-ionnigal’s first turn at the
podium when he presented views which
contradict his platform in the current

“Legislation passed to insure certain
right* to one sexuality or another is
wrong.” McGonnigal said at last
sememster’s rally.

YesU?rday McGonnigal denied be-
lieving this.

“1 do believe that gays and lesbians
need legislative protection,” he said, but
added he is “not fond of the Massachu-
setts gay rights law.”

McGtinnigal. who said he is a Uni-
versity of Massachusetts student and
has been a resident of Amherst for nine
months, said the law fails “in that litis)
ver>- broad.” He claimed “there have
been no convictions” under the law and
said it was due to its “over- breadth.” He
said another problem with the gay righu
law is that it is not obvious who is gay.
comparing it to civil nghts laws con-
cerning gender and race.

McG<innigal was not pleased with the
atmosphere at the straight pride rally
last semester.

“I was not allowed to state my views.”
he said, finding it “very difficult to keep
my train of thought.”

Approaching the microphone for the
s;econd lime at the rally last semester.
McGonnigal told the crowd about a sexual
experience with a member of the LBGA
.md Queer Nation which he dubbed
“sleeping with the enemy.”

McGonnigal said that he and she had
“bndged an understanding intimately.”

“She is a representative of the LBGA
to the Board of Governors. We can get
along Just ask I her). We did get along
well .” He then addressed her personally,
asking her to “tell I the crowd I how well
we can get along.”

Some members of the LBGA were not
supportive of his candidacy.

“1 personally don’t like it at all.” said
Shawn Cotter, member of the LBGA
steering comittee. “1 personally think
the voters should really look into his
political career at UMass which is not
all that impressive.”

“I think he will do nothing but harm.”
Cotter added, describing McGonnigal as

“totally unqualified.”

State Senator Stanley Rosenberg said
someone who is anti-gay rights might
mtt fare well m Amherst.

“Clearly this area by far, by over-
whelming majority, supports gay rights
and protects civil rights and liberties,”
Rosenberg said.

Charles Delano, editor of T/ic Min
uteman said McGonnigal’s statements
“might hurt him.” Delano was confident
that McGonnigal would win the Re
publican primar>’ election, but the gen-
eral election would be tougher in this
“generally democratic” area.

Jeffrey Bergman, financial manager
for the LBGA. said he has no opinion
about McGonnigal’s qualifications, but
thought his University of Massachusetts
origins leflhim”littlechanceofwinning “

— —

Student reports
threat incident

Compiled by JASON GEORGE
Collegian Staff

A man in Kennedy Residence Hall reported Tuesday
afternoon that he was the victim of homophobic threats by
persons unknown to him. The incident is currently under
investigation by police.

Candidate dissatisfied with use of statements

I am writing in response to two pieces which appeared in
the Nov. 7 Collegian , “UM Candidate’s Straight Pride’ Views
Examined” by Michael Levy and a column by Trystan
Skeigh titled “Paul McGonnigal’s Past SUtemenU Come
Back to Haunt.”

First, as a candidate for public ofTice it goes without
saying that I must come to expect attacks on my character,
my record and indeed every aspect of my life. I must further
expect these attacks will usually be founded in httle more
than scant, out-of-context information and couched in lan-
guage designed to paint the worst possible portrait of my
views and beliefs. And lastly, 1 must be clear about this: the
people issuing forth these attacks will know relatively
nothing about me. the person, or the platform of my ideas.
All my expectations in these regards were met by the
content, style and indeed the spirit of the two aforemen-
tioned pieces.

Levy accurately reports that I did speak at the “Straight
Pride “ rally sponsored by the UMass Republican Club and
two other politically conservative RSOs. I did not, however,
express any “1 AInti-gay statements,” which he claims I did.
The quotation he refers to as anti-gay is. “Legislation
passed to ensure certain rights to one sexuality or another
is wrong.” Surely, if one is to be called “anti-gay.” then more
evidence than what is offered by Mr. Levy is necessary.

It is clear, by the context in which this statement was
spoken that the message I was conveying was Libertarian;
i.e., as a society as diverse as ours, it needs to work toward
an ideal marked not by the necessity for protective legisla-
tion, but by an understanding and respect for each other
which would preclude the necessity for such legislation in
the first place.

Mr. Levy’s coverage of the context was poor at best. In
the interim, between now and whenever we can say of
ourselves, “We do not hate on the basis of race, gender.

sexual orientation or physical abilities,” statutory protec-
tion which is narrowly constructed (thus more capable of
being applied) is necessary. Yes, this means I do now and
always have believed in gay right*.

Ms. Skeigh and Mr. Levy both drew conclusions about
several statements I made in reference to a social encounter
I had with “an openly bisexual woman.” The references I
made about the encounter were: “sleeping with the enemy”
and that we had “built bridges together.” Again, out of
context, these statements can be twisted in the most taste-
less and irresponsible of ways, as they have been here.

Ms. Skeigh states. “If a sexual liaison did occur.
McGonnigal had no business bragging about it publicly.”
Ms. Skeigh also accused me of publicly naming the woman
in question. First, that by my statement 1 was alluding to a
sexual encounter at all is beyond the realm of reason.
Second, that 1 mentioned a woman’s name in the context of
those statements is hardly out of the ordinary. I am proud
of my relationships; that because of their richness and
depth, with members of the gay, lesbian and bisexual
community here, does not cast a shadow of impropriety on
this situation at all. The motives and the mindsets of Ms.
Skeigh and Mr. Levy seem altogether clear and, in my
opinion, should not be tolerated by this community.

Lastly. I would like to take this opportunity to express
my outrage at Ms. Skeigh ‘s comparison of me to David
Duke. Ms. Skeigh should reflect for a moment on her own
outrage at tactics employed by right-wing zealots she (and
I ) so thoroughly loathes. Just as homosexuality cannot be
equated with mental illness, neither can I be compared to
the likes of David Duke! Surely you are more capable than
this of uncovering real truths, however, the question is, do

you want to?

Paul McGonnigal

Two more enter primary

Challenge McGonnigal in Republican race for rep.

Collegian Staff

Two more Amherst men have entered the Republican
primary to fill the Third Hampshire District state repre-
sentative seat.

Amherst resident Kevin J. Smith, 35, and University of
Massachusetts sophomore Peter J. Wagner, 19, announced
their candidacy Tuesday for the Amherst-Pelham seat
vacated by Stanley Rosenberg’s election to the state senate.

Wagner, previously a Democrat, said he first considered
registering as a Republican in June, following former State
Senator John Olver’s election to the U.S. House of Repre-
sentatives. Wagner called the Republican Party the “party
of honesty,” stating “when Republicans say they don’t care
about a minority, they mean it.”

Smith, who has worked at the University library since
January 1989, said he is also planning to switch his regis-
tration to Republican from Democrat.

“If you ask anybody on the street the difference between
Democrats and Republicans, they’d be hard-pressed to tell
you,” Smith said. “In this country, we basically have a
business party with two factions.”

“By running as a Republican, I feel I’m sort of entering
the den of wolves,” Smith said.

Wagner said his platform includes mandatory sex edu-
cation in public schools, treatment on demand for drug
users, universal health care, free higher education for
Massachusetts residents and reform of the state’s prison

“I hope the public can see my enthusiasm and my high
energy level as an example of how far I’m willing to go in
working on the issues I’m talking about,” Wagner said.

UMass senior Paul McGonnigal is the only other Re-
publican in the race. Wagner said while “Paul’s running is

the reason for my enthusiasm,” he and Smith did not enter
the race simply to block McGonnigal’s chances to be elected
to the State House.

The Springfield Union-News reported yesterday a
number of charges Smith and Wagner made against
McGonnigal, centering around alleged comments he made
during a “Conservative Awareness Week,” and a “straight
pride rally” at the University last March.

Smith and Wagner both have videotapes of the two
events, which Smith called “very telling about

According to both Wagner and Smith, among other
things, McGonnigal called Gregory Levey, an Amherst
resident who set fire to himself and died on the town
common on Feb. 18, “a bonehead.”

“I don’t see him as having any great compassion for the
human race,” Smith said. “I think he’s in it for himself”

Both Smith and Wagner said they would be willing to
debate McGonnigal. “I’d love to debate Paul McGonnigal on
the issues — separate from the video expose,” Wagner said.

McGonnigal declined to comment on any of Smith and
Wagner’s accusations, stating “with regard to the substance
of the comments, I can’t respond because of the dignifying
effect that comment might possibly have.”

“I will debate any serious and real candidate from either
party,” McGonnigal said. “I can’t consider the two gentle-
men who have announced their bid for the Republican
nomination as either serious or real.

“Scurrilous and personal attacks, especially when
founded in little more than scant information, the inter-
pretation of which is often subjective, have unfortunately
become all too common in American politics,” McGonnigal
said. “By debating either of these two gentlemen, I would be
condoning just that.”

Collegian photo by Josh Reynolds

Conservatives, LBGA complete civility plan

Collegian Staff

Members of the Lesbian, Gay and Bisexvial Alliance,
the Minuteman, the RepubUcan Club and the Young
Americans for Freedom unveiled yesterday an unprec-
edented “ground rules” agreement to alleviate tensions
and promote civility between the groups.

Members of the Chancellor’s Commission on Civility
in Human Relations worked with the groups to develop
an agreement meant to eliminate harrassment between
the groups, which has consisted of anonymous notes and
harassing phone calls.

The agreement is also intended to de-escalate tensions
surrounding the “Straight Pride” rally sponsored by
conservative groups the week following the LBGA’s
Awareness Week.

Already some members in the agreement have sug-
gested that they repudiate the ground rules.

Bill Amrhein of the Yoiuig Americans for Freedom,
who did not attend the press conference, said YAF has
never agreed to the ground rules.

Ill keep [the ground rules] in mind,” he said later.

He said he was concerned about a breach of First
Amendment rights, “It would be dissolving the organi-
zations to agree to this.”

“We want to raise the level of communication to be
more honest, direct and pro-active,” said LBGA treasurer
Ali Woolwich, senior film video production and social
change mtgor.

Woolwich said they hope to increase commimication
and eliminate infighting between RSOs.

“There is a stigma involved in calUng yourself a
conservative or a Republican at UMass,” said Editor in
Chief of the Minuteman Greg Zenon, a sophomore ma-
joring in journalism, political science and English.

One provision of the agreement requires members of
RSOs to not hold a rally with the word “pride’ in the title
for the spring 1992 semester.

Woolwich said the “Straight Pride” rallies tradition-
ally held by the Young Americans for Freedom had come
to equal “homophobic rhetoric.”

Woolwich S€ud the provision was meant to clear up is



Lesbian, gay ,bisexual students and
heterosexual allies stage a counter-rally
to protest the “Straight Pride” rally dur-
ing Conservative Awareness Week.. The
“Straight Pride” rally was one of the larg-
est and most controversial demonstra-
tions of the 1990–1991 school year. Plwto
by Jeff Holland

Trump 2020: Suck Trump’s Cock

Trump2020: Beer, Q-Anon, Antifa, Jesus and “Sucking Trump’s Cock.”

Manchester New Hampshire.

After dozens of visits, and two court cases revolving around Trump goons throwing me over a table at a non-Trump rally in 2015, it feels like a home away from home. Sure, I may be starting to sound like the politicians filling the public’s collective consciousness with these kind empty platitudes and pleasantries every four years… But at least I concede that is an abusive home in which the drunken, red-headed stepfather has a badger stapled to his head, and keeps sticking my face in the George Foreman grill every time I stop by for the family barbecue.

However, this time around, the tailgate-party which was the Manchester Trump rally this Thursday, (Aug 15), devolved into high-weirdness, Q-Anon theories, misinformed opinions about the Bible, Antifa, mass shootings, and every other flavor of stupidity under the sun, as we all basked in the sea of toxic waste being pumped via Jumbotron to the overflow crowd of thousands of roided-out Trumpers in the streets.

When I arrived at the SNHU Arena in the downtown, the sea of red MAGA hats made in China could be seen as I made my way up Granite Street. Elm Street, the main drag in Manchester/ Manchvegas, (as it is known by the locals), was shut down from Whiskey 20, passed Vaporama and several blocks to the south where the line snaked up and down the street, filled with a mix of aspiring politicians, soccer moms, and the conservative opposite of a Grateful Dead show, where “Blue Lives Matter” flags were being sold, and the stink of beer filled the humid August air.

Don’t get me wrong — I am all for the freedom to purchase and consume whatever you want to put in your body — but there are certain substances which are known to have certain effects on the personality. Pounding Jagermeister in the back of your pick up truck, while President Camacho screams about Mexicans and Muslims being animals might not have a positive effect on one’s psyche.

The arena itself is surrounded by bars and restaurants. To the north is a bar called Kisaki and beyond it is the downtown, with plenty of places to drink up. Directly across from the arena is the Kenoco gas station, where Massachusetts Senate candidate Shiva Ayyadurai had parked his massive campaign bus, and was evidently still campaigning after his loss in 2018. After speaking at the notorious “Boston Free Speech” rally, which invited a holocaust denier, who could’ve guessed? Doing it the week after Charlottesville probably didn’t help either.

Down a couple blocks on Elm, (which was entirely closed to vehicles), is Murphy’s pub, where a band was playing, and MAGA hats could be seen coming in and out of the patio area to pound whiskeys, then head back out to the party in the street. Chants predictably alternated between, “four more years,” and “ make America great again.”

As I made my way down Elm Street, trying to get an interview with anyone who would speak to me, I met a group of people passing out Bud Lights, who invited me to drink. The guy with all the beer asked me to film him chugging his watery can of piss, while his friends cheered him on. Initially, he wanted me to chug with him, but I couldn’t put down my video equipment fast enough for his liking, so he said he would do it without me.

Later, I saw him again on the Lake street side of the arena, drunkenly jumping up and downing shouting “make America great again” with his friends across from the protest group, who were chanting “immigrants are welcome here.” One of the men on the MAGA side was shouting frantically at the lefties about the size of his penis. The lefties returned the dick jokes — and rather insecurely, the MAGA guy shouted back, “ your mom said I have a small penis, that is kind of rude.” Another man without a shirt, wearing only a tie screamed wildly and pretended to do vape hits off of my microphone, while screaming “I love Donald Trump” every time he did.

Every single person who was willing to speak to me on camera harped on about border security. A good percentage of those who did talk wanted to let me know that they were Christian, without me prompting them to disclose this information. When I asked how they felt about Trump unnecessarily separating children from their mothers, these supposed Christian, “pro-family” Trump supporters would pass the buck to Obama or claim that they couldn’t possibly understand the issue because they were not in law-enforcement. What would Jesus do, I wonder… I doubt he’d be an asshole and say, “sorry — Pontius Pilate says they have to take your baby. I have no control over the Roman Guard. Man — those Praetorian Guard are even worse. Those are the breaks.”

Samah Deek from Power 102.9 FM, a Palestinian Muslim and former Bernie supporter came with her Q-anon gear, as did plenty of other. But Samah enthusiastically ranted incoherently for the camera, (in her words), about, “The conspiracy theory that works with Trump and stuff.” Others pontificated about Saul Alinsky and Karl Marx without actually saying anything at all — simply, “look him up.”

Deek told me regarding Q-Anon, “Q-anon posts on 8Chan. It’s a disinformation, dissemination program from the government likely obviously working with Donald Trump and you know, it will be out in the public knowledge but it’s you know, seeping out, slowly, slowly. All we are asking for is a reporter to ask Trump himself who Q-Anon is. And he brings things to light like Donald Trump has arrested more human traffickers than any other president and that’s because you know Donald Trump understands, the kabal, the deep state, that we’re dealing with really you know. Lots of people you know, just use children as currency or worse, for Satanic reasons unfortunately, not only pedophilia.”

Later she told me she was excited to volunteer for the Straight Pride Parade because Milo Yiannopoulos, (and admitted pedophile) is the parade master.

I asked Samah Deek about 8chan in regard to the El Paso shooting, and she replied, “people basically, they’re trying to make it look like somebody else did it. So it’s the deep state trying to make it look like somebody else did it. Like the Dayton shooter for example is Antifa, technically — but nobody talks about him. And actually the El Paso shooter used to be a registered Democrat if you look at screenshots — and then it got changed to Republican after the shooting happened. So how was he going to change his registration after his death? Do you know what I mean? It’s on the website where it says his information. His information got changed afterwards. It got changed after his death.”

I responded that it was believed that he was a Trump supporter. He also had a manifesto supporting Trump’s rhetoric.

She says, “El Paso, well — El Paso, he’s a Democrat. It’s not that he is Antifa, he’s a Democrat.”

I’m not sure how that makes anything better or more logical.

For hours more, the various factions continued screaming at each other. By dusk, Kaitlin Bennett of InfoWars was doing what I had seen InfoWars do on many occasions — to misrepresent themselves and their politics to lure in young people with left-leaning opinions so they can make “Libtards” look “libtarded.” Their favorite victims are high school students, who look like young adults, but in reality are children.

When I caught Kaitlin doing this, I went to put an end to it. She was speaking to a young woman with purple hair — so I jumped in and told the woman with purple hair who Kaitlin was. The purple haired woman, didn’t know who InfoWars was — but once I explained, wasn’t thrilled by the deception. Like a wind-up jack-in-the-box, Kaitlin started to go into a rehearsed plug for Alex Jones and InfoWars, saying that I needed to use some Alex Jones “male vitality” pills. When I tried to engage her in conversation, she decided to hide behind her fiancé who stood mute and motionless, though I was motionless as well.

When Kaitlin re-emerged, she started sticking her microphone into my camera lens, asking “how many people are watching?” I asked, “what,” knowing that no one could get a signal. She repeated, how many people are watching?” I responded, “we don’t have a signal.” She looked over to her fiancé and laughed. I repeated, “there’s no signal,” then I showed her on my phone that I was simply recording without the use of a live stream.

Kaitlin then asked, “what is something good Trump has done so far?”

I responded, “he’s given ferrets a good place to live on top of his head.” I got a laugh from the purple-haired woman, and Kaitlin was speechless.

Kaitlin, unsurprisingly doesn’t do very well when she has to go off script, so she returned to speaking to the purple-haired woman, asking her if my behavior was an example of toxic masculinity. The purple haired woman said that it wasn’t, replying, “it’s the idea that men have to be super sexual, the idea that they have to be super macho, and masculine, they don’t have to be that way.”

Kaitlin then pulled away the microphone and turned and pointed toward me, saying, “this is a perfect example. Men don’t have to be masculine.”

I said, “True — it’s a good point. I like being as feminine as the next guy.”

Kaitlin laughed and turn to her fiancé saying, “do you like being effeminate?”

He shook his head “no” and laughed, while she guffawed.

Mixing up her themes of abortion and “male vitality” pills, I quipped, “that’s why I take all the fetuses that Donald Trump gives me and I feed on them, and I sell them to Joe Rogan who uses it for Joe Rogan’s super male vitality.”

As the night went on, she continued to interview attendees about abortion as Vermin and I observed. The man she was interviewing, made a joke about Vermin, so I jumped in, as she concluded the interview, asking whether an internet rumor was true about her losing bowel control at or of these events.

Kaitlin: Do you want it to be true?

RW: (Silly tone) Abso — whoa — hey! That’s weird!

Kaitlin: are you in to that?

RW: That’s weird, I’m not into that!

Kaitlin: Are you in to that? Are you into that? Are you into that? Oh my God! Did you just ask me? I heard a really bad rumor about this guy. This guy likes to watch his wife have sex with other men. He likes to watch. Why do you watch your wife having shit?

RW: hey, listen. I am a thin man who only eats vegan food. So I get very confused when it comes to the things that come out. I know that the only way to go forward is by taking pony poop and then converting it into methane.

Kaitlin: What?

RW: we need to convert pony poop into methane.

Kaitlin: okay.

RW: that’s the thing that

Abortion guy: Do you watch other men fuck your wife?

RW: Abso — what are you talking about? Oh my goodness! No no no. What we want to do is bring forward —

Kaitlin: he watches other Man fuck his wife. Do you believe that! I heard it on Twitter. It must be true.

Abortion guy: i’m a super jealous guy, I couldn’t imagine being OK with other people fucking my wife.

At this point, Kaitlyn has a big smile on her face and raises her arm into the air while she shouts at the top of her voice:

This guy lets his wife fuck other men!! Oh my god that’s disgusting!

Vermin jumps in, literally jumping up and down saying:

hey gun girl, where is your gun!?

Show us your gun I want your gun. Where is your gun? Your gun is so nice. You’re going to so big. I want your gun.. I want your gun. I watch your gun.

Abortion guy: why are you yelling at her?

Vermin: it’s a way I can really express myself.

Now speaking in a quiet nasally voice:

Where is your gun? Where is your gun? Where is your gun?

Of course, Kaitlin became internet famous four open carrying big guns on to college campuses and other events like this. It therefore was reasonable to ask why Kaitlyn hadn’t brought a gun to New Hampshire where everyone loves their guns!

In the process, Kaitlin revealed to the world her obsession with wives getting “fucked” by other men — which must’ve been awkward for her fiancé. These are “conservative” words and concepts being put out there by big budget “conservative” media in 2020.

Finally, me and the gang got into it with Ben Bergquam of Frontline America. Playing off of the dick jokes that were assaulting the ears from the red-hat in the streets, Vermin had the Trumpers chanting “suck Trump’s cock,” by the end of the night.

Presidential politics in 2020.

(YouTube has permanently deleted Rod Webber’s account.)